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MILTON'S WORKS, &c. In 1 vol. 8vo. with portraits, fine Library edition.


New fine edition.

This work is valuable and highly intereresting for intelligent readers of every profession; it is replete with curious and acute remarks, both medical and metaphysical, and deserves particular praise for the terseness of its diction.

J. Grigg will from time to time continue to publish works on the same cheap and elegant plan.


al of French Verbs.* Comprising the FormaS, Tenses, and Moods of the Regular and Irreguactical Method to trace the Infinitive of a Verb its inflections ; Models of Sentences in their dif; and a Series of the most useful Idiomatical 10. 108 pages.

French Syntax.* A Course of Exercises in all bh Syntax, methodically arranged after Poitevin's Inçaise;" to which are added ten appendices, de.

use of Academies, Colleges, and Private LearnDERICK T. WINKELMANN, A. M. and Ph. D., Pron, French, and German, in the Packer Collegiate no. 366 pages.

pry of Charles XII.* ENNE. 16mo. 262 pages.

Carefully revised by

laise, d'après le Système d'Ollendorff, à l'Usage

or, Grammar for Teaching English to FrenchRLES BADOIS. 12mo. 282 pages.

fle à Paris ; or, French as spoken in Paris, for ils and Travellers. 12mo. 252 pages.

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V & CO., 549 & 551 Broadway, N. Y.,



artments of English, Latin, Greek, French, SpanHebrew, and Syriac; of which a complete


free of postage, to those applying for it.

for examination, of any of the works marked hsmitted by mail, postage prepaid, to any Teachalf of its price. Any of the others will be sent epaid, upon receipt of full retail price.

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