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Pastor of the Thirst Baptist Church in Bioridenar RS.

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In presenting the First Number of the Fifth Volume of the AMERICAN BAPTIST MAGAZINE, the Editors tender their grateful acknowledgments to their numerous readers and friends, for their continued patronage and support. It gives them great pleasure to learn, that their labours have been thus far acceptable; and considering the numerous religious publications now in circulation, they have reason for devout gratitude, that the “American Baptist Magazine" still maintains a high and honourable rank among the religious productions of our country.

It has for a considerable time, however, been a subject of much serious complaint, that the Magazine was not issued more frequently. To remedy this, the proprietors have resolved to publish it in future, MONTHLY. By this means, the Editors hope to be able to present their readers more seasonably, with all the religious information of importance which it is in their power to collect. No pains shall be wanting to furnish it as early as possible. Whatever may be deemed important to the advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom, will be carefully selected and embodied in this work.

We shall not consider ourselves bound, however, to publish every article, which might otherwise be thought suitable for the Magazine, if sent first for insertion in some other paper. But whatever communications are primarily made to us, (post paid) will receive due attention.

It is not our intention in the slightest degree, to interfere with the claims of any other religious publication; but we certainly feel it a duty which we owe the Society, to employ all prudent means to preserve and increase the prosperity and usefulness of

For this we are encouraged to hope on various considerations. It has been suggested to us, that some persons talk of discontinuing the Magazine, and of taking some other paper in its stead. But what reason is assigned for this change ? the enhanced price is the alleged reason.

But every reflecting person

our own.

will at once perceive, that the Magazine cannot be published lower than it 'now is. Indeed it could hardly be desired ; being already lower than most other publications of equal size and quantity. The only alteration, therefore, which we propose to make, is more frequently to embellish the work with ornamental and useful engravings. The work thus ornamented and printed on a new type, and in an elegant style, will be presented to subscribers at the usual price of $1,50 per volume.

We ask our readers to consider whether they can procure any similar publication on terms equally advantageous? We rest assured they cannot. It will hence be perceived, that the Magazine has the advantage in point of cost.

Another advantage which the Magazine claims for itself is, that it is a much more safe and permanent chronicle of important religious events, and hence is more worthy of being preserved. Obituaries of the highest and most interesting character, are also recorded in the Magazine for safe keeping. While newspapers, though read with interest for the moment, are soon scattered to every wind, and no more to be found. How few preserve them, and still fewer that bind them up for future use.

We add once more,—the Magazine affords important aid to the MissionARY Cause. For several years past, the Treasurer of the Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts has acknowledged the receipt of $500 from the profits of this work. This is probably a much larger sum than is received by our denomination, from all the other religious publications in the United States.

As the labour of the Editors will be greatly increased, by the more frequent publication of the work, we confidently hope they will not be discouraged, by finding their numbers unbought, and unread. They cannot indulge the thought, that an enlightened, generous public, will suffer a work which has so abundantly contributed to the cause of missions, and to the spread and establishment of evangelical truth, to languish for the want of patronage. The cause we advocate, we believe to be the cause of God. To Him we therefore consecrate our labours, praying for his gracious benediction, and subscribe ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.


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