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To the Right Honourable William Earl of Besboron

This Plate is humbly Inscribed by his Lordships most humble &most obedient Servant

Ioseph Grove

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their respective Deaths.

II. Of his Conduct and Ma- || IV. The secret History of the

nagement while Prime Mini-

Cardinal, by George Caven.

fter, (commencing with the dish, Esq; his Gentleman Ufer,

Reign of HENRY VIII.) and

written in the Reign of Philip

continued by way of Annals and MARY.

In which are interspersed

The Lives and memorable ACTIONS of the most eminent

Persons : And the whole illustrated with Political and

Moral Reflections.
Collected from antient RECORDS, MANUSCRIPTS, and

Ne quid Falsi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat. Cic.

Os fatal Love of Fame ! Oh glorious Heat!

Only destructive to the Brave and Great. Andis.
VOL. I. Adorn’d with Cuts, and a compleat INDEX.

L 0 N 2 O N:
Printed by J. PURSER, for the AUTHOR,

And fold by J. STAGG, in Westminster-Hall; J. BRINDLEY, in

Pond-ftreet ; R. CHANDLER and C. WARD, at Temple-Bar,

York and Scarborough ; L. GILLIVER, and J. Wuston, in

Fleet-ftreet; J. HUGCONSON, on Ludgate-Hill; T. ASTLEY, in

St. Paul's Church-Yard; R. WILLOCK, J. Wood, J. CLARKE,

and W. MEADOWs, in Cornhill; and J. WALTHOE, at Riche

mond in Surry. MDCCXLII.



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AVING finished this
First Volume of the

History of the Life and Times of that great Prelate and Minister of State, CARDINAL ΑΣ


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