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ing in the head, sensation of coldness and numbness in the extremities, which are cold to the touch, and an indefinite feeling of melancholy and uneasiness ; occasional starts, without any visible cause, like those of electric shocks ; pulse 96. Playing on the piano, performed by one of those present, produced a magical effect; it seemed as if the sounds were wafted from a great distance, that every sound had its peculiar life, a special tulness and expressiveness ; the sounds seemed to come with fearful rapidity from an endless distance, and to be reflected imniediately in the ear; in a word, an ordinary performance seemed equal to that of some eminent pianist, and I thought myself a refined and profound connoisseur, calmly enjoying the playing of some distinguished musician. 8.10, pulse 104, full; the sensation of heat in the head and pricking in the temples increased ; I seemed to hear a loud noise, like that of a waterfall; suddenly the nature of the noise changed, and it seemed to proceed from a number of vehicles driving in the street; then again the noise became like what is heard at the close of a performance at a theatre, the rumbling of vehicles, shouts of men, all combining into one general roar; these sounds suddenly disappeared, and give place to the booming of cannon, and reports of guns at a maneuvre. I cut these sensations short by the force of my will, and took a quick turn in the room. I felt a violent thirst. After drinking a glass of water, I sat down on the sofa, and closed my eyes at 8.30. Scarcely had I done so, when I felt a remarkable buoyancy and flexibility in all my body; before my eyes appeared a whole series of variously-tinted luminous figures, rapidly vanishing; their shapes being in the highest degree undefined ; then appeared a row of more or less well-defined shapes. The most varied and most luxuriant pictures of nature ever seen by me in reality or in drawings, transported me into a magical world; I thought I was in some virgin forests of South America, then in some cities of Switzerland, and then amidst the ocean, and again amongst heaps of ice and snow, etc. An entire series of reminiscences of childhood, the faces of friends and acquaintances, and the faces (known to me by portraits) of authors, savants, poets, politicians, etc., all these became blended in my head, presenting a kind of phantasmagoria, and the most variegated picture. 'All these sensations passed rapidly and distinctly before me, and I felt so enraptured that I begged to be allowed to plunge into this fantastic world, and to leave off dictating my feelings. This state lasted till 9.20. During this time those who were present observed that my face was hot, red, and moist; pulse 108. On my recovery, I got up with the intention of walking across the room, but noticed that my gait was unsteady, and that I was swerving to the left, and that the upper and lower extremities of my left side were benumbed. I drank a little water and wine. At 9.45 I experienced sharp and occasionally shooting pains in the loins and in the region of the kidneys. These pains, as well as a feeling of nausea, made my state very uncomfortable; I endeavored to induce vomiting by tickling the root of the tongue, but did not succeed. It was nearly midnight when I sat down to supper, and ate with a great appetite. At 1 A.m. I went to bed, and my first sensation was that I was flying from an enormous rock into a fearful and dark abyss. I fell asleep at once, and slept very soundly. It was 11.30 A.M. when I awoke, with a feeling of heaviness in the head, with full remembrance of the previous day, and a sensation of emptiness and incapacity for thought. Whatever I did appeared endlessly long; my words, and the conversation of others, seemed too prolonged, whereas in reality it appeared that I spoke as usual. I went out into the street to take an airing, but the farther I went the more it seemed to me that I was walking a very long time, and that the houses and people were all flying away from ine. Making an effort over myself, I took the first vehicle and drove back home. On my arrival, I at once lay down and slept till evening. On awaking I felt much livelier. The urine which I had collected during the experiment had a peculiar odor, something like that of Canvabis indica. During the day, according to my own observation, as well as that of others, my face was exceedingly pale, the pupils dilated, the expression that of great illness. It was only on the next day that I was able to take to my ordinary occupations,“-Great weight about the head, followed by irresistible bursts of laughter, during which, however, perfectly conscious of all that he was doing, and felt, and thought. He says: “I was astonished by the crowd of brilliant and novel fancies and ideas that rushed through my brain, returning over and over again. Imagination and perception were developed to their fullest extent. All the principal incidents of my life passed before me like a flash. This condition of mind lasted two hours. Dreams and reveries of the most pleasing character filled this extraordinary tension of the intellectual faculties. Then came a deep calm sleep, which terminated this singular fit or mental hallucination," —They saw several lunatics in Cairo Hospital who had lost their reason from the use of Hasheesh,.-[900.] They were without provocation seized with a paroxysm of frenzy, and killed and wounded several ou board the ship,“? - Loss of sense of existence of his own body; he seemed suspended in the air; transformed into a cylinder or sphere; he seemed to see a yellow color like the color of chromate of lead over everything, changing to violet and green, . -Hallucinations, 38. —Excited, loquacious, and gay,'.-Involuntary cries, ".- Very vivacious talking was the first symptom,.-Incoherent speech, 36 —Constant talking and laughing,sø — Incoherent loquacity,56.-Loss of memory, 55. — [910.) The action was powerfully narcotic; he felt all the symptoms of intoxication,“9. — Attacks of lethargy, with an unconscious stage, 3. —Loss of consciousness of the centre of gravity, and seeming as if on the point of falling,".

Head. The peculiar sensation of giddiness produced by it is increased by walking about, and subsides during rest," —Whirling in the head, Heaviness of the head, 56 57 58 —Tension and heaviness of the head,» . -Tension in the head, 4.-Sensation of tension in the brain, 54 57.—Pressure in the temples,

Eye.-[920.) Eyes brilliant (after one hour), -Eyes injected, 54 5558. -Divergent squint,sv. —Prickling in the margins of the lids,57 — Lachrymation,52 51 58 —Conjunctivitis,". ---Conjunctiva red,$ 57.-Pupils dilated (after one hour),56 57 58 - Vision confused,

Face.-Face congested, 56. —-[930.] The face became red, with efforts to vomit,»»— Trembling of the lips,*. -Constriction of the jaws,58. — It seemed to him as if he must forcibly compress the jaws,*".

Mouth.— Tongue dry,54 - Tongue dry, covered with dry mucus, 4.Mouth dry,53 68 - Dryness of the mouth and throat, 54.

Throat.-Dryness of the throat,88 55, etc.-Sensation of devouring fire in the pharynx and æsophagus, 3.-—[940.] Burcing in the throat on inspiring air,53

Stomach.–Nausea, 3.-Nausea and efforts to vomit after eating, 6.
Stool.- Next day bowels did not act,62.
Respiratory Organs.-Respiration rapid," —Dyspnea,"
Chest.-Sensation of constriction in the chest, 54.


54 56

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Heart and Pulse.-Palpitation, 54 57 - Intense palpitation of the heart," - Pulse 109 (before taking); 140 (after one hour); 32 (after three hours),- [950.) Pulse 80, regular (before taking); became very rapid, 130, and irregular; afterwards small, contracted, 5-Pulse 75 (before tak ing); ran up to 120, became small and irregular, 54. - Pulse 70 and regular (on taking); 115 (after one hour), -Pulse 78, regular (before taking); afterwards 120,57 - Pulse 72 (before taking); rose to 125, and became irregular,58

Neck and Back.-Rigidity of the nape of the neck,.- Beating in the nape of the neck,57

Extremities.—Contractions of the arms and legs,-Sensation of stiffness in the limbs, -Trembling of the arms,.-[960.] Incoördination of the movements of the lower limbs,69:- Involuntary contractions of the tendons of the feet,-3.

Generalities.-Trembling on moving either the bands or feet, — Muscular feebleness, 52 55 58 --General lassitude, 97.

Fever.-Frequent general shuddering, -Extremities cold, s, etc.Chilliness in the limbs, 1.--Pyrexia,"-Skin dry and hot, -[970.j Heat of the face, 54




Authorities. 19, Andrew Robertson, Pharm. Journ., vol. vi, 1846, p. 72, quotes Mr. Bartlett, a young man took a small dose of the extract; 20, Wm. F. Daniell, M.D., Pharm. Journ., vol. ix, 1850, p. 364, effects of smoking Dakka; 21, Obs. sur Le Chauvre Indigene, by Prosper Albert, Strasbourg, 1859, the author took 3 grams of the alcoholic extract of the leaves an hour after eating; 22, ibid., a girl, aged twenty-five years, took 200 grams of the extract of the leaves; 23, ibid., the author, at another time, took 3 grams of the extract; 24, ibid., M. L., took the extract; 25, ibid., M. L., took 2 grams; 26, ibid., M. L., took 6 grams of the alcoholic extract; 27, ibid., the author took 4 grams of the extract.

Mind.- First seemed very animated with a congested face, with great loquacity, inclining the head to the right and left," -Great agitation, Became almost violent, when he assumed a very sad, preoccupied air, Gesticulations, 9.--Spasmodic gestures,—[470.] She rose up and spun around on one foot and began to walk,"?- Disposition to laugh, *.-Constant laughter mingled with cries,"2:—Whistling and singing,"1 –Great loquacity,.-Constant murmuring of unintelligible words, *2 - At first she seemed very much preoccupied,”. —Great sadness after the experiment,*-.Upon the subsidence of temporary excitement, the party experiences all those soothing sensations of ease and comfort, with that pleasing languor stated to constitute the potent charm that renders it in such universal request. If the inhaling process is carried beyond this stage, inebriation shortly supervenes,. — 480.] The action was that of a powerful narcotic. He felt all the symptoms of intoxication,''.— I seemed to lose consciousness of the existence of my limbs, a sensation compared to that when under the influence of chloroform, without complete loss of consciousness,". —She weut into a comatose state, which lasted four hours,"?.

Head.-Vertigo was the first symptom," :-My head seemed to describe a circular movement, which propagated itself to the whole body, so that I fell to the ground,":- Whirling in the head,26: – Head heavy,%. -Great heaviness of the head,??:—Heaviness of the head, and headache after the


experiment, * -Sensation of dulness in the head like pressure,"? —[490.] Tension in the head," - Pains on the top of the head,".--Compression of the temples,"

Eye-Eyes injected," 25.- Eyes injected and very brilliant," - Heat and prickling in the external angles of the eyes,”: _Suffused eyes, 90.Pupils dilated,“-Pupils greatly dilated,??.—Pupils dilated, sensitive to light,":—[500.] On aitempting to write, I found that the characters made with the pen were exceedingly fine, 97.—Sense of a flame playing in front of the eyes,

Ear.-Loud singing in the ears, 27,

Face. - Became very pale, and fell down prostrated,". — Flushed face, ** * -Stupid expression,25 - Grimaces, as in chorea,” - Efforts to laugh,.-Contractions of the muscles of the face,2-Spasmodic contraction of the jaws,".

Mouth.-[510.] Mouth dry,-Mouth and throat dry,26.

Throat.Dryness of the pharynx,.-Swallowing became difficult on account of absence of saliva; it was impossible to eat,.

Stomach.-Ate with unusual avidity, in fact, like a glutton; after the meal she had an appearance of astonishment, and looked at persons about her with a strange expression,”? – Nausea,??.—At last nausea and profuse vomiting, *.-Heaviness in the epigastrium,".

Urinary Organs.-Frequent efforts to urinate,??. — Difficult, profuse mieturition,

Respiratory Organs.-[520.] As the too frequent employment of this plant must induce considerable bronchial irritation, with repeated attacks of pulmonary congestion and inflammation, emaciation as a necessary sequence gradually ensues, while a premature decrepitude of frame, conjoined with serious organic affections of the lungs, insidiously steals onward, and under the mask of phthisis finally terminates the existence of the victim,20. — Violent paroxysms of coughing, 20. — Respiration rapid, 25 26 27 -Respiration very difficult,“? – I breathed with great force, with a sensation of heat,4. —Dyspnea,%.

Heart and Pulse.-Palpitation, 21 7.-Pulse rapid, ".- The pulse became very rapid and small,.-Pulse very rapid and irregular,“ — [530.] Pulse 75 (before the experiment); rose to 140, and became very irregular, 26 -Pulse 80 (before the experiment); rose to 140, and then varied from 130 to 140 for some time,”?. -Pulse 120,25. --Pulse 100,44.—Pulse small and irregular,"

Neck and Back.Beating in the nape of the neck,??.- Pains at the base of the cerebral column, extending along the sciatic nerve, and in the hip-joint,27

Estremities.-Contractions of the limbs, as in chorea,*".-Stiffness of the limbs,4.-Heaviness of the limbs, 27.

Generalities.-[540.) When walking, seemed affected with chorea,". --General stiffness,"? - Tendency to immobility,: -Great feebleness after the experiment, 21 26 27 - Great fatigue,"?. --Great lassitude,"1.- After the experiment great feebleness and desire to sleep.95.-Sensation of indolence in the whole body,".-Frequent remissions, during which I said the attack had passed off, but I had no sooner said it than the attack returned anew,?.

Skin.-Vague sensation of tingling, like a beginning of anæsthesia of the skin (after half an hour),”.

Fever.—[550.] Extremities cold, 26 27-Sensation of great heat,25.– Heat of the skin,"1-Heat of the head, 27.


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Head.--Headache and dull heavy feeling around eyes (second day),121, Shooting darting pain in right temple and in right eye (third day),12.

Eye.-Great dimuess of sight, attended with smarting and burning round the eyelids, and round the balls of the eyes ; constant lachrymation; the eyes turned towards the nose; twitching of the eyelids; he could not close his eyes without great pain, from smarting of the lids chiefly; there was considerable redness, and an apparent distress from the inflammation of both eyes. Some drops of the strong Camphor tincture were given him. The next morning everything appeared yellow. The nose was also considerably affected; some swelling with redness and heat, withio as well as without, with the appearance of suffering from severe coryza,"

Face.-Face flushed (second day),"
Mouth.-Tongue coated white down centre (third day),'?1.

Stomach, Abdomen, and Urinary Organs.-Poor appetite (third day), 2. —Great thirst, and throat very dry (second day),12).- Nausea after eating (fifth day),141.-(1660.] About 11 P.M. (after six hours) commenced to vomit, wbich, however, produced little pain, as the contents of the stomach came up easily. At 2 P.M. the greatest pain was produced by incessant vomiting and pausea. His retching was painful to look at, for after the most violent efforts be would bring up at most some of the administered medicine or a little mucus, but no bile at any time,?!.-In an hour or two, vomiting and strangury commenced; the urine discharged being scanty in quantity, and contained blood. On the third day, she was attacked with severe pain in the region of the left kidney, accompanied hy tenderness on pressure, and sympathetic fever,"17. - Vomiting, with severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen, accompanied with bearing down, and most intolerable inclination to micturition, with heat and smarting so acute as to cause her to scream ; also severe tenesmus, without evacuation of the bowels,"5.-Guawing painful feeling over region of stomach, exteud


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