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ing into back between shoulders (second day),121.–Violent pain in the stomach, bowels, kidneys, and bladder; a constant desire to make water; and a burning heat in the throat,". -Soon complained of lancinating pains of the stomach, burning of the throat, and great nausea. In two hours, violent retching succeeded, and the vomited matters were streaked with blood; they consisted, however, chiefly of frothy mucus. Next morning the pains continued, accompanied with cold clammy sweats, difficulty of swallowing, and in the evening, salivation. The mucus expectorated was of a pink color. Strangury supervened and continued for six days, "6. Flatulency, which when belched up gave temporary relief (first day), 12 Rumbling in the bowels (first day),"21. -Severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen, thence extending into the lumbar region, but most intense just above the pubis. Some pausea, but no pain in the stomach,''': - About midnight he was seized with strong desire to urinate. In spite of all his efforts he could pass only a few drops of scalding urine, attended with severe pain throughout the length of the urethra, especially at the meatus, wbere he had a sensation like that of the pricking of pins. These symptoms became worse, and they were attended with priapism and severe pain in the genito-urinary organs, as well as in the lumbar region, and with intense thirst. At 9 A.M., he was much agitated, crying out and very restless. The eyes were injected and lustrous, the pupils dilated, and the countenance animated. The pulse was small and frequent. There was nausea with intense thirst. There was the most acute pain in the urethra, rendered much worse when with great difficulty some drops of uripe were expelled. The desire to micturate was incessant, and an acute state of nervous erethism was produced. Only a very small quantity of urine could be discharged; and this was thick and bloody. The abdomen was retracted and sensitive to pressure, especially in the hypogastric region, where the slightest touch produced acute pain. Pain was also felt in the lumbar region, owing to the kidneys being affected, and this pain extended downwards to the perineum. The catheter brought away a small quantity of thick bloody urine, containing albumen in marked proportion," [1670.] He went to dinner at 6 P.M. (after half an hour), but had little or no appetite, and about 8.30 went to his room suffering ch pain in his abdomen and in the region of the bladder. The first and most prominent symptom was an excruciating burning before passing water, which was jncreased as the water left the bladder. About 9 he commenced to have the most excruciating pain in his bladder, with the continual desire to pass his water, which could only be pressed out in drops, but often bloody, and sometimes small clots would pass through the urethra, producing so much ayony that he came near fainting on several occasions. About the same time his bowels moved several times, the passage being loose and without pain, except as the last fæces passed from the rectum, when he would experience some pain and straining, which soon extended to the bladder, bringing on the most painful tenesmus, which was but little relieved when one or two drops of bloody urine passed. At 2 A.m. he complained mostly of a tearing-boring pain immediately over the region of the right kidney ; it was painful for hiin to lie in any position, but when his back was bent in, he felt more comfortable. At times he said the pain was most acute, and he would groan fearfully under the agony; this would last for several moments, when a short period of comparative ease would ensue, only to be succeeded by the old pain. This acute pain did not remain entirely localized to the region of the kidney, but followed the direction of the

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ureters. The desire to urinate was somewhat better, still every ten or fifteen minutes he would seize the chamber, and under the greatest agony pass sometimes one-half ounce of urine without any appreciable appearance of blood, when probably the next time he would pass urine the first drop seemed to be almost pure blood. It was as the last drops passed the sphincter vesicae that the pain amounted to torture, aud though a young man of courage, his self-possession would forsake him, and his face betrayed what his sufferings were,121. -Burning feeling in and near orifice of urethra when passing water, and occasionally also when perfectly quiet ; in the morning noticed the parts were slightly glued together (fourth day),2.-The amount of urine passed this morning was four ounces; its color when held up to the ligbt was a reddish brown, showing the presence of a small amount of blood. Neutral on test. On adding Nit. ac., also when heated, albumen was precipitated in abundance, amounting perhaps to iu per cent. The presence of albumen was found to be caused by the large quantity of blood in the urine. Under the microscope a very large number of blood-corpuscles, occasionally pus-corpuscles, epithelia of bladder, and spheroidal cells from the tubuli uriniferi and pelvis of kidney were to be found. The epithelia from the bladder were more numerous than those from the kidney. There was some mucus, with which the blood-corpuscles seemed to be intimately mixed. There were no crystals, no casts. The deposit at the bottom of the vessel, after standing some little time, was considerable (first day). Urine pale yellow. Reaction alkaline. Albumen present, but in less quantity. Under the microscope there was a diminution of the bloodcorpuscles, and epithelia from the bladder. The cells from the pelvis and kidney had diminished some in number (third day). Urine light yellow, much deposit, reaction alkaline. Albumen much decreased. Microscope shows a marked diminution of blood-corpuscles, a diminished number of cells from kidney and epithelia of bladder. On the other hand there was much mucus, intermixed with large quantities of urates, and some crystals of carbonate of ammonia (fifth day). Urive alkaline; no albumen; no blood corpuscles. Increase of mucus, urates, and epithelia of bladder, and an exceptional cell from kidney (eighth day). Urine alkaline, much sediment. Large quantities of mucus, with epithelia of bladder, and an exceptional cell from pelvis of kidney (thirteenth day). Urine varied frequently in appearance now, sometimes being quite clear; this was more marked toward morning, whereas towards noon it would be quite cloudy. Color of urine passed in office decidedly more natural. Alkaline, large quavtities of mucus, urates, epithelia from bladder, and crystals of carbonate of ammonia (nineteenth day),"21.

Heart and Pulse.-Pulse accelerated, 92 ; skin hot (after nine days),171

Generalities.- Nervous, constantly threw himself about in bed, and could not sleep (second day), 21. — Alter two hours and a half she was suffering much from burning pain and constriction in the throat; her eyeballs were prominent; her lips and mouth were parched and bleached (blistered). She was salivating, retching, and vomiting a glairy tenacious mucus; her topgue was also bleached along the sides and tip; but was blackish brown in the centre, and much swollen. The breathing was very irregular and imperfect, sometimes quick, sometimes slow, and at great intervals. The pulse at the wrist was 1ull and bounding; the vessels of the head and neck were much congested. The poor creature appeared to be suffering great agony, as was indicated by her expression of countenance, and the throwing about of her arms and body in her endeavors to obtain relief. Vomiting was free, and the patient complained much of pain in the gullet, and great difficulty in swallowing. Seven hours after the poisoning she complained of pain over the bladder, uterus, and kidneys, especially severe over the hypogastrium. She passed a restless night; she frequently tried to urinate, but ineffectually, only passing a little blood instead of urine. The bowels acted slightly, the motion being black and tarry-looking. The pulse was now small and compressible; she died in twenty-one hours and a half after the poisoning. The post-mortem showed in the posterior and upper surface of the stomach, three inches from the pyloric end, a perforation sufficiently large for a small hen's egg to pass through ; the edges of the perforation were ragged, congested, and blackened, and the mucous membrane for two inches on each side was congested and blackened, and the mucous surface of the stomach and lower end of the gullet generally in a blackened and softened state, and coated with a black grumous natter," --Almost immediately seized with violent heat of the urine, heat in the throat, and pain in the head. These symptoms increased, and were followed by excessive sickness. Eight hours after the accident he passed a quantity of blood from the urethra, with excessive paid,"13.

Skiit.-Brownish-yellowish appearance of skin (fifth day),121,



Authority. 12, Dr. Högyes, Archiv. für Exper. Path. und Pharm., 9, 122, five hours after dinner I took in a capsule 0.1 cc.

In about ten minutes I experienced eructations, which at first were odorless, afterwards had a taste of pepper. At the same time there was a slight but not disagreeable sensation of warmth in the stomach, which extended through the esophagus to the fauces, followed by frequent eructations, sensation of warmth amounting to slight heartburn, after which the eructations became burning. Later there were rumbling and Hatus in the bowels. After an hour the symptoms disappeared, the sensation of warmth in the epigastric region ceased. The next morning I had a rather sofr stool which glimmered slightly, followed for a short time by burning warmth in the abus.

Au assistant took 0.2 cc. He experienced the same sensation of warmth in the epigastrium, finally becoming a violent burning, followed by inclination to vomit, and general sick feuling. After half an hour, violent rumbling in the bowels, with juclination to stool, relieved by emission of flatus,"

CARBO VEGETABILIS. Authorities. 5, G. Nelson Smith, M.D., Am. Journ. of Hom. Mat. Med., vol. v, New Ser., 1876, p. 183, Mrs. Dr. J. L. C. began with eating bits of charcoal for “heartburn,” and to "sweeten the stomach,” but latterly she had been in the habit of triturating it to an impalpable powder, and taking about one half of a teaspoonful two or three times a day; (6 to 25, Conrad Wesselhæft. M.D., Tranz. Am. Inst. of Hom., 1877, p. 119); 6, E. E. Holman took eight doses of 3d trit. in one day; 7, L. W. Todd took one dose of 3.1 trit. ; 8, Mrs. F. H. Stanford took repeated grain doses of 1st trit. for six days; 9, same, took repeated doses of 21 trit. for nineteen days; 10, R. R. Trotter took repeated doses of 1st trit. for twelve days; 11, J. A. Marshall took repeated doses of 1st trit. for five days, then after an interval of four days for five days more ; 12, Mrs. H. H. Cobb took repeated doses of 1st trit.; 13, S. J. Aldrich, æt. forty years, took 2 powders (first day); 3 powders (second day); 4 powders (third day); 13 a, same, took 5 powders at intervals; 14, M. Mason took repeated doses of 1st and 2d trit. for ten days; 15, Mrs. F.J. M. Whitcomb took 4 powders of 1st trit. in one day ; 15 a, same, took 3d trit. repeated doses ; 15b, same, took 1st trit. 4 grains twice; 16, S. M. W., a young man, took 3d trit., repeated doses, for five days; 17, W. B. W. took 3d trit. without effect, afterwards took 4 grains 1st trit., morning and poon; 18, Mrs. M. D. Crane, æt. sixtytwo years, had a cough caused by cold, took several powders; 19, Miss M. M. took repeated doses for a week'; 20, Mrs. L. G. B., æt. thirty-eight years, took repeated doses ; 21, Mrs. C. D. R. took 1 grain at 7 P.M. (first day); same at 7 and 11 A.M. (second day); 22, C. I. L., æt. twenty-two years, took repeated doses for three days; 23, Mrs. J. H. Marshall, æt. thirtyseven years, took repeated doses; 24, Mrs. F. H. took repeated doses; 25, Miss S. W., æt. thirty-one years, took repeated doses.

Mind.-Great anguish, especially in the evening,". - Feel doleful (eighth day),': - Depressed (after 6 grains),l«. — Very depressed (twentyfourth day),':-Hard work not to shed tears (twenty-third day),'. -- Irritability,':-Very irritable (third day),"". —Cross about trifles, 20. — Peculiar mental weakness and confusion,.— 1190.] Ideas slow, confused ; memory lost periodically,

Head.- Vertigo on slightest motion of head, ".-Slight headache (after 5th powder),13a.—General headache; pronounced in the region of the brain (third day),'?: – Terrible headache, similar to one described,':-Pressure in the head (third day),. -Oppressive headache above eyes, with pausea,':Dull pain in frontal region (fifteen minutes after 6 grains),162. -Slight pain in the left temple (after third dose); pain in left temple much increased, and rapidly extending over the top and sides of the head, very excruciating in character; a continuous, dull, almost unbearable pain (after fourth and fifth dose),—(Crazy feeling in right side of head, and steady pain in right orbital region. Can't study, head feels so badly; a sort of tired-out sensation in front and top of brain), (eighth day)," : —[1200.] Sticking pain through right parietal region, in the evening (ninth day),14 –Violeut itching of the scalp for many days, .

Eye.-In eyes itching, smarting, burning,': - Twitching of eyelids, ".Stiffness of eyelids, when moved (second day),”: - Nearsighted,”.

Ear.-In ears ringing, humming, pressure,'.

Nose, Sneezing (first day),.-Fluent coryza (fifth day),'.-Coryza during the day (seventh day),.—[1210.] Watery discharge from the nose (after seventh dose),.—I had a slight chronic catarrh before taking medicine, which has aggravated all the symptoms (twelfth day),'.— Violent coryza,23.

Face.-Face pale, ".-Face worn-looking, 25. ---Aching in superior maxillary bones, 20:— Drawing tearing in facial bones,".—Twitching of upper lip,'. --Dry, cracked, swollen lips (tenth day),".

Mouth.-Teeth, drawing and tearing pain ; chronic looseness of the teeth ; soreness of gums, :—[1220.] Fissure of the tougue, with vesicles around the edges, that smart as though burned (tenth day),". — Tongue sore,':--Canker sore on inside of lip (tenth day),"" - Alternate dryness of mouth, with salivation (sixteenth day),'.-Dryness of mouth, with thirst,

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alternating with salivation (seventeenth day),.-Secretion of viscid and thin watery saliva (sixteenth day),'.—Taste bitter,".

Throat.--Throat slightly sore second day), -Soreness in throat, with tickling (eighth day),'.- Pain in throat when swallowing," :-[1230.] Raw feeling in posterior nares (thirteenth day),10.- Burning of fauces, with desire to cough (sixth day),.-Difficult deglutition,

Stomach.-Chronic aversion to meat; very marked; appetite lost,". - Thirst, alternating with slight salivation (seventh day),'.—Sour, bitter eructations (after fifth dose),.—Heartburn,':--Constant nausea, with trembling feeling,".-Felt sick in a few minutes, with eructations of wind (ser. enteenth day),'.--Bloating of stomach (fifth day), -[1240.] The simplest food caused distress,".- Feeling of goneness in stomach (after fourth dose),.

- Tenderness of the stomach and a faint feeling, 20:—Hard sensation in the stomach, as though something were there that ought not to be; relieved by sour, bitter eructations (after fifth dose),'.-Pressive pain in epigastric region (seventeenth day),".

Abdomen.-Pain in hypochondria, as if from a bruise.'.—Pain in the region of the spleen, followed by a dull heavy ache, 5. —Abdomen bloated, in the evening (fourth day),.-Symptoms of flatulency (after 3d powder),13a. — Fetid-smelling wind per rectum (first day),8; (eighth day),':[1250.] Passage of wind with a loose stool (fourth day),'.- Feeling of tight band around the waist ; passes off at 8 o'clock, with discharge of very offensive flatus (second day),". -Pressure and cramp in lower abdomen,

Rectum and Anus.--Piles protruding one-half inch and very sore; they troubled him about three days (after five days); never had them before, 16. —Painful bearing down in rectum and labia (third day),: -Constriction of the rectum,. —Pain in rectum during entire evening (second day),*.--Dragging pain in rectum (second day)," --Severe tenesmus aud pain,"

Stool.-Diarrheic stool, ending in a gushing watery evacuation (third day),*-[1260.) Lonse stools, with tenesmus (second day),*.-Constipation, but with stool soft,':--Constipated (seventeenth day),"; (fourth day),"; (first day),".—Bowels constipated, with urgent desire to urinate, passing large quantities of pale urine (fifth day),".

Urinary Organs.-Desire to urinate nearly all the time (seventh day);': - Desire to urinate, with passage of a large quantity of pale urine (fourth day),".—Urine less and not so often, as is my habit,19 - Crine di. minished; frequent urging to uripate,'.-Urine light, nearly colorless ; urging to micturate (ninth dav),'.—Much sediment in urine (third day),".

Sexual Organs.-[1270.] Os to touch is unusually open (twenty: fourth day),'.-Contraction of genital organs (third day)," : -Wretched nervous feeling originating in uterine region and culminating in the inder thighs; lasting through the evening (seventh day),':-Feeling of weight in uterus and right ovary, and nervous, fidgety feeling extending down right thigh (eighth day); heaviness in uterus (pinth day)," - Feeling as though menses would appear (fifth day),14: -Character of leucorrhea changed from an acrid greenish yellowish-white to the color of albumen streaked with milk (second day);": -Menses appeared, preceded by several quite sharp pains through uterus (seventh day),'. -Very profuse flowing (eighth and ninth days),"9: — Menses increased in quantity, thin and pale," -Menses delayed or were very slight, three or four days, then unusual amount of pain and profuse flow. Menses appeared withont premonitory state of discomfort, lasted less time than usual (after three weeks),"? –

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