The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica: A Record of the Positive Effects of Drugs Upon the Healthy Human Organism, Bind 10

Boericke & Tafel, 1879

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Side 60 - Violent pressure in the forehead, followed in a few minutes by sticking in the forehead, and especially over the orbits.
Side 372 - The delirium was of a busy, restless, vivid character, but generally rather pleasing than otherwise. The patients appeared to think that they were pursuing their ordinary occupations. One boy appeared eager in flying a kite; another pulled tables and chairs about, thinking he was working in a coal-pit; while the woman, EW, appeared to be remarkably busy with her ordinary household duties.
Side 224 - In the first instance they will vary from the size of the head of a pin to that of a pea, while in the latter they appear as more or less undefined infiltrations, or irregular and tuberculated masses.
Side 526 - Some felt it over the whole head ; but by far the larger number said it was limited to the brows. Standing or walking made it much worse. When well marked, the patients staggered, and were afraid even to stand, much less walk. So giddy was one patient that he nearly fell off the form on which he was sitting. Some described their heads as going round and round. They felt and seemed drunk, though without any incoherence or mental excitement.
Side 342 - The first dose is always followed by slight symptoms of poisoning, such as burning pain in the stomach and sickness, but not very severe. Once begun it can only be left off by very gradually diminishing the daily dose, as a sudden cessation causes sickness, burning pains in the stomach, and other symptoms of poisoning, very speedily followed by death.
Side 342 - About an hour after taking my first dose (I took the same quantity daily for three months), there followed slight perspiration with griping pains in the bowels, and after three or four hours a loose evacuation ; this was followed by a keen appetite, and a feeling of excitement. With the exception of the pain, the same symptoms follow every increase of the dose. I subjoin as a caution that it is not advisable to begin arsenic eating before the age of twelve or after thirty years.
Side 58 - A general eruption similar to cow-pox, from which other children were successfully vaccinated,2. — Small pimples developed at the point of vaccination (ordinary vaccination, after six weeks, was unsuccessful),1. — Red pimples or blotches on various parts, most evident when warm (after two or three days),'.
Side 527 - One gas jet appears about six inches above the other, and there are six inches between them horizontally ; the upper one is to the left ; now the right is uppermost ; now the left slightly again ; going over to the right now again ; exactly over one another now, and quite close together ; now again separated, left the highest ; now over one another.
Side 342 - On the third day of the second week after leaving off the dose I was attacked with faintness, depression of spirits, mental weakness, and a total loss of the little appetite I still had ; sleep also entirely deserted me. On the fourth day I had violent palpitation of the heart, accompanied by profuse perspiration. Inflammation of the lungs followed, and I was laid up for nine weeks, the same as on the first occasion of leaving off the arsenic.
Side 102 - I went upstairs and sat down, thinking a cup of tea would set all right ; but the uneasy constriction of the stomach continuing, with a tendency to sickness, made me retire to the water-closet The sickness, once commencing, soon became alarmingly violent, with the most excruciating pain in the lower part of the stomach, the pain extending to about the size of my hand ; the feeling of the seat of the pain was, that all the warm tea, water, etc., that I took to provoke the vomiting, went under the...

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