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Authority. 21, Inaug. Thesis, presented to Hom. Med. Coll. of Penna., 1853, by Franklin Bigelow.

The tincture used in the following provings was made from the dried root gathered in the spring.

First Prover.- Mr. F. B., aged twenty-five years.
September 29th, 1852. Took 25 drops of the tincture at 3 P.M.

At 10 A.M., next day, a dull oppressive headache came on; pain principally in the forehead, extending along over the vertex down to the occiput. În the whole forehead the pain is very severe. On walking out into the open air, pains in the muscles of the lower limbs as from great fatigue ; felt more particularly in the anterior parts of the thighs. Great disposition to yawn. Inclined to drowse much. Sleep disturbed by dreams of accidents, seeing limbs broken, great suffering, etc.

On the following morning awoke at 3 o'clock, with severe cutting pains and great uneasiness in the lower part of the abdomen (hypogastric region), with urgent desire to go to stool. Stool very thin and partly undigested. Great uneasiness in the bowels all the forenoon, without much desire to go to stool, but a sensation as though I should be obliged to soon. Next morning awoke at 3 o'clock, with diarrhea of thin updigested character. Pain low down in the bowels. Diarrbæa continued through the day; stools, once in four or five hours.

Next day no perceptible symptoms remained except a feeling of weakness and languor.

Second Proving.--October 7th, 11 A.M. Took 100 drops of the 1st atten. (5 to 95). Great nausea and disposition to vomit for two hours after taking . it. Very sleepy during the fore part of the evening. Slept well till 3 o'clock in the morning; very restless the remainder of the night.

October 8th. At Ő A.M., dull oppressive headache came on, extending from the forehead over the vertex to the occiput; violent pain in the whole forehead; pain dull, with a sense of heaviness. Great dizziness. Constant disposition to yawn. Occasional shooting pains about the sides of the head, in the region of ideality and sublimity. Pulse rather accelerated. ing of great prostration of whole system. Appetite poor. Limbs feel excessively fatigued. Forehead dry and hot. Pains in head partially relieved by throwing head backward. At times very chilly over the entire body. Continually stretching and yawning. Great uneasiness and oppression in the epigastrium. Stomach feels greatly oppressed. On attempting to read immediately go to sleep. Disposed to get angry easily. Rather melancholy. Symptoms nearly all subsided by 2 P.M. In the evening great pain in lower part of bowels, with great fulness of the abdomen. Sensation as though diarrhoea would come on. Very bitter and disagreeable taste in mouth. Very drowsy and sleepy. Slept well till 3 A.M.,

. after that time very restless. This symptom appeared regularly every morning for two weeks.

Second, third, and fourth days after 3 A.M., each day, pain in lower part of bowels, with diarrhea of a thin, undigested character, lightish-colored. Pains in the head grew less and less severe for three or four days, and gradually subsided by the fifth. Upper lip very much swollen and inflamed for eight days. Skin cracked and came off. A small ulcer on each cheek, uear the centre; very much inflamed for several days, bleed


ing almost constantly. Eruption, on the hands and wrists principally, resembling mosquito bites.

Second Prover.- Mr. E. H. B., aged twenty-four years.

September 29th, 1852. Took 20 drops of the tincture at 9 A.M.. One hour after, fluent coryza with violent tickling in the nares, which excited sneezing, going off in about half an hour. Great drowsiness after dinner. Weakness of the knee-joints, preceded by unnatural warmth in the feet. Weakness in the lower limbs. When walking, have to proceed with great cautiousness for fear of falling. General feeling of intoxication. Dull, heavy rheumatic pains in the upper posterior region of the neck. Tearing in the centre of the vertex, in a spot about the size of a silver dollar. Jerking in the muscles of the left thigh, more particularly in the region of the inferior third. Cold feeling of the left thigh and knee, as though a cold breeze were blowing on them. Stitching pain as of fine needles in the region of the heart, accompanied with slight twitching or pulsation in the external muscles of that region. Slight palpitation of the heart. Sleep imperfect; waking at midnight. General burning and itching of the skin after rising in the morning, continuing half an hour.

Third Prover.- Mr. E. P. G., aged eighteen years.

September 29th. Took 20 drops of the tincture at 10 A.M. Soon after taking it, burning in the stomach and excessively bitter taste in the mouth. Half an hour after, felt a sensation of rawness in the throat, as from excoriation. One hour after, dull pain in the forehead and ears.

Third day, early in the morning, pain in the bowels, with thin, lightbrown diarrhea, which came on in like manner for three or four days. Eruption on the skin like mosquito-bites,.




Authorities. 14, Mauthner, Journ. Kinderkrankheiten, 22, 1854, p. 1, a boy, aged six years, took 1.} drachms; 15, M. Caravasse, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. Ixv, 1862, p. 126 (London Lancet), a nervous woman, believing that she suffered from worms, took a drachm of wormseed, semen contra ; 16, Drs. Burdick and Lilienthal, V. A. J. of Hom., 14, 139 (Hom. World, vol. xii, 1877, 41+), fatal case of poisoning with Santonin lozenges, in a girl, aged five vears; she took about 6 grains in divided doses.

Min.-Consciousness clear when awake, but during her restless sleep delirious,

Eye.-Chancing to look in the glass, she distinctly saw herself peagreen,' .--Complains of seeing things yellow,''.

Mouth.- Tongue deep red, without coating, 16.

Stomach. Continual thirst for ice-water, which she swallowed greedily,'". - Vomiting of yellowish slimy mucus set in at 11 P. m., and continued till forenoon; purging of watery, flaky, foul-smelling stools every ten to fifteen minutes. Abdomen very sensitive, the child complaining of a dull pain in the pit of the stomach. In the evening we found ihe abdomen somewbat tumid, but soft,6.

Abdomen.-Colic (soon),'s.

Urinary Orgams. – l'rine saffron-yellow, containing flakes of mucus,'.—[330.] Urine orange-colored,'%.


Respiratory Organs.—Breath quick and catching, 16. —Coughed incessantly the whole night (first night),16

Pulse.- At 9 P.M., the pulse of the left side was gone; on the right side thready and soft (second day), 6.

Generalities.-Slight twitchings of facial muscles. After midnight severe convulsions set in, more like tetanus; throwing the head backwards, eyes rolling about, countenance distorted, body sometimes nearly curved, with legs turned back. At intervals grasping at everything; gnawing of fingers. Burning pains apparently torment her, as she forces everything in her mouth. After four convulsions she died about 2 A.M. (second night),16

- Very restless; throws herself about with her whole body from one side to the other,": -Collapsed, the face pinched, extremities rather cold, great restlessness, drawing up of lips over the teeth, with pinched expression of mouth and pose,"6.

Fever.-Hot perspiration on occiput; clammy in forehead. The icycold clammy perspiration crept steadily upwards, '6.

CINNAMOMUM. Authority. 2, C. G. Mitscherlich, Pharm. Journ., vol. ix, 1819, p. 233, effects of large doses.

Diarrhea, . - Increased secretion of urine, :— Excite the vascular system and the respiratory organs,".

CITRIC ACID. Authority. W. Stevens, On the Blood, p. 451.

During å residence of twenty years in the West Indies I have only seen one case of scurvy, avd that case was decidedly brought on by the excessive use of Citric acid, which an American gentleman had been recommended to use as a preventive against the yellow fever.

CITRUS LIMONUM. Authority. 3, G. O. Rees, experiments on a healthy man with 1 ounce lemon-juice, three times daily for three days (Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases by Lemon-juice, pp. 32–37), Edinb. Med. and Sur. Journ., vol. i, 1850, p. 241. .

. [10.] Pulse naturally full, and 75 in the minute. After five doses it became much weaker and more compressible, and numbered 70 in the minute; conditions accompanied by a feeling of general depression. Pulse 66, and very small and compressible (third day). Feeling of general de pression (with weaker pulse). Urine always acid, and also natural in quantity till the third day, when it increased somewhat; the sp. gr. was then 1017, with a deficiency in lithic acid,'.

COCA. Symptom 364, in vol. iii, copied from Hering's Monograph, begins with “On washing ;" in North. Amer. Journ. of Hom., New Series, vol. v, p. 179, first line, it is “On waking.”

Authorities. 45, Alex. Cochet, Journ. de Chim. Med. (Amer. Journ. of

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Pharm., 1833-4), p. 58, effects of chewing, on the Indians of Peru; (46 to 50, Berridge's Collections, Appendix to Brit. Journ. of Hom., general effects); 46, Dr. Martius, from Gauger's Repert., 1842, p. 452 (Pharm. Journ., 1843, vol. ii, p. 660); 47, Prof. Schlechtendal, from Encyclopædia of Med. Sci. and Archiv. der Pharm., 1853 (Pharm. Journ., vol. xiii, p. 224); 48, Schroff, from Wien. Wchnbl., vol. xviii, and Schmidt, vol. cxvi, p. 297 (New Sydenham Soc. Pub., vol. xix, p. 453), experiments with Cocaine, its acetate and chloride, and an alcoholic extract of the leaves; 49, Rossi, Roman Correspond. Sci. (Lancet, 1866 (2), p. 195); 50, Practitioner, 1868, vol. I, p. 233, Review of Recherches Chim. et Phys. sur l'Erythroxylum Coca du Perou et la Cocaine, by Thomas Moreno y Mais, Paris, 1868 ; (51 to 55, Edward Lippman, Thèse Etude sur la Coca du Perou, Strasbourg, 1868); 51, effects of hot infusions of 1 to 15 grams to 60 of water; 52, effects of 30 grams; 53, extract of 2 grams; 54, obs. of Rossier, effects of chewing 1 to 3 grams of the leaves ; 55, Mr. Reis, chewed the leaves ; 56, l'Union, No. 91 (New Sydenham Soc. Pub., vol. xix, 455), (Berridge), effects of leaves; 57, Serivener, Med. Times and Gaz., 107 (2), p. 407, effects on chewers; 58, Berridge, North. Amer. Journ, of Hom., New Series, vol. v, 1874, p. 165, Dr. David Wilson, inhaled the vapor while potentizing about 3.30 P.M. ; 59, E. B. Shuttleworth, Can. Pharm. Journ., Aug., 1877 (Pharm. Journ. and Trans., vol. viii, 1877, p. 221), effects on the Toronto Lacrosse Club,

Mind.-Its effect is to deaden sensation and produce even madness, “. - In large quantities the chewing of leaves induces a state of intoxication, like that of Cannabis," --Animation and content,57.- When chewed in large quantities, the Coca causes a kind of intoxication and loss of sleep,*

- The head felt agreeably light, the ideas flowed with facility, and fantastic images followed each other in rapid succession; this was soon succeeded by extreme drowsiness, in resisting which there was great oppression of the head and confusion of thought. If he had given way to it the prover felt he would have passed into an agreeable dream life, like that produced by Cannabis. The effect of the drug varies according to the intensity of the effort made to resist it. As soon as the interference with consciousness ceases, and the relation between the mind and the external world is reestablished, all the other functions return to their normal state,**.

Head.-Heaviness of the head,5"-Always after chewing the leaves sleep was quiet, but the next morning there was frontal headache, which lasted a part of the day; at the sanie time the tongue became coated and the appetite impaired,

Eye.-Eyes brilliant,57—[520.) After large doses of the decoction, there is dilatation of the pupils, and physical mental calm,“*.

Ear.-In half an hour, distant ringing booms through head, repeated twice, once in evening, lasting a few seconds, S.

Nose.About midnight, on going to bed, nose felt swollen and stuffed, like an incipient catarrh (first day),

Face.-Countenance more animated,5". - Paleness of lips,". -Slight yellow tinge about angles of mouth,

Mouth.-Teeth stained bright yellow,57 —It increases the secretion of saliva, produces a sensation of warmth and fulness in the mouth and stomach, and stills hunger,".—Diminished saliva,4.

Throat.-Some dryness of the throat, '- [530.] Heat and dryness of the throat,

Stomach.-It enables the workmen to endure prolonged abstinence, 56.

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-Men may live in robust health several days without food. Rossi, after taking a decoction of the leaves, felt neither hunger nor thirst for fortyeight hours,".— They appear as if they had partaken of a rich repast, * : An agreeable heat; a sensation of comfort in the epigastrium, somewhat like that produced by a glass of wine, radiating from the stomach over the whole body,

Respiratory Organs.-Enables them to ascend heights without dyspnea,“.

Pulse.-Pulse strong and frequent,"? - The pulse from the first gained in frequency and strength, while the breathing lost in frequency, but became deeper and fuller,"9 — Pulse 59 (before taking); 63 (after five minutes): 56 (after fifteen minutes); 61 (after forty-five minutes),-3.

Superior Extremities. — A warm indistinct pain in left shoulderjoint, for a few minutes, at 12.30 P.M. (second day),9.

Generalities.-510.) Tetanic convulsions, hyperästhesia, dilated pupils, and diminution of movements from loss of co-ordination,". - Abuse of Coca causes signs of premature old age, unsteady step, yellow skin, want of brilliancy of eye, and general indifference or apathy,7-General symptoms like those produced by a small quantity of alcohol, a slight disturbance of vision, slight increase in the frequency of the pulse; cold infusions produced the same effects,"?. —Sustains the strength, * -Desire for physical exertion," --Great feeling of comfort,"8. - More agility in walking, - --Increases the bodily activity,":—The effects of small doses seems to be to resist fatigue, which I frequently noticed in long walks, ".-When provided with Coca, they (the Peruvians) can make rapid journeys, without suffering in their respiration, and can take unremitted exercise without being worn out by fatigue. They have been known when acting as guides, to travel twelve or fourteen leagues without stopping, and to perform this as rapidly as the best mounted horseman. This arises from the circumstance, that in these elevated regions, horses soon suffer in their wind, and hence gradually relax their speed; whilst, on the contrary, the Indians, by constantly using the Coca, do not thus suffer, and always keep the interior of their mouth in a moist state. The inhabitants of the country support all kinds of fatigue, for two or three days, without any other stimulant than the Coca,'. [550.] At the commencement of the match, about 1 drachm to 1} drachms of the leaves was served out to each man. This was chewed, in small portions, during the game, the saliva being swallowed. On first taking the leaves, a sensation of heat and dryness was produced in the throat. This was relieved by washing out the mouth, or gargling with water, after which the desire for water was no greater than usual. Soon after a sensible ang. mentation of force, and a general feeling of invigoration were realized, and continued to be felt throughout the game, so that fatigue was wholly, or in great part resisted. The pulse was observed to increase in frequency, perspiration was augmented, but no mental effect was noticed, save the exhilaration of spirits always attendant on the exercise of well-strung muscles and ou the excitement of play," — Torpor,"? — General feebleness,“*. -It produces, in large quantities, lassitude and drowsiness," -The first effects are succeeded by a profound calm, a kind of paresis, during which one does not wish to use the faculties, and is overpowered by indolence,".

Skin.-While writing a long letter, about 8 or 9 P.M., felt in left groin and region of abdominal ring as if the skin were sore and smarting; it felt a little tender to touch. (Here he formerly had an extensive glandular suppuration several years ago, from cold and fever), (first day), s.


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