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11, J. A. Marshall took repeated doses of 1st trit. for five days, then after an interval of four days for five days more; 12, Mrs. H. H. Cobb took repeated doses of 1st trit. ; 13, S. J. Åldrich, æt. forty years, took 2 powders (first day); 3 powders (second day); 4 powders (third day); 13a, same, took 5 powders at intervals; 14, M. Mason took repeated doses of 1st and 2d trit. for ten days; 15, Mrs. F.J. M. Whitcomb took 4 powders of 1st trit. in one day; 15 a, same, took 3d trit. repeated doses ; 15 b, same, took 1st trit. 4 grains twice; 16, S. M. W., a young man, took 3d trit., repeated doses, for five days; 17, W. B. W. took 3d trit. without effect, afterwards took 4 grains 1st trit., morning and noon; 18, Mrs. M. D. Crane, æt. sixtytwo years, had a cough caused by cold, took several powders ; 19, Miss M. M. took repeated doses for a week; 20, Mrs. L. G. B., æt. thirty-eight years, took repeated doses ; 21, Mrs. C. D. R. took 1 grain at 7 P.M. (first day); same at 7 and 11 A.M. (second day); 22, C. I. L., æt. twenty-two years, took repeated doses for three days; 23, Mrs. J. H. Marshall, æt. thirtyseven years, took repeated doses ; 24, Mrs. F. H. took repeated doses ; 25, Miss S. W., æt. thirty-one years, took repeated doses.

Mind.-Great anguish, especially in the evening,".–Feel doleful (eighth day),'*. —Depressed (after 6 grains), !•x.- Very depressed (twentyfourth day),".--Hard work not to shed tears (twenty-third day),'. - Irritability,':-Very irritable (third day),19. —Cross about trifles," - Peculiar mental weakness and confusion,':-11190.] Ideas slow, confused; memory lost periodically,

Head.- Vertigo on slightest motion of head,':-Slight headache (after 5th powder),134. —General headache; pronounced in the region of the brain (third day), 3. — Terrible headache, similar to one described,':-Pressure in the head (third day),2.-Oppressive headache above eyes, with nausea,':Dull pain in frontal region fifteen minutes after 6 grains),!n. -Slight pain in the left temple (after third dose); pain in left temple much increased, and rapidly extending over the top and sides of the head, very excruciating in character; a continuous, dull, almost unbearable pain (after fourth and fifth dose),.—(Crazy feeling in right side of head, and steady pain in right orbital region. Can't study, head feels so badly; a sort of tired-out sensation in front and top of brain), (eighth day)," - [1200.] Sticking pain through right parietal region, in the evening (ninth day),". – Violent itching of the scalp for many days, 20.

Eye.-In eyes itching, smarting, burning, -Twitching of eyelids," Stiffness of eyelids, when moved (second day),20:— Nearsighted,".

Eur.-In ears ringing, humming, pressure,

Nose-Sneezing (first day),.-Fluent coryza (fifth day),19.—Coryza during the day (seventh day), :—[1210.] Watery discharge from the nose (after seventh dose), -I had a slight chronic catarrh before taking medicine, which has aggravated all the symptoms (twelfth day),".- Violent coryza,”.

Face.-Face pale,'.-Face worn-looking, ".--Aching in superior maxillary bones,"'.— Drawing tearing in facial bones,.—Twitching of upper lip,'. -Dry, cracked, swollen lips tenth day),".

Mouth.-Teeth, drawing and tearing pain; chronic looseness of the teeth; soreness of gums,":-(1220.] Fissure of the tongue, with vesicles around the edges, that smart as though burned (tenth day)," Tongue sore,':-Canker sore on inside of lip (tenth day),"o.-Alternate dryness of mouth, with salivation (sixteenth day),'.—Dryness of mouth, with thirst,







alternating with salivation (seventeenth day),'.-Secretion of viscid and thin watery saliva (sixteenth day),'-Taste bitter,"

Throat.--Throat slightly sore (second day),•.-Soreness in throat, with tickling (eighth day),'.- Pain in throat when swallowing,'.-[1230.) Raw feeling in posterior nares (thirteenth day),'". —Burning of fauces, with desire to cough (sixth day), *. -Difficult deglutition,

Stomach.-Chronic aversion to meat; very marked; appetite lost,". -Thirst, alternating with slight salivation (seventh day),'. --Sour, bitter eructations (after fifth dose),".—Heartburn, --Constant nausea, with trembling feeling,".-Felt sick in a few minutes, with eructations of wind (serenteenth day),'.-Bloating of stomach (fifth day),.—[1240.] The simplest food caused distress,'.— Feeling of goneness in stomach (after fourth dose),'.

— Tenderness of the stomach and a faint feeling, 20. — Hard sensation in the stomach, as though something were there that ought not to be; relieved by sour, bitter eructations (after fifth dose),.-Pressive pain in epigastric region (seventeenth day),".

Abdomen.-Pain in hypochondria, as if from a bruise.".-Pain in the region of the spleen, followed by a dull heavy ache, : -Abdomen bloated, in the evening (fourth day), -Symptoms of flatulency (after 3d powder), 31. — Fetid-smelling wind per rectum (first day),"; (eighth day),'.-(1250.] Passage of wind with a loose stool (fourth day),'.-Feeling of tight band around the waist; passes off at 8 o'clock, with discharge of very offensive flatus (second day),". -- Pressure and cramp in lower abdomen,'.

Rectum and Anus.-Piles protruding one-half inch and very sore; they troubled him about three days (after five days); never had them before, 6. —Painful beariog down in rectum and labia (third day),20.—Constriction of the rectum,20:—Pain in rectum during entire evening (second day),2.- Dragging pain in rectum (second day)," --Severe tenesius and pain,"

Stool.-Diarrheic stool, ending in a gushing watery evacuation (third day),'-[1260.] Loose stools, with tenesmus (second day), -Constipation, but with stool soft,".—Constipated (seventeenth day),"; (fourth day),""; (first day),". -Bowels constipated, with urgent desire to urinate, passing large quantities of pale urine (fifth day),".

Urinary Orgams.-Desire to urinate nearly all the time (seventh day), ".-Desire to urinate, with passage of a large quantity of pale urine (fourth day),".—Urine less and not so often, as is my habit,18. -Urine dimivished; frequent urging to urinate,':-Urine light, nearly colorless; urging to micturate (ninth dav),'.—Much sediment in urine (third day),0.

Sexual Organ8.-[1270.) Os to touch is unusually open (twenty: fourth day),'.-Contraction of genital organs (third day), '3 - Wretched nervous feeling originating in uterine region and culminating in the inner thighs; lasting through the evening (seventh day)," – Feeling of weight in uterus and right ovary, and nervous, fiilgety feeling extending down right thigh (eighth day); heaviness in uterus (ninth day),'-:- Feeling as though menses would appear (fifth day),14. -Character of leucorrhea changed from an acrid greenish yellowish-white to the color of albumen streaked with milk (second day): -Menses appeared, preceded by several quite sharp pains through uterus (seventh day),'.- Very profuse flowing (eighth and ninth days),"". - Menses increased in quantity, thin and pale,".

- Menses delayed or were very slight, three or four days, then unusual amount of pain and profuse flow. Menses appeared withont premonitory state of discomfort, lasted less time than usual (after three weeks),?.







[1280.] Clots in menstrual flow, which is thicker than usual (first day),.. -No membrane in menstrual flow (third day),'.

Respiratory Organs.-Can bear no pressure on thyroid gland (fifth day), -Hacking cough raising a little white tasteless mucus from throat (second day),.—(Cough quite improved; have less collection of mucus),--Respiration increased, 32 ou lying down (second day), **. --Stopping of breath,

Chest.- Oppression in lungs and heart," :-Lungs and throat feel raw, as if they had been scraped (after seventh dose),.- A hot constricted feeling in the chest, causing dyspnea and a dry short cough; very much troubled for breath; passed off in about an hour (fourteenth day),': —[1290.] Sticking pain in chest (third day),2o.

Heart and Pulse.- Palpitation, ':-Palpitation marked (fifth day),". --Heart's action disturbed (fifth day),". — Throbbing of heart relieved for a few minutes, by taking a deep breath (sixth day),.-Could feel distinctly the pulsation of the heart (third day),22—Heart seemed to stop beating at night (first day),".-Decrease of pulse, with tendency to intermit,".

Neck and Back.-Paivful stiffness from veck down entire spinal column,': --Posterior cervical muscles painful to touch (fitteenth day),.. [1300.) Pressure between shoulderblades (seventh and ninth days),'. -Pressure between scapulæ on rising (eighth day),'.-Pain along the spine (fifteenth day),"".-Sharp stitch in lumbar region (after two bours and ten minutes),'. -Pressure on sacral region continues, though slight (ninth day),".

Extremities.-Rheumatic pains and lameness; worse in arms and thighs,

Superior E.ctremities.- A continuous, rather sharp pain in right shoulder, worse on motion; two hours and a half later can scarcely move right shoulder, because of a knifelike pain from shoulder through to chest (third day),'. — Feeling as if the wrists were too short, numb, and “ go to sleep all the time,''.

Inferior Extremities.- Tired around hips and sacrum (eighth day),.-Continuous tingling in Scarpa's triangle of left leg in place of old abscess (tenth day), ".--[1310.] Lame feeling in region of sciatic notch (deep), while standing and walking, more on right side than left; lameness extends across sacrum (sixth day),'.—Knees stiff and“ going to sleep all the time,"5. -Creeping pains in knees (sixth day),'. - Legs tired, especially the calves (fourth day),.-Aching of' tibia about its middle, 20.-Feet grew tender and were swollen,"?:-Numbness of feet,".- Pains in the great toe (third day),".

Generalities.-Restlessness,". — Very restless, *. -[1320:] Anguish in all the vital organs,'.-General lassitude (after fourth dose),'.—General weak and faint condition of body, especially in the morning, preventing rising till late,'.

Skin.-Alarming numbness in all the external parts,':-Formication all over,.-Skin burning,

Sleep.--Drowsy (second day),4.–Very drowsy in the day; falling asleep very late at night; frequent starting in sleep, with strange fancies, etc,.-Sleepy (tenth day), 4.-Sleepy at 2.30 PM. (sixth day),"! [1330.] Sleeplessness (eighth and ninth days),10.—Half awake all night, and a woke in the morning feeling tired, cross, sleepy, my mouth having a peculiar feeling, as though painted or covered over with something, and tasting, as near as I can describe, as one's mouth does when having the measles

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(first day), -Sleep full of dreams of hard work,20-Horrid dreams (fifth dav),"

Fever.--Chilliness, with flashes of heat,'-Chilly feeling (fifth day), Very cold (first day); cold, obliged to sit beside the fire (second night), Very cold feet, 16 11-Feet cold in a warm room (sixth day),'.—Feet feel like ice and feel damp (ninth day),"—[1340.) Feet feel as though dipped in cold water (eighth day)," - Hot flushed face (third day), -Burning heat in left foot (sixth day)," --Feet quite moist,"?


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Authorities. 48, G. W. Harrison, Lancet, 1868 (2), p. 133, a woman, æt. forty-three years, took a quantity of crude ; 49, Dr. Jas. S. Houston, Phil. Med. and Surg. Rep., vol. xxii, 1870, p. 32, a man, æt. thirty-two years, swallowed over an ounce, death ; 50, W. E. Taylor, M.D., Phil. Med. Times, May, 1872, p. 284, T. R., æt. twenty-three years, took about au ounce; 51, Dr. Cowling, Am. Pract., vol. vii, 1873, p. 315, a woman, æt. sixty years, took a tablespoonful; 52, F. Warren, New Remedies, vol. iv, 1875, p. 367, a man drank a solution ; 53, Dr. Davidson, Med. Times and Gaz., 1875 (2), p. 597, a man, cet. forty-seven years, swallowed 4 ounces crude; 54, Dr. Woodman, Med. Times and Gaz., 1875 (2), p. 421, a child, æt. seven years, drank some crude; 55, J. E. Shaw, Lancet, 1875 (2), p. 451, a woman, æt. thirty-seven years, took 50 grams in linseed oil (1 to 10); 56, M. Wiart (L'Aimie Med., October, 1876), N. Y. Med. Journ., vol. xxv, 1877, p. 211, Malle. X., æt. forty-three years, swallowed 10 granis of a strong solution ; 57, C. M. Worthington, N.D., N. 0. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1876, p. 168, a child, æt. two years, drank some; 58, G. William Semple, M.D., Virginia Med. Month., May, 1877, p. 138, a lady, æt. fifty years, swallowed two teaspoonfuls; 59, A. H. Z., 2, 1877 (Hom. World, vol. xii, 1877, p. 467), a lady took 10 grams of concentrated solution ; 60, C. A. Norton, M.D., Pub. Mass. Hom. Soc., vol. iv, p. 285, accidental proring: 61, Dr. C. P. Putpam, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xcis, 1878, p. 406, three-fourths of a solution, containing two teaspoonfuls of liquid crystals, were injected into the rectum of a boy æt. four years; 62, S. H. Dessau, M.D., Med. Record, April 13th, 1878, p. 289, a child, æt. two years and a half, swallowed about a tablespoonful; 63, Dr. Oberst (Berlin, Klin. Woch.), Lond. Med. Rec., 1878, p. 219, a man, æt. thirty-two years, swallowed about 5} ounces of five per cent. watery solution ; 64, Dr. Rheinstädler, Deutsche Med. Woch., April

, 13th (Lond. Med. Rec., 1878, p. 219), a woman, æt. thirty-one years, after removal of a large fibrous tumor from the uterus, injected daily a one per cent. solution into the wound; 65, W. H. Packer, M.D., Lancet, 1878 (2), p. 511, a woman, æt. twenty-nine years, swallowed some; 66, T. L. Wright, M.D., Cincin. Lancet and Ohs., 1878, N. S., vol. I, p. 68, poisoning of a man, æt. fitty years, from the injection of Carbolic acid into a hæmorrhoidal tumor.

While sitting in my room writing I was annoyed by flies. I bad, just be fore me, a bottle of Calvert's Carbolic acid in crystals. The idea suggested itself to prepare a strong solution, and place it on the desk before me, thinking the odor would banish the flies. The smell of the acid was disagreeable to me at first, but it was successful in ridding the room of flies. I continued to write for about half an hour, when I began to feel faint. More especially did I feel this faintness at the stomach. My head was not affected at first, but in about ten minutes after the faintness came on, my head began to feel as if it was inflated like a ball. The greatest pressure seemed to be in the temples. It seemed me that if I could turn my eyes sideways, I should see my temples sticking out. (Prominent symptom.) There was no pain at first in the head, but this peculiar pressure from the inside, which resembled pain, was not exacty unpleasant, because it was so strangely novel. I would often stop writing and shake my head, which would seem to increase the pressure, merely for the gratification of the peculiar feeling it afforded me. In about an hour from the time I prepared the acid, the faintness had become so general that I was obliged to stop writing. I attempted to rise, when I found my legs so weak that I could with difficulty stand. The moment I attempted to rise, the sensation in my head was so peculiar that I could not refrain from laughing. I soou felt serious, as the faintness obliged me to sit down. My mind, which before I mixed the acid, had been rather sluggish, now seemed to be teeming with delightful ideas, which came much faster than I could give them shape in words. I attempted to use my pen again, but found my arms so weak that I could not trace a line. I had not, as yet, thought what produced my strange feelings, and I attempted to analyze them. I became alarmed. I got up, and with some difficulty I went to another room. The moment I stood on my feet I seemed to lose all feeling, except in the head. That seemed to be increased to ten times its natural size, and the best description I can give of my difficult walk to my friend's room is, that I lost all realization that I possessed a body, and that my head seemed to float in the air. Arriving at the room, I found no one there ; I lay down on the lounge and soon began to feel better. The strange symptoms abated in the order in which they came on; first the weakness of the stomach grew less, then the head seemed to grow smaller, and my active brain became more calm and quiet. I remained lying about twenty minutes, then got up and walked to my room again. I still felt weak, and had a dull aching distress in the stomach, my head still feeling somewbat giddy. The moment I opened the door of my room, the odor of the acid forced itself upon me as the cause of

my trouble; I at once threw the solution out of the window, opened the doors and windows, and aired the room. I was now called to tea. As soon as I entered the dining-room it seemed as if I could smell everything on the table, even the bread and butter. The moment my eye rested on a thing I could smell it, even at the farther end of the table. This sense of smell seemed to satisty my appetite, and I ate but a small piece of bread, excused myself, and retired to my room. I soon had a desire to go to the water-closet. The moment I entered it, it seemed as if I should be overpowered with the stench. I could not remain, but went back to my room. The water-closet was no more foul than ordinary water-closets, but it was half an hour before I ceased to smell that peculiar sickening odor. I seemed rather inclined to smile at my strange feelings. I was in a happy frame of mind, thinking only of pleasant things. I lay down on the bed, and had it not been for the distress in my stomach, should have been quite happy. This distress was worse when lying on eitheir side, but was easier when lying upon the back, with my legs drawn up. In this position I fell asleep, and remained so till some one aroused me. I found that I had slept about two bours and a half. I had had po dreams, but should judge that my sleep had been very uneasy, as my bed was very much disarranged. It seemed as if I had been all over it; in fact, I was lying across it when I awoke. The distress in my stomach had now given way to a deathly

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