Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1863)

C. J. Clay, 1872
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Side 361 - Ueber die anorganischen Bestandtheile der Pflanzen , oder Beantwortung der Frage : Sind die anorganischen Elemente, welche sich in der Asche der Pflanzen finden, so wesentliche Bestandtheile des vegetabilischen Organismus, dass dieser sie zu seiner völligen Ausbildung bedarf, und werden sie den Gewächsen von Aussen dargeboten?
Side 41 - Generalizations respecting the Erratic Tertiaries or Northern Drift, founded on the Mapping of the Superficial Deposits of a large portion of Norfolk, with a Description of the Freshwater Deposits of the Gaytonthorpe Valley ; and a Note on the Contorted Strata of Cromer Cliffs — Journ.
Side 291 - Seehundes, phoca vitulina , und namentlich auch über die Einrichtungen, die sich auf die Erhaltung und Erzeugung der hohen Temperatur des im kalten Wasser lebenden Thiers und auf den Gebrauch der Augen in der Luft und im Wasser beziehen...
Side 467 - ... the welfare of which he continued to take a warm interest to the last. He was a person of considerable scientific attainments, an accomplished chemist, and a sound practitioner. He was a fellow of the Royal and of the Geological Societies, and the author of — Remarks on the Tendency to...
Side 69 - On Irregularities of the Pulmonary Artery, Arch of Aorta, and Primary Branches of the Arch, with an attempt to illustrate their mode of origin by a reference to development.
Side 439 - Remarks on Longevity and the Expectation of Life in the United States, relating more particularly to the State of New Hampshire, with some Comparative Views in relation to foreign countries, by JE Worcester, AAS . . 1 2. A Table of the Longitude and Altitude of the Nonagesimal Degree in 42° 23...
Side 404 - Plates. An Account of a case of Disease, in which one side of the Thorax was at rest, while the other performed the motion of Respiration in the usual way, by...
Side 121 - La Sidérotechnie, ou l'Art de traiter les minerais de fer pour en obtenir de la fonte, du fer, ou de l'acier; ouvrage ordonné par S.
Side 352 - Academy, describing an apple tree in that town " producing fruit of opposite qualities, part of the same apple being frequently sour and the other sweet;" also some all sour, and others all sweet, and this diversity on all parts of the tree. There is a wild apple on...

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