A Short Course in Practical Classification with Special Reference to the Decimal and Subject Schemes

University Press, 1913 - 43 sider
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Side 13 - Language," was published nearly forty years ago. Such has been its repute that not to know it is to argue one's self strangely unfamiliar with the books of the generations now past. Not only has the book gone through edition after edition, but it has given its name to one of the most successful series of books...
Side 18 - All through the scheme an effort has been made to place each subject as near as possible to the science on which it is based Practical use has been considered all through the scheme, and it has been sought to obtain this by dispensing with conventions, distinctions, and groupings, which are arbitrary rather than scientific.
Side 23 - Fletcher, Banister. Dilapidations : a textbook for architects and surveyors in tabulated form.
Side 19 - The general principle of arrangement is that the subject or application is placed as near as possible to the science on which It is based.
Side 29 - Lives which will not go under any head without " forcing" are best put in a single alphabet under the three figures 920 for men and 920.7 for women. General and Collective by Localities. Including only collected lives too general to go under any subject heading.
Side 20 - Air : the exploration of the upper air by means of clouds, balloons, and kites.

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