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Natural secretions are aqueous; water consists of hydrogen and oxygen; hydrogen is therefore, a natural element and component of the liquids of the body, the solvent of sub stances absorbed and eliminated. Hydrogen is, therefore, a natural base, and superior above all others for combination with substances designed for assimilation.

Iodine in substance, is caustic and irritant; Iodide of Potassium is a combination of tw irritant substances, Iodine and Potassium. This fact is appreciated by all physicians.

Iodide of hydrogen (Hydriodic Acid), is non-irritant, has an acid reaction, and conse quently does not interfere with digestion, is more prompt than Iodide Potassium in action is as palatable as lemon syrup, may be given freely to delicate females and young children and may be continuously used, without intermission, (except in cases where iodism is pr duced) until the morbid state is corrected; it produces no depression, indigestion, a


It is indicated whenever Iodine is required for internal use.

By the use of Gardner's Syrup of Hydriodic Acid (first introduced by him, fifteen year ago, to the medical profession), the remarkable efficacy of Iodine in this form has beer fully demonstrated, and it is now largely prescribed in place of Iodide Potassium.

As many unscrupulous druggists are in the habit of substituting other preparations wher Gardner's are ordered in prescriptions, the physician who desires to prescribe this Syrup should specify "Gardner's, no other," and instruct his druggist that he will not tolerate substitution. Write for literature, sent without charge to physicians.

R. W. GARDNER, Pharmaceutical Chemist,


Sold by 1 u ble apothecaries throughout United States and Canada.

Pharmac....l Products of the Farbenfabriken vorm Friedr Bayer & Co.


NTIPYRETIC and ANALGESIC; Prompt, safe and effective in Fever, Influenza, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pneumonia, Cephalalgia and all forms of pain.

Phenacetine is given in doses of 21⁄2 to 10
grains, 3 or 4 times daily. It does not
depress the heart.

Phenacetine is supplied in ounces, also in tablets and pills, alone and with Salophen, Sulfonal, etc.


YPNOTIC and SEDATIVE; Indicated in all the Insomnias


nervous or gastric disturbances. Must be given as directed. The dose of Sulfonal varies from 15 to 45 Sulfonal is supplied in ounces, tablets and grains; It should be given an hour or two pills; also in tablets in combination with before bedtime. Phenacetine.

Other Farbenfabriken Products: Salophen, Trional, Aristol, Losophan, Piperazine-Bayer, Europhen.

New descriptive Pamphlets on these Preparations mailed by

W. H. Schieffelin & Co., New York.

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