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T. A. E. Notes.

Members and neophytes of Tau Alpha Epsilon assembled at the college building on Wednesday afternoon, November 9, for the annual initiation.

The cavortings led through the congested districts of the city where many and unusual stunts were staged by the trembling "pledges" They were then taken to the Vendome in Newport, Ky., where a repertoire of tasks were imposed before they learned of the mysteries of the Ancient Greeks and pledged eternal devotion to the immortal shrine of T. A. E.

At 8 p m. all members, many of the faculty and alumni were present for one of the most enjoyable banquets of many years. The rooms were artistically arranged with fraternity colors and flowers, while the many courses of the delectable banquet appeased the tired bodies of the embryo members who suggested they felt somewhat weakened from wear.

The following brothers were initiated, Fred Welte; James Montgomery; Frank Holtzmiller; Bernard George; M. R Bixel; H J. Meyers

Bros. Tedesche, Nunnamaker and Echert of the faculty were present, and with

a few appropriate remarks presented the way to fidelity

The fraternity was pleased to hear from Bro. Barnes who is located in Yonkers, N. Y. His letter was full of the old-time "pep

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Bro. Echert is enjoying an ever increasing practice at his new office at Sixth

& Vine where he is specializing in Roentgenology.

Bro Demuth is doing an extensive ear, nose and throat business, and reports that three does not always mean a crowd

Bro. Fuller

Bro. Holtzmiller spent last week end with friends in "Miami' asks if it was for week-end or rheumatism that occasioned his visit Bro Cavanaugh and many of the other brothers spent Thanksgiving at home.


Dr Eli G. Jones has moved from 1331 to 1169 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y Good location for an active young Eclectic in Topeka, Kans Formerly there were several active Eclectics and Homoeopaths in this thriving city of 70,000, but there are less now. For particulars address with stamp, Dr A M Eidson (E. M. C 69), 304 New England Building, Topeka, Kans

Dr. Wilbur E. Postle, E. M C, 1890, Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases in the College, who has been located in Columbus, Ohio, tor a number of years, has moved to London, Ohio, and is practicing there with his son, Franklin D. Postle, E. M C. 1915

Dr A David Echert, E M C 1918, has changed his office to 501 Bell Block, Cincinnati, Ohio, and makes a specialty of Radiography, Office Phone, Main 5294, Residence Phone, West 4036-Y.

Born to Dr and Mrs. John O. Perry, E M C 1921, a son, John Arthur, on November 11, at Ridgefield, Conn.

Dr. Wm. G Choate, E M C 1904 has moved from Tulsa, Okla. to Coffeyville, Kansas

Location, at Leland, Idaho. Having recently meet with an accident, I may retire and want to rent my office and sell the office fixtures to an active Eclectic. Good surrounding country. Have been here 22 years For particulars address, Dr J. W Stoneburner (E. M C. 1892), Leland, Idaho.


We regret to learn of the death of Dr A C Musgrave of Toledo, Ohio, on October 4, 1921 at St. Vincents Hospotal, age 47 years. Dr Musgrave was a graduate of the E. M. C. in 1897, and was a member of the State and National Societies for a number of years.

Died recently in a sanitarium in Boston, Mass., William Wallace Carey, E M. C. 1903, formerly of Cuyahoga Springs, Ohio, a member of both the State and National Societies.

Weaver, David P, E. M. C 1886, at Avon, Ill., Oct 30, age 72.
Andrews, Jas. Campbell, E. M. C. 1868, at Philadelphia, Nov. 2, age 84.
Eberhart, Isa A., Bennett 1889, at Chicago, Ill.. Oct 29, age 87.

Palmer, Daniel S., E. M. C. 1890, at Holdrege, Nebr., Oct 25

Jones, Robt. E, E. M. C. 1868, at Crystal Springs, Miss., Oct 25, age 78.
Gibbs, John W., 1878, at New York City, Oct. 28, age 77.

Isley, Joseph P., K. C 1906, at Polo, Mo.. Sept. 1, age 44.
Howard, Manchie E., E. M. C. 1880, at Perryville, Ark., Oct. 1, age 60.
Harris, John F., St. Louis 1882, at LaCrosse, Wash., Oct. 6, age 68
Weymouth, Daniel G, Bennett 1913, at Spencer, Ind., Sept 26, age 34.
Spencer, Ira D., N. Y. 1889, at Croghan, N. Y, Oct. 11, age 54.
Denny, Eli, N. Y. 1888, at Ñassau, N. Y., Oct. 4., age 65.
Coffey, Bert., E. M. C. 1895, at Straughn, Ind, Oct. 9, age. 50.
Toms, Robt. A, N. Y. 1896, at New York City, Oct. 4, age 52.
Whitaker, Simon T., Georgia 1884, at Berlin, Ga., Sept. 11.


Published Monthly by John K. Scudder, 630 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati, O.

Subscription Price, $2.50 per year in advance, to any address.



Compounds That Live John Uri Lloyd, Phar M., Cincinnati, O--
The A, B, C's of Eclecticism. Byron Nellans, M.D, Cincinnati, O--------
Acute Suppuration of the Middle Ear and Palmar Abscess from Strepto-
coccus Infection. J. W. Kannel, M.D., Fort Wayne, Ind.......




A Rapid and Efficient Method of Repairing the Female Perineum. J. S. Rinehart, M D., Springfield, Mo---


Effect of Tonsillectomy on the Recurrence of Acute Rheumatic Fever, Chorea and General Health Jerome Earl Holman, MD, Indianapolis, Ind.


The Child-Its Care and Management. MacG Porter, M D., Elnora, Ind
A Case of Convulsions W E. Aubuchon, MD, Frankclay, Mo
Treatment of Burns E. C Rohrbach, M D., Flat River, Mo.----





A Cause of Death of the New-Born George E Dash, MD, Cincinnatı. O ___ 613
X-Ray Treatment of Tonsils and Adenoids A David Echert, MD, Cincin-
nati, O.

Right Occipito-Posterior Position E J Alban, M.D., Cincinnati, O

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Od Chemical Co..



Parke, Davis & Co.-


Daniel Co----

Dawson, B. E..........

Fellows Co----

Harrower Laboratory..

Carnrick, The G W. Co---
Dad Chemical Co...

Eclectic Medical Books-‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒2, 6, 23

Eclectic Medical College_‒‒‒‒‒

Horovitz Biocchemic Laboratories___ 3


Peacock Chemical Co

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Physicians & Surgeons Adjusting As

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Smith, Martin H. & Co

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Standard Optical Co

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Sultan Drug Co...............

McMillen Sanitarium


Tedesche, L G....


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Merrell Chemical Co___


Wocher, M. Sons & Co..‒‒‒‒


Mulford & Co....


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DAWSON'S ORIFICIAL SURGERY Several years ago Dr. E. H. Pratt (the father of orificial surgery), published a work on Orificial Surgery which has been out of print for some time. The American Association of Orificial Surgeons authorized a new and up-to-date work. Dr. Pratt freely gave the use of all his writings ard Dr. B. E. Dawson was appointed editor He, with a corps of able associates, has produced a work that every up-to-date physician will want.

This is the Only Work on Orificial Surgery in Print. The book is large (6x91⁄2 in.) containing 657 pages, and is profusely illustrated. It is well printed on first class paper and splendidly bound in cloth.

657 Pages.

Cloth Bound.

Weight, 3 lbs, 6 ozs.


Price $5.00.

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