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so as to reduce to a minimum the shelf-space required, and how would you differentiate the sizes? Ibid. (9).

(3) How would a collection of the words of Folk Songs, with the music of the melodies only, be classified by the Decimal and Subject Systems? Ibid., 1909 (3).

(4) What provision is made in the chief modern schemes of classification for the geographical subdivision of subjects? Ibid. (7).

(5) Describe the means provided in the Decimal, Expansive, and Subject Classification schemes for obtaining alphabetical and chronological order within the limits of a topic. Ibid. (5).

(6) Describe the Tree of Porphyry, and its relation to classification, showing in your answer the meaning of the terms, extension, intension, connotation, denotation, and .correlation.

(7) Practical. Classify the following by Dewey and Brown, showing form and geographical divisions where necessary :

Vovikow, J. War and its Alleged Benefits.

Baum, Dr. Julius. Romanesque Architecture in France.
Lecky, W. E. H.

Carr, A. S. Comyns.

History of European Morals from Augustus to

National Insurance.

Stein, M. A. Ruins of Desert Cathay: a Personal Narrative of Ex-
ploration in Central Asia and Westernmost China.

Debrett's House of Commons and the Judicial Bench.
Emmett, O. W. The Eschatological Question in the Gospels: and
Other Studies in Recent New Testament Criticism.

Audsley, G. A. and B. Amateur Joinery in the Home.
Longstaff, G. B. Butterfly Hunting in Many Lands.
Power, F. D. Coalfields and Collieries of Australia.
Sophocles. Edipus Rex.

Morley, John. Life of Gladstone.

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