AuthorHouse, 1. sep. 2006 - 168 sider
Beneath The Earth-Beyond The Stars is a journey into the supernatural power of Christ Jesus. It is the story of one man's journey (Pastor Granderson Wright) as he finds his way to the truth. Through a series of supernatural out-of-body experiences Pastor Wright is drawn into the true power of God and he is forever changed. He was taken deep into the pits of Hell, carried into the majesty of Heaven and he beheld the return of Christ in His full Glory. As he sought the Lord for understanding as to why these things were revealed to him, his purpose becomes clear. He is an end- time preacher paving the way for the return of Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. As he continues seeking earnestly for truth and the hidden mysteries of the Spirit, he is compelled by his love for people to share with them what the Spirit of the Living God has revealed to Him. His mission begins. He founds a ministry dedicated to wisdom and understanding and begins pulling the cover off the devil and his ministers. Pastor Wright takes a deep look at the church today and realizes just how far removed it is from the original Church founded in the book of Acts. His road has not been an easy one as he wages all out war against the enemy. His words are not eloquent, instead he is a common man bringing forth the truth of the Gospel with simple words, but through the power of God he packs a hard and powerful punch! Pastor Wright's message compels both the saved and lost alike to question the traditional teachings of the church today and forces them to awake from their slumber and begin searching themselves for the hidden mysteries of the Living God.

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