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purposes, and the like, they are exceedingly useful and handy. The syringe and bucket pumps are very efficient for work upon a small scale, and especially when it is desired to be extra thorough. The greatest difficulty with the bucket pump is that the amount of material which can be carried is very small. The power sprayers (those which work from the wheel of the vehicle) are useful for vineyards, dwarf pears and low-growing plants; but, as a rule, they are not adapted to large orchard trees, because enough liquid cannot be thrown whilst the machine is passing a tree to thoroughly spray it. For very large areas and very tall trees (as street trees) steampower sprayers must come into common use.

7. The farmer should know what he wants to kill before he begins to spray.-It is common to find a man who is going at spraying with enthusiasm, but who cannot explain a single definite object which he has in view. He simply knows upon general principles that spraying is useful. To such a man,

spraying is spraying, whether he uses

Paris green,

or Bordeaux, or both, or neither one; and his results are about equal to his knowledge. There is no longer an excuse for such ignorance, for all the leading insects and fungi have received more or less exact treatment in the publications of the experiment stations. The state of knowledge is far in advance of the state of practice. Many fruit-growers demand such elementary instruction as this:

The arsenites (Paris green and London purple) are used to kill all larvæ or worms, and all those

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