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limbs, especially of the right side,"—[980.] Rigidity of the limbs, 91 43 45 — Rigidity of the limbs ; this rigidity made rapid progress, involving all the principal articulations of the limbs,—Marked rigidity and pains in the joints,40 — The tips of the fingers and toes became rigid and insensible, **. Stiffness of the limbs, 25 37.- Pronounced paraplegia, so that the limbs would not support the body,99. – Paralysis and atrophy of the extensor muscles, 2Feebleness of the limbs,". ---Walking was difficult; it was possible to stand upon the left leg with support of the hands, but not upon the right; while in bed the movements of the lower extremities were slow but perfect : motility of the hands was impaired, the fingers were in a state of semiflexion with contraction, but he was unable to extend them without a feeling of stiffness; attempts to grasp anything caused pain,26 - Pains in the limbs,* *. -1990.) Deepseated pains in the limbs, apparently in the bones and in the muscles, “0: -Deepseated pains in the limbs,"9 - Violent pains in the muscles of the limbs,"2:-Fulgurating pains and sensations as of girdles about the limbs and body,.o. – Very acute pains in the limbs, especially in the thick muscular portions, associated with cramps, especially in the lower extremities and in the feet," -Extremely acute pains, sudden, lightninglike, in the limbs, aggravated by pressure; these flashes of pain accompanied the cramps; at night the intensity of the pains rendered sleep impossible, **. ---Cramps in the extremities, 91 30: -Cramps in the right leg and arm.": --Frequent desire to stretch the limbs," -Limbs feel tremulous, *. [1000.] Very peculiar and pronounced sensation of prickling in the extremities," – Very marked numbness of the extremities," -Loss of sensibility coincident with very acute pains in the articulations and along the limbs, aggravated by movement,26

. Superior Extremities. The upper extremities were feeble; the pressure of the hand was diminished in force,26. — Terrible pains in the upper extremities, especially at night,51.-- Very acute pains in the upper extremities, especially in the shoulder-joints," — Anästhesia extended over the upper limbs into the thorax,30 — Marked anästhesia of the arms and hands,!. -Prickling and tingling in the arms,"? - Extreme rigidity of the hands, 4.—[1010.] Rigidity or insensibility of the hand,"».—The hands became rigid and contracted,.. —While lying in bed, the hands were habitually in a state of semiflexion, and could not be completely extended, *. The hands became rigid, painful, awkward ; extension and flexion were equally difficult,“7.–Rigidity and awkwardness of the hands," -Diminished motility and sensibility of the right hand,".-Sensation on the backs of the hands very obtuse; the hands felt as if covered with a glove; the right was worse than the left,56. —Painful prickling and numbness of the hands,'.-Anästhesia, numbness, and feebleness of the hands, 4.-The fingers became swollen, insensible, and difficult to flex or extend, ".-[1020.] The fingers seemed rigid and insensible; she could not button her clothes, -The index finger was partially paralyzed with cramps," – The digits became insensible, stiff, and awkward, unable to take hold of small objects,". -Numbness of the digits, so that it is difficult to take hold of small objects,"? — Insensibility and awkwardness of the fingers, S.

Inferior E.ctremities.-Trembling of the lower extremities," Gait hesitating,** -Gait unsteady, 38 55. —Great feebleness of the lower extremities, so that walking was very difficult,35 -Walking became very difficult,“?:—[1030.] While lying down he could move the lower limbs with considerable energy, but on attempting to rise found it very difficult to move them, especially the left,28 —Walking very difficult, the left limb being more feeble than the right,*-:— Loss of power in the lower extremities,.--Great loss of power of the lower extremities,99.- Very great rigidity of the lower extremities," -Tormented by cramps of the thighs and soles, often lasting balf an hour, 16. - Very painful cramps in the thighs and feet, 25. -Pains in the lower extremities,»* -Prickling in the lower extremities, 55. -Sensibility of the lower limbs impaired; the hands, forearms, and arms, especially at the insertion of the deltoid ; this loss of sensibility is not found on the body or in the face,26 — [1040.] Diminished sensibility of the lower extremities,%. —Complete insensibility of the lower extremities,55. At one spot on the upper portion of the left leg there is complete insensibility; over the whole extremity sensibility is impaired," —Rigidity of the knees," - Contractions and pain in the muscles of the calves, especially of the right,35. —Cramps in the calves and legs,“9. —Edema of the ankles,.. Insensibility of the skin of the feet, so that he did not know when the feet touched the ground, ".

Generalities.- Pale and emaciated," -Great awkwardness,53 [1050.] The patient is very awkward in her movements," —Constant twitching of the muscles,"? -- Habitual trembling, often lasting twenty-four hours, in a very aggravated form," --Trembling of the whole body, especially of the upper extremities, ".--Total loss of power," — Loss of motion and sensibility of the whole right side of the body,“:-Rigidity of the muscles,"? - Analgesia of the right side, the patient could be pinched freely without sensation, -Hemiplegia became very pronounced ; sensibility of the right side of the body very slight; muscular contractility completely lost, but the paralysis was associated with a very pronounced degree of contraction, especially of the arm; every effort to extend it caused pain,". -Suddenly one day the face became very much congested, covered with perspiration, expression anxious, uncertain, the whole body covered with sweat, the hands trembled, pulse 120, bard; there were profuse diarrhoea, intense headache, vertigo, erratic pains, great muscular feebleness rendering the gait unsteady, very dim vision, rigidity of the hands, with prickling and diminished sensibility and very pronounced oppression of the chest," —[1060.] On admission was lying on chair with all the muscles relaxed, face pale and covered with clammy sweat; lips blue and moist, with saliva and frothy mucus. Eyelids closed ; conjunctiva slightly sensitive to touch; pupils dilated and insensible to light. Breathing deep and laborious, almost stertorous; and the breath had a very strong odor of bisulphide of carbon. Pulse 110, regular, but very weak. On the next day, giddiness and slight headache, S. -Loss of all energy,".- Extreme lassitude," -Great feebleness," --Easily fatigued,” —General weakness, %6. —Great muscular feebleness,50. —General muscular weakness, with a certain incoördination of the movements, like motor ataxia,“ — Tendency to faintness,“9- Partial syncope, with convulsive movements of the extremities,".—[1070.] Syncope, in which he fell to the ground, lost consciousness, and did not recover for a long time,»6. -Cutaneous hyperästhesia over the whole body except the fingers and toes,s!:—She seemed to herself enormously swollen over her whole body,'*.-General pains, especially acute in the knees,".-Cramps in the muscles,".-The administration of Phosphorus seems to restore nearly all the cases; it seems almost a specific for this poisoning; but often at first there is an aggravation from very small doses, 26. —The patient got out of the house, took a long walk, and returned home in complete disorder,"“.

Skin. --After it has been applied externally for a minute or two, a sen

26 30 36

sation is felt as if several leeches were biting the part, and after the lapse of two to four minutes more the smarting and pain become rather severe. It is very seldom that any redness of skin is produced, ".- Development of a very large number of furuncles,95:- Very acute irritation of the skin, itching and smarting over the chest, thighs, and especially on the scrotum, -[1080.] Very violent itching of the scrotum,“. — Formication of the limbs," --Painful prickling and formication over the hands and feet,".

Sleep.-Constant sleepiness; often during the night sleep disturbed by sad dreams,".-Sleepy during the day, sleepless during the night,“ – Sleep prolonged and deep,:-Sleep heavy and profound, -Sleep profound, it was difficult to awaken him,7.-Insomnia, 24 37, etc.-Alternations of constant sleepiness and wakefulness, 18. —[1090.] Sleep restless, interrupted by starts, "-Sleep disturbed by starting and constant waking; in the morning he was sleepy and difficult to rouse,"?. -Sleeplessness or sleep with distressing dreams," --Sleep restless, tormented by distressing dreams, -Sleep interrupted by dreams, ".-Sad, fatiguing dreams, with a kind of hallucination that she was swolleu and enormously distended," – Terrible dreams of crimes committed under her eyes, *. -Distressing dreams during sleep,3%

Ferer. - Sensation of general coldness, especially over the lower limbs, 38 - Intense chilliness at night, followed by heat and profuse sweat, — [1100.] Frequent horripilation,“. — Great sensitiveness to cold,“ 54. Fingers cold, rigid, with little sensation,".-Sensation of icy coldness in the lower extremities, *6.-Habitual coldness of the feet," --Icy coldness of the feet and lower extremities,»9. -Very profuse sweat,“:-Habitual cold sweats,

CARUM. Carum carui, L. Natural order, Umbelliferae. Common name, Caraway. Preparation, Preparations from the dried fruit. Authority. C. G. Mitscherlich, Pharm. Journ., vol. ix, 1819, p. 233, effects of large doses of caraway volatile oil.

Diarrhea. - Increased secretion of urine.-Excite the vascular system and the respiratory organs.


p. 83.

Authority. 3, William Alexander, M.D., Exper. Essays, London, 1770,

[290.) I took a bolus of 10 grains of Castor, made with a little syrup of sugar. I felt no other effects than a few disagreeable eructations. The following day I took a bolus of į drachm of Castor; the only effect it had was the eructations, which were pretty much the same as in the last experiment. Two days after this I took 1 drachm. The mercury in the thermometer at my stomach, which before taking it stood at 911°, was in an hour after risen to 925°, where it continued till the thermometer was removed. The eructations were not so frequent, nor so disagreeable as in the former experiments. The two following days, I took two more boluses of Castor ; the first containing 1} drachms, and the second 2 drachms. I was sensible of no other effect than the eructations, which, indeed, were but few and trifling. The pulse was not affected in any of the experiments, por the temperature, except in the third experiment,


Catalpa bignonioides, Walt.
Natural order, Bignoniacea.
Common name, Catalpa.
Authority. Robert Holmes, Inaug. Thesis, Phila., 1803, p. 29.

Experiment 1.-Two hours after a light breakfast, I took 3 Ounces of strong decoction, made with the inner bark of the trunk. My pulse being 70 in a minute, its natural standard.

In five minutes, pulse beat 70 strokes; in ten, 70; in fifteen, 72; in twenty, 74; in twenty-five, 72 ; in thirty, 68; in thirty-five, 67; in forty, 67; in forty-five, 64; in fifty, 66 ; in fifty-five, 68; in sixty, 68.

Iu ten minutes there was po perceptible alteration in my pulse; in twenty, it became rather fuller; in thirty, its fulness increased, and continued so until forty-five minutes bad elapsed, when it became smaller and irregular.

About two hours after it was taken, it began to operate as a cathartic, and continuing for some time pretty copiously, without inducing nausea or griping. Neither did my body become costive after its operation.

Experiment 2.-Three hours after my usual dinner, my pulse beating 70 in a minute, I took 2 scruples of the extract obtained from the decoction.

In five minutes, pulse beat 70 strokes; ip ten, 74; in fifteen, 74; in twenty, 75; in twenty-five, 80; in thirty, 78; in thirty-five, 76 ; in forty, 76; in forty-five, 76; in fifty, 74; in fifty-five, 74; in sixty, 72.

In fifteen minutes my pulse had only increased in frequency; about the twentieth it was diminished in fulness, at which time I began to feel sick at my stomach ; in thirty was still smaller, and continued so until the expiration of fifty minutes, when it became irregular and weak.

Purgative effects.

Experiment 3.-Mr. T. S., a healthy young man, took a drachm of powdered bark in a small quantity of milk, three hours after dinner. Pulse 72, in a minute.

In five minute, pulse beat 72 strokes; in ten, 72; in fifteen, 70; in twenty, 66; in twenty-five, 64; in thirty, 63; in thirty-five, 62; in forty, 60; in forty-five, 60, in fifty, 62; in fifty-five, 64; in sixty, 66.

About the twentieth minute his pulse was much fuller, with some tension; and continued so without much variation until forty-five minutes had elapsed, at which time it became small and irregular, and he complained of a slight degree of headache, which lasted some time, after which his pulse began to ussume its natural pulsation.

Experiment 4.-At 11 A.M. I took 3} scruples of the powdered bark, diffused in a little milk. My pulse beating 72 strokes in a minute.

In five minutes, pulse beat 72 strokes; in ten, 74; in fifteen, 74; in twenty, 76; in twenty-five, 76; in thirty, 77; in thirty-five, 78; in forty, 76; in forty-five, 76; in fifty, 74; in fifty-five, 74; in sixty, 72.

In ten ninutes my pulse became fuller; in fifteen its fulness had increased, and continued so without much variation until the expiration of thirty minutes, when it began to grow weak and much smaller. At this time I felt considerable nausea, which lasted for some time. It, however, went off, and my pulse returned to its natural pulsation.

The same dose was repeated upon a healthy young man, Mr. M. C.
It produced no other effect than an alteration in his pulse.

Experiment 5.— Three hours after my usual breakfast I took 3 ounces of a strong decoction of the leaves. Pulse 72.

In five minutes, pulse beat 80 strokes ; in ten, 84; in fifteen, 80; in twenty, 80; in twenty-five, 76; in thirty, 76 ; in thirty-five, 78; in forty, 76; in forty-five, 76 ; in fifty, 76; in fifty-five, 74; in sixty, 74.

In five minutes my pulse increased in force and frequency, which continued until twenty ; in twenty-five it was much diminished in fulness; at which time I began to feel sick; my pulse continued small and weak until the expiration of fifty minutes, when it became fuller and began to assume its ordinary stroke.

Began to feel sick (after twenty-five minutes), which lasted a considerable length of time.

Copious purgative effect.

Experiment 6.—Two hours and a half after dinner I gave Mr. J. P. 2 scruples of extract from decoction of leaves. Pulse 74.

In five minutes, pulse beat 74 strokes ; in ten, 75; in fifteen, 74; in twenty, 76; in twenty-five, 72; in thirty, 72; in thirty-five, 67; in forty, 67; in forty-five, 67; in fifty, 69; in fifty-five, 70; in sixty, 72.

In fifteen minutes his pulse was much increased in fulness, and continued so until twenty-five; in thirty it became much smaller; in thirty-five it was small and weak; continued weak until fifty minutes had elapsed, when it began to recover its natural stroke.

Fulness of the head, an unusual symptom to him (after thirty-five minutes).

Drowsiness, an unusual symptom to him (after thirty five minutes).

E.cperiment 7.-At 9.30 A.m. I gave Mr. M. C., a young man in good health, 3 ounces of strong infusion of leaves. Pulse 70.

In five minutes, pulse beat 72 strokes; in ten, 73; in fifteen, 73; in twenty, 75; in twenty-five, 75; in thirty, 76 ; in thirty-five, 76; in forty, 76; in forty-five, 76; in fifty, 74; in fifty-five, 74; in sixty, 72.

About the twentieth minute his pulse was much fuller, which, however, declined towards the thirty-fifth. It continued small until the expiration of fifty-minutes, when it began to take on its ordinary stroke.

About two hours and a half after my usual dinner, I took 3 ounces of strong decoction of the recent root. Pulse 72.

In five minutes, pulse beat 72 strokes; in ten, 74; in fifteen, 72; in twenty, 66; in twenty-five, 66; in thirty, 65; in thirty-five, 68; in forty, 68; in forty-five, 68; in fifty, 70; in fifty-five, 70; in sixty, 72.

In ten minutes my pulse was much fuller; in twenty it was increased ; in thirty-five it was much smaller, and a little irregular; in fifty it began to assume its natural pulsation.

Operated as a purgative, without inducing any disagreeable sensation

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