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Medical Corps. This condition, it is stated, is in all theme “How to be Happy in Hell, or Results of Two probability permanent and favorable consideration Months' Experience in the Army." will not be given to applications for commissions in This poor fellow read of one thousand bed hosthe Medical Corps until further notice. At the same pitals and two thousand bed hosp als and at once time favorable consideration on the recommendations came to the conclusion that right there was where for the promotion of officers was discontinued and no he belonged; and upon reporting to a certain division further promotions will be made until this embargo surgeon for assignment is said to have given the is modified.

surgeon to understand that it was a great condescenDr. Albert Lieberman, of Kansas City, was com

sion on his part to leave his comfortable home (as missioned a major and received his orders to report

though he was the only surgeon in the army to do to Fort Riley, base hospital, just a day before the sign. this) and because of this he greatly desired that about ing of the armistice. Military service is not new to

90 per cent of the work to which he be assigned be Doctor Lieberman. During the Spanish-American surgical and the remaining 10 per cent medical. war he was the only physician from Missouri serving

He was given to understand by the obliging and in Cuba, being major-surgeon of the Sixth Missouri

courteous assistant to the division surgeon that “so Infantry. During the Philippine insurrection he was

far as possible” all requests of this nature were almajor and surgeon of the 33d United States Infantry,

ways complied with and assigned to a designated and after the battle of San Jacinto was brevetted lieu

field hospital. tenant colonel for bravery in attending the wounded

Upon roporting to the “field headquarters" he, of on the field under fire. It was in this battle that Maj.

course, asked at once that he be shown the hospital John A. Logan was killed.

and the obliging junior officer to whom he was re

porting seeing at a glance that he was a "Rookie,” A Few Words From Capt. Elam, who at the time took him across the company street and showed him the letter was written, was stationed in Evacuation through the company mess hall and solemnly anHospital No. 6, “just back of the lines Somewhere in

nounced that was the hospital and the row of square France."

tents at the rear in which the enlisted men were My Dear Dr. Fassett: A few lines to let you quartered as the wards. know I have not entirely forgotten my friends. We The awfulness of the situation was just beginning realize that we are in France, but it is not the same

to dawn on the surgeon, but the worst was yet to old France it was when you and I took our pilgrim- come; the following morning before daylight he was age to the Frog Country, in 1900. We are in the midst ruthlessly aroused from his slumber and informed of stirring activity. An evacuation hospital, no doubt he had five minutes in which to dress and get ready you know, is located just back of the field of action, for mess and then as if to add insult to injury he was and constant communication is maintained by motor ordered at 7:30 to fall in, begin the real work of cars and balloons. There is, of course, considerable preparation. By the time he had begun to master danger here, but to one that is willing to play life's the intricacies of four right and right by fours and game fast and furious, and to a quick finish, if the the soreness was just beginning to fade from his cards run that way, the danger only furnishes addi- muscles, another trial was added to his already long tional zest. Surrounded as one is, by red-blooded list by requiring him to equitate one hour daily. It men who have in this great overshadowing epoch, was after his first hour of equitation that he decided lost sight of individuals, one can hardly pause to to write the book the title of which appears at the consider conveniences, likes or dislikes, or personal beginning of this letter. comfort. We are standing for something bigger, bet- Gradually this man is coming to understand what ter and broader than any of our most astute and far it means to be an army surgeon and possibly at some seeing ancestors ever conceived to be within the other time we may have a glance at the other side range of human possibilities. In the light of a hope of the picture.

Yours truly, of this kind, is it any wonder that the life of the in

FRED H. CLARK, Maj. M. C., U. S. A. dividual is but as a drop of water compared to the great ocean? The service here is exacting and tiring.

YOUR PART The hours long, and ofttimes longer, but we work away to the tune of the aeroplane, the music of which What would you give could you see me todayis not unlike the mosquito, and we are stimulated You of the brown eyes so far, far away? by the sound of big guns when the activities are What would you give could I knock at the door especially pronounced. I am hoping that when I With a smile and a greeting to you as of youre? return I shall have the pleasure of bringing you one of the kaiser's ears as a souvenir.

What would you give that our days might be spent
With kind regards to all my friends, I remain Idling together, just we, quite content;
Yours very truly,

Knowing no parting, no absence, no tears,
W. T. ELAM, Capt. M. C., U. S. A. Joyful together through oncoming years?
From Maj. Clark

Could you give courage through days yet ahead?
Headquarters 9th Sanitary Train,

Patience to deal with disaster and dread? Camp Sheridan, Ala., Nov. 18, 1918. Happiness wrought from the future's big store? Dear Doctor Fassett:

Love to survive all this absence-and more? Some time since you have asked me to write you something about “Army Life," and I have been in

I need not ask this of you, when I know tending to do so but have been rather busy and did The courage you had when I left long agonot find a suitable opportunity until now.

Patience to wait and the love to survive I presume you want to know something about the

The heartbreaks and all that war days must contrive. “Army Life of a Surgeon.” Army surgeon, of course, is the person to whom I refer. I really should refer

You will give this, and I'll come home some dayyou for information to one of my junior officers or

You of the brown eyes, so far, far away. surgeons who just at this time is said to be writing

You will be there when I knock at the door (when he can steal away from his arduous duties long

With a smile and a greeting to you as of youre! enough to write a few lines) a treatise upon the --Leonard Painter, Serg. Artillery, A. E. F., France.

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The Marvel Company was awarded the Gold Medal, Diploma and Certificate
of Approbation by the Societe D'Hygiene de France, at Paris, October 9, 1902.

All Druggists and Dealers in Surgical Instruments sell it. For literature, address
MARVEL COMPANY, 25 West 45th St.,


Buchanan County Medical Society

Nov. 6, 1918. Regular meeting of the Buchanan County Medical Society was held at their room Wednesday evening, Nov. 6, 1918. Doctor Daniel Morton in the chair.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The application of Doctor Solomon Eugene Meluney of Agency, Mo., received its first reading and was referred to the Board of Censors for investigation.

Following bills were presented and allowed:
Lon. Hardmon

. $7.85 Secretary's postage on bulletin and janitor

An interesting exhibition of six surgical films was shown.

This being the date for the annual election the following members were elected for the various offices:

Dr. A. B. McGlothlan, president; Dr. C. A. Good, first vice-president; Dr. B. W. Tadlock, second vicepresident; Dr. W. F. Goetze, secretary; Dr. J. M. Bell, treasurer; Dr. P. I. Leonard, censor for years 191920-21; Dr. H. S. Forgrave, delegate for the year 1919 and 1920; Dr. Daniel Morton, alternate for the year 1919 and 1920.

Following resolution by Dr. Lau was voted upon and carried:

Resolved, That the president appoint a banquet committee, date of same to be left open awaiting the return of such members who had enlisted in the army and were expected home soon, and that the "Welcome Home" address be delivered by Doctor Daniel Morton. The above committee empowered with full authority to act.

There being no further business before the society the meeting adjourned.


Fougera's Magazine—The old established house of E. Fougera & Co. is issuing a Medico-Historical Series of real interest. The subject matter is of value and the profession will doubtless accept the series on account of the excellence of the reading matter contained therein.

Medical Herald, 27 subscriptions.

13.50 On motion, which was carried, Doctor J. A. French was elected an honorary member of this society.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Regular meeting of the society was held at the assembly room at the Public Library, Wednesday evening, Dec. 4th. Twenty-one members present. Doctor Daniel Morton in the chair.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The application of Doctor Solomon Eugene Muleney of Agency, Mo., having received its second reading and properly endorsed by the Board of Censors, was voted upon and the doctor elected.

Studies on Anaphylaxis—The anaphylaxis number of The Doctor's Factotum is of decided interest on account of the excellence of the material presented therein. Physicians are advised to ask the Arlington Chemical Co., Yonkers, N. Y., for a copy of this instructive number,


of an

Marasmus or Atrophy

Infant's Diet

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Analysis: Salts


Mellin's Food


.49 4 level tablespoonfuls


2.28 Skimmed Milk

Carbohydrates. 6.59 8 fluidounces


.58 Water


90.06 8 Auidounces

100.00 The principal carbohydrate in Mellin's Food is maltose, which seems to be particularly well adapted in the feeding of poorly nourished infants. Marked benefit may be expected by beginning with the above formula and gradually increasing the Mellin's Food until a gain in weight is observed. Relatively large amounts of Mellin's Food may be given, as maltose is immediately available nutrition. The limit of assimilation for maltose is much higher than other sugars, and the reason for increasing this energy-giving carbohydrate is the minimum amount of fat in the diet made necessary from the well-known inability of marasmic infants to digest enough fat to satisfy their nutritive needs. MELLIN'S FOOD COMPANY,


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Fine for the doctor who drives an automobile.

Price 35 Cents
Guaranteed to remove carbon and save $1.00 in gasoline or money refunded.

Send 35 cents for trial box.
328-30 West 11th St., KANSAS CITY, MO.


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Notes on Reliable Remedies

ments. Ipecac is a drug that has long been favor. ably known and highly regarded, but due to its nause. what may be said to be a renaissance in ipecac therapy has taken place. By means of these uncoated, rapidly disintegrating tablets it is possible to administer, orally, large doses of ipecac without nausea. Each tablet represents the alkaloids from ten grains of the drug and the nature of the compound with hydrated aluminum silicate is such that the alkaloids are not liberated in the acid secretions of the stomach, but are promptly released on coming in contact with the alkaline intestinal secretions. Those physicians who, on account of its nauseating properties, have not been prescribing liberal doses of ipecac in such ailments as aucte tonsilitis, acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma, intestinal stasis and other intestinal infections now find the means at hand in alcresto tablets of ipecac.

Every Doctor in the United States should be interested in encouraging American manufacture of typically American medical products. Let us, by enthusiastic patronage of all-American manufacturers, so firmly establish the American supremacy in this field that there will never be the slightest danger of its passing back to Germany. One typically American invention is the new wax-impregnated open-mesh lace dressing for wounds, burns, bruises, etc., which bids fair to revolutionize the present-day dressing methods. Careful tests in large industrial hospitals show that by using this lace-mesh 50% to 75% of the gauze, absorbent cotton, and roller bandages may be saved, as well as hours of the time of surgeons and nurses, not to mention the saving of agony to the patient experienced in the removal of the old sticking, secretion stiffened pad of dressings, for this remarkable dressing does not stick. Just by way of introduction, the Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, Ill., who make this parresined Lace-Mesh Surgical Dressing offer a special outfit containing a box of six envelopes of the Lace-Mesh, an ounce of Dakin's Dichloramine-T, and four ounces of Chlorocosane-the solvent for Dichloramine-T-prepaid to any point in the United States for only $2.50. They include, without charge, in the shipment, a trial bottle of Chlorazene, Dakin's watersoluble, stable antiseptic, and one of Digipoten, a typically American digitalis preparation, which leaves no excuse for using the German. Send for this package today, doctor. It has the Abbott guarantee of purity and accuracy.

A Physiologic Hemostatic-By supplying to shed blood one of the necessary physiological constituents to the formation of a clot it is possible to hasten blood coagulation. Hemagulen, a product of the Lilly Laboratories, contains this necessary thrombo-plastic substance from fresh brain tissue. It is sterile and is suspended in a physiological saline solution and preserved with a 0.3 per cent cresol; it is tested physiologically and standardized. Hemagulen is indicated in persistent hemorrhages from capillaries and small vessels where it can be applied to the bleeding surface. It is also given orally in doses of two to eight drams, diluted with water, in cases of hemorrhages from gastric and duodenal ulcers. The drug trade supplies Hemagulen in ounce bottles.

Seasonable Note on Ipecac-Physicians generally, recognize the value of ipecac in many winter ailating properties its field of usefulness has been restricted. With the advent of alcresta tablets of ipecac, made by Eli Lilly & Company of Indianapolis,

lodine in Syphilis—While the extraordinary worth of iodine in late syphilis easily places it among the indispensable therapeutic agents made use of by modern medicine, yet it is due to the skill of the pharmaceutical chemist that iodine has been enabled to hold its high rank as a drug agent. Iodine as such, of course, is out of the question, and even the popular iodide of potash oftentimes occasions such distress as to neutralize its potential value. But, in Iodia (Bat


To secure 100% efficiency Iodide of Iron, Data on request

specify the name BLANCARD'S. It is the

original and the leader among Iodide of Qeorge J. Wallau, Inc

Iron products—others are followers. 6 CIITT St., Now York.


Support the Natural Defences

For patients who are suffering from overwork and anxiety incident
to war-time conditions

Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp.

(Formula Dr. John P. Gray)

has no superior as a safe and reliable aid. The use of Gray's Tonic
promotes the efficiency of every bodily function, improves the nutri-
tion, tones the nervous system and overcomes general debility.

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Influenza B. strains from present epidemic and others 200,000,000
Streptococci, many haemolytic and other types

Pneumococci, type 1, 2, 3 and 4, in proper proportions 100,000,000
Micrococcus Catarrhalis, leading members of the group 200,000,000
Staphylococcus Albus, many strains

Staphylococcus Aureus, many strains


This Vaccine is also used with success in the prophylaxis of these diseases.


on 300,000 INOCULATIONS of

INFLUENZA VACCINE in the recent epidemic.

G. H. SHERMAN, M. D., Detroit, Mich.


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