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Conchiolinum, Coniinum Bromatum, . Conium, Copaiva, Coriaria Myrtifolia, Coriaria Ruscifolia, Cornus Florida, Cornus Sericea, Crocus, . Crotalus Cascavella, Crotalus Horridus, Croton Tiglium, . Cubeba,. . Cundurango, Cupressus Australis, Cuprum, Cuprum Arsenicosum, Cuprum Sulfuricum, Curare, . Datura Sanguinea, Digitalis, Dioscorea, Duboisia, Duboisia Hopwoodi, Dulcamara, Eaux Bonnes.. Echites, Emetinum, Equisetum, Eriodictyon, Erythrophlæum, Eserinum, . Ether, Evonymus Europæus, . Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Euphorbin Ipecacuanhæ, . Euphorbia Lathyris, Euphorbia Peplus, Euphorbium, . Fagus, Ferrum Magneticum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Ferrum Sulfuricum, Ferrum Tartaricum, Filix Mas, . Feniculum, Fragaria, Fuchsin, Gelsemium, Geoffroya,


Geranium Maculatum, 490 Glonoin, 490 Gossypium, 491 Grindelin, 492 Guarana, 492 Gymnema, 492 Helleborus Niger, 493 Homeria, 495 Hura, 495 Hydrocyanic Acid, . 497 Hyoscyaminum, . 498 Hyoscyamus, · 498 Hypericum Perforatum, 499 Indium Metallicum, 500 Inula, 500 Iodum, 501 Ipecacuanha, 503 Iris Versicolor, 504 Jaborandi,. 504 Jatropha, 505 Juglans Cinerea, 506 Juniperus Virginiana, 507 Kali Arsenicosum,

Kali Bichromicum,.

Kali Bromatum, 511 Kali Carbonicum,

Kali Chloricum,
512 Kali Chromicum,
512 Kali Cyanatum, .
513 Kali lodatum,
515 Kali Nitricum,
•516 Kali Sulfuricum,
517 Kerosenum,
518 | Kousso,
520 Kreosotum,
520 Laburnum,

521 Lactuca,
621 Lappa,
521 Laurocerasus,
522 Lilium Superbum,

Linum, .

Lithium Muriaticum, .
528 Lobelinum,
528 Luffa,
528 Lycopodium,

Manganum Sulfuricum,
529 Melilotus, .
529 Mentha Piperita,
534 | Mercurius, .

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Tilia Europæa, Linn. Natural order, Tiliaceæ. Common names, Linden, Linde. Preparation, Tincture of the fresh blossoms. Authorities. Austrian provings, Est. Zeit. für Hom., vol. 4, part 2, p. 380, provings made at different seasons of the year; 1, E. H. Froelich, took an infusion of 2 drachms of the dried flowers; 1 a, same, took on two successive days 3 drops of 1st dec. dil., afterwards 20 drops; 16, same, took 6th dec. dil. in water; 2, Th. K., took 3d dec. dil. ; 2 a, same, took 3 drops of 6th dec. dil. (first and second days), and at subsequent times; 3, F. G., took the tincture prepared from the fresh blossoms, 10 drops, afterwards 20 drops ; 4, J. O. Müller, took 10 drops of the tincture in water; 4 a, same, took 10 drops of 1st dec. dil., afterwards sume dose, subsequently 20 drops ; 4 b, same, took 10 drops of 3d dec. dil., twice, subsequently 60 drops ; 4c, same, took 10, then 20 drops of 6th dec. dil.; 4 d, same, took 10, afterwards 20 drops of 30th dil.; 5, K. P., took 10 drops 1st dec. dil.; 5 a, same, took 3 drops of 3d dil.; 6, E. K., a child, took 1 drop of 1st dec. dil. in water; 7, B. S., took 10, and afterwards 20 drops 1st dec. dil.; 7 a, same, took 60 drops 3d dec. dil. ; 7 b, same, took 20 drops of 6th dec. dil. ; 7c, same, took 20 drops of 30th dil. (first day), 10 drops (third day), 20 drops afterwards.

Mind.- Towards morning she was tormented by a rush of pleasant thoughts, which changed to a weeping mood; through the next day she was peculiarly irritable, and inclined to quarrel, with confusion of the head, with a tense accelerated pulse and increased warmth of the body, especially of the cheeks,-Lovesick ; all his thoughts centred upon an ideal woman; in this revery he was possessed by a sweet melancholy, which it was impossible to describe; every earthly sense seemed far away, : -Earnest, reflective mood (first day),“4.-Sad, weeping mood (first day);": -Sad, melancholy mood (second day),“-.-Apprehensive mood (second day)," —He cannot remain in the house on account of a sensation of apprehension and anxiety; the room seems too close, he is obliged to go into the open air, in the evening, when he feels better (first day), - Extremely depressed after

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dinner (second day),": -Great depression of spirits the whole forenoon (third day)," —[10.j Despondent (first day)," — Despondency after dinner (second day) - Depression of spirits, 3 a 6.-Dread of society (secoud day);": – Discontented with his condition (first day);": – Unusually fretful mood (second day);":–Fretful, quarrelsome, peevish (third day),".

- Irritable mood, inclined to get angry, in the morning (second day),'. Irritable, quarrelsome mood after dinner (third day),"4 – Irritable, critical mood, inclined to quarrel and get angry, even from the slightest difference of opinion (first day)," —[20.] Disinclination to work (fourth day), ".Thoughtfulness (second day),d. -Stupidity, ła 4b. -An intoxicated and stupid condition, with mental oppression (second day),

Hearl.-Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion of the head, which seemed too large, in the morning (second day),'-Dizzy confusion of the head, with dimness of vision (after a few hours),“.—Dizzy confusion of the head, with slight drawing pain in the right half of the forehead (third day), 4.-Confusion, heaviness, and obscuration of the head, so that he could think and speak clearly only with great effort (third day),46 — Violent dizzy confusion of the head, with pressure on the chest,“: -Confusion of the head, and so great dizziness that he feared he would lose his consciousness,“:—[30.] Dizzy, intoxicated confusion of the head, with heat of the face, with redness of the cheeks, soon,"4-Persistent intoxication of the head, with tearing drawing or sticking pains, here and there,".-Intoxication and nausea in the stomach,“:-A feeling of intoxicatiou in the head (first day);": --Vertigo, as if intoxicated, during which she seemed to turn in a circle, so that she was obliged to sit down (soon),':- Dizziness,“. - Vertigo, all objects seem to waver (third day)," :--Paroxysms of vertigo, with heat of the face, 'c. – Vertigo, with dimness of vision by paroxysms," – Vertigo, with such great exhaustion that he was obliged to take hold of objects to steady himself (second day)," -- [40.) Transient vertigo, with vanishing of vision, in the evening; in order to see distinctly she was obliged to wink repeatedly, in the evening (first day)," :- Transient vertigo and obscuration of the head," -Slight vertigo while walking in the open air, with obscuration of the eyes (soon), 6.-She seems to lose the freedom and steadiness of her movements, and staggers on attempting to stand up; as the vertigo passes off a painful dulness of the head comes on (first day),':-General Head. Dulness of the head, ladcsd. - Dulness of the head, the whole forenoon (second day),'.

- Dulness of the head in the morning, increased by the warmth of the room to a pressive pain (third day),':-Dulness of the head, in the morning (third day),': --- Painful dulness of the head, at times in the occiput, at times in the forehead (first day),"4 - Dizzy, confused dulness of the head at 10 A.M. (third day),"4.-—[50.) Painful dulness of the head, ".Fulness and heaviness of the head (third day),':-Stupefaction and painful dulness of the head, after dinner (second day),". — Heaviness of the head," — Heaviness at night, and dulness of the head (first day)“-Heaviness and dulness of the head at times (third day), -Headache increased in the evening, with a dull confusion in the frontal region, stoppage of the nose, and roaring in the ears (second day),'.—The head feels heavy, and as if screwed in," -The head felt hot and heavy, on waking at night (first night),'-Woke about 5 P.M., from a sleep of three hours, free from the morning headache, with the exception of some fulness in the forehead, and slight dizziness and obscuration of vision (second day),':-[60.] Headache, accompanied by heat of the face, lasting through the night, till noon of the next day,”*.--Painful pressive-drawing pains in the head, extending to

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wards the forehead (first day)," : — Violent drawing-cutting pain in the head, with photophobia and qualmishness, aggravated by the slightest movement, intolerable on making any effort, relieved by closing the eyes, and by cold applications, and by rest (third day)," — Tearing pains through the brain (first day),*. - Tearing paids, here and there, in the head, face, and ears,'.-Cutting drawing, here and there, in the left half of the brain towards the forehead (second day);": -Violent sticking pain over the whole head, with heat of the whole body,a.-Extreme sepsitiveness of the head to a draught of air; even while walking in the house the current of air caused slight drawing and shivering in the scalp on the vertex,“:— Amelioration of the head troubles from coffee (third day),':- Forehead. The forehead feels obscured, as if constricted (third day),.—[70.] Pressure in the forehead," ; (third day),'.-Pressive pain in the frontal region (second day),'.—Painful pressure in the forehead, soon,“4. - Pressive pinching pain in the sinciput (forehead and vertex), in the evening; this continued into the night, and was felt whenever awakened from sleep, by restless dreams (first night),'.—Pain in the forehead, just above the root of the nose, a pressing inward, as from a dull instrument (first day),4-Slow wavelike drawings in the left half of the forehead, extending towards the frontal eminence (second day),.-Fulness and tearing in the forehead, lasting till evening, then associated with great heat of the face,“:— Tearing pain in the forehead, with dizziness in the morning on waking, increasing after rising, relieved by washing with cold water," :-Dull sticking burrowing in the right frontal eminence (second day),“. — Tearing, sticking pain in the right side of the forehead,“: - Temples. [80.] Temporal veins very much distended (second day),"4. —Pressive pain in the temples, worse in a warm room, better in the open air; this headache reached its height about 1 o'clock; the pressure in the temples amounted to an acute pressing pain ; the whole head was painful, heavy, dull, and confused (second day),':Drawing in the left temple and side of the face (first day),“, – Transient tearing pain in the right temple,"6. — Tearing in the right temple, and at the same time extending down the upper arm (first day), '.-Sticking pains from without inward, in both temples (first day),'.- Vertex and Parietals. Tearing in the right side of the vertex, transversely across the forehead, and along the left side of the face (first day),':-Painful drawing in the left half of the head, rather towards the occiput, and down towards the face (second day)," --Occiput. Heaviness of the occiput; it seemed as though a weight were seated in it; when the head is inclined forward this weight seems to sink lower down in the nape of the neck (first day);". -A peculiar aching pain in the occiput, extending up towards the back of the head, after dinner (first day),"4 --[90.) Pressure in the occiput from within outward, at the mastoid process (second day),".—Broad pressure in the occiput,".- Pressure and burrowing pain in the occiput,"e - Drawing pain in the fold between the occiput and the nape of the neck (first day),'. -Drawing in the occiput into the head and to the forehead, where it becomes a pressure,“:External Head. Eruption of small gritty vesicles on the scalp, which_itch excessively, with burning soreness after scratching (first day),“.-Itching on the scalp, obliging scratching (first day)," – Itching on the scalp (second day),"".

Eye.-Eyes deep, hollow, 6. — Eyes drawn backward (hollow-eyed), (third day), -[100] Eyes thick and weak, seem swollen, ".-The eyes seem swollen and weak, as if one had been weeping," - Pressive pain in both eyes (second day), -A transient sensation, as if a piece of cold iron

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