Annals of Nottinghamshire: History of the County of Nottingham, Including the Borough, Bind 4

Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, 1852 - 470 sider

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Side 324 - I have got a new friend > the finest in the world, a tame bear. When I brought him here, they asked me what I meant to do with him, and my reply was, ' he should sit for a fellowship.
Side 47 - a band of undisciplined husbandmen; ' but it is, under God, to their bravery and attention to their duty that I am indebted for that success, which has procured me the only reward I wish to receive, the affection and esteem of my countrymen.
Side 327 - When we are told that these men are leagued together not only for the destruction of their own comfort, but of their very means of subsistence, can we forget that it is the bitter policy, the destructive warfare of the last eighteen years, which has destroyed their comfort, your comfort, all men's comfort ? That poh'cy, which, originating with " great statesmen now. no more...
Side 26 - ... of his master, or of the public, he has greatly impaired a very considerable estate by electioneering, and keeping up a good parliamentary interest, which is commonly, though perhaps improperly, called the service of the crown.
Side 327 - I have seen the state of these miserable men, and it is a disgrace to a civilised country. Their excesses may be condemned, but cannot be subject of wonder. The effect of the present bill would be to drive them into actual rebellion. The few words...
Side 330 - most blest conditions ' as Desdemona herself. Miss Milbanke is the lady, and I have her father's invitation to proceed there in my elect capacity, — which, however, I cannot do till I have settled some business in London and got a blue coat.
Side 25 - Talk with him concerning public or private business, of a nice or delicate nature, he will be found confused, irresolute, continually rambling from the subject, contradicting himself almost every instant. ' Hear him speak in parliament, his manner is ungraceful, his language barbarous, his reasoning inconclusive. At the same time, he...
Side 327 - Surely, my Lord, however we may rejoice in any improvement in the arts which may be beneficial to mankind, we must not allow mankind to be sacrificed to improvements in mechanism. The maintenance and well-doing of the industrious poor is an object of greater consequence to the community than the enrichment of a few monopolists by any improvement in the implements of trade, which deprives the workman of his bread, and renders the labourer
Side 329 - that, after all, Miss Milbanke is to be the person; I will write to her." He accordingly wrote on the moment, and, as soon as he had finished, his friend, remonstrating still strongly against his choice, took up the letter, but, on reading it over, observed, " Well, really, this is a very pretty letter; it is a pity it should not go. I never read a prettier one.
Side 319 - ... East Florida by the river St. Mary, and Cumberland island is at the mouth of the river St. Mary on the side next Georgia, and forms part of that state. During the late war between Great Britain and America, in the month of February, 1815, the defendant, Vice-admiral Sir Alexander Inglis Cochrane was commander-in-chief of his majesty's ships and vessels on the North American station. The other defendant, Rear-admiral Sir George Cockburn, was the second in command upon the said station, and his...

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