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completely tired out, and want to get back to the office (eleventh day),3.— Feel as if I was just getting over a hard spell of sickness (two hours after second dose, second day),".-[160.] All the afternoon felt as if I was just getting over a drunken spree (after second dose, fourth day),3.

Sleep.-Frequent gaping and stretching (two hours after second dose, second day),".-Did not sleep sound, heard the clock strike two (third night), Several not unpleasant dreams during the night; through the later part of the dreams felt disposed to swear, and act like a rowdy (second night),3.


Authority. J. C. Bishop, M.D., The Clinic, vol. vii, 1874, p. 306; 6, two children ate a few pieces of the stalk; 7, the mother ate a piece about one inch in length.

Delirium,.—Occasionally tendency to stupor, from which the patient would rouse up, cry, and talk incoherently, and perhaps drop into stupor again,.-Intense headache,.-[200.] Eyes injected and watery,.-The face was flushed to a scarlet,.-Lips greatly swollen, even to three times their normal size,.-The mucous membrane of the mouth and fauces greatly inflamed, the saliva flowing profusely, with a choking sensation and a desire to swallow, which could be accomplished with difficulty,.-The saliva as it poured from the mouth was copiously streaked with blood,.—There was difficult articulation, patients talked as if they had stuffed their mouths full of mush,.—There was intense burning pain in the stomach, with frequent retching, but no vomiting.".-She said "her throat wanted to shut up, and felt as though ten thousand needles were sticking into it, while the pain kept shooting up towards the ears, with a burning and intense pain in the stomach,".-Respirations labored, irregular, and accelerated,". -Pulse 120, very weak,".-210.] Jactitation of the limbs,.-Temperature 103,6.


Calcium fluoride, CaF.

Preparation, Triturations.

Authorities. 1, A. J. Murch, M.D., Am. Hom. Obs., 1864, p. 123, took grain three times per day, before meals, for three days, without effect; several days later took grain 3d dec. as before; (2 to 5, J. B. Bell, M.D., N. E. Med. Gaz., 1874, p. 300); 2, J. B. B., æt. twenty-nine years, took 4 drops 15th; 2 a, same, took 10 drops 30th; 3, J. U. W., æt. twenty-three years, took 4 drops 15th at 8.45 A.M.; 3a, same, took 1 drop 15th at 8 A.M.; 3b, same, took 1 powder 15th at 9 P.M. (first day); same at 6.30 A.M. (second day); 4, I. S. H., æt. twenty-two years, took 5 drops 15th at 12 M.; 4a, same, took 1 powder of 15th.

Mind.-Some depression of spirits through the day (fourth day). All day an entirely unusual tendency to look on the dark side of things, with much depression of spirits. Feeling of anxiety about money matters, or thought would come to want, or would soon be "running astern" financially (entirely without occasion), (fifth day). Depression of spirits, and disposition to set a higher value on money than natural to him (avarice?).

Indecision (sixth day). Still low-spirited (seventh day). Thoughts still more upon financial matters than usual (eighth and ninth days),2.

Head.-Dull headache over the whole head, with faintish nausea at the stomach all the afternoon, better in the evening,3.

Eye.-After writing some time, was no longer able to see distinctly, because of a blur or mist before the eyes, with some aching in the eyeballs, better when closing the eyes and pressing lightly upon them,3.

Nose.-Sneezing twice (soon),.--Blowing of much mucus from the nose, with ineffectual desire to sneeze (second day). Occasional sneezing through the day (third day),2.

Throat.-Hawking of mucus in the morning caused an attack of hiccough, which was long and weakening, and recurred frequently all day (second day),*.

Abdomen. About midnight, or soon after, was awakened by a sharp pain in the right hypochondrium, under the eleventh rib, occurring in paroxysms of lancination; worse when lying on the painful side, so much so as to cause a feeling of bursting outward; better when lying on the painless side and when doubling up, and accompanied with restlessness, 8 A.M. Frequent attacks of the lancinating pains in the liver region, worse when sitting, better when walking about (fourth day),".-For some days much wind in lower bowels, worse when riding and towards evening, better after lying down at night (sixth day),".

Anus and Stool.-During the night awakened by itching at the anus from pin-worms, not felt to that degree since childhood, and rarely felt at all (tenth night),.-[10.] Slight diarrhoea; first part of stool natural, last part loose, with urging pain before stool (seventh day),1a.

Urinary Organs.-Increased secretion of pale urine (fourth day); urine scanty, high-colored, and turbid (sixth day),.-Rose twice in the night to pass urine profusely, which he never did before (first night); profuse emission of pale, watery urine from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. (second day),2.

Respiratory Organs.-Dryness in the larynx,.-Towards night dryness in the larynx, with desire to clear it, and some hoarseness, but no cough,-Some tickling in the larynx and occasional hawking, with desire to clear the larynx, in the forenoon. Occasional attacks of tickling itching in larynx, inducing a hacking cough; worse from 3 to 4 P.M. (second day). Slight feeling of oppression and tickling in the larynx (third day). In the night itching tickling in the larynx, forcing a spasmodic cough, which was relieved, after a few turns, by hawking a little mucus from the larynx (tenth night),.-Itching tickling in the larynx, passing off after hawking up mucus from that spot (in ten minutes). The same tickling in the larynx, and hacking once or twice in the forenoon (second day),2.. The tickling extends from the larynx about three inches down the trachea,3. -Very hoarse after laughing (eighth and ninth days),.-Slight hoarseness. Reading aloud during the evening for about twenty minutes caused hoarseness and desire to clear the larynx (first day); hoarseness but less cough (second day),3.-[20.] At 4 P.M. cough and hoarseness came on slightly (third day),.-Soon after dinner a hacking cough, occurring in one or two paroxysms at a time, caused by tickling in the larynx, as from a small foreign body. Not relieved by coughing. Desire to swallow from the same cause, but without relief,3.

Back. During the afternoon much pain and tired aching in the lower part of the back, with bodily restlessness; must walk about (second day). Tired aching in the back, with restlessness (third day),.-Tired aching in

the small of the back, as after a long ride, but did not ride far. Can sit in no position to relieve the back (third day),2.

Generalities.-On the afternoon of the second day there was oppression of breath, such as arises from taking cold, this continued throughout the proving, subject to fluctuations of intensity; at the end of a week there was a prickling, burning, suffocative sensation in the throat, which grew worse at night; cold drinks seemed to aggravate and warm drinks to palliate only for a short time; this feeling was less in the morning, but exacerbation occurred in the latter part of the day; much thirst, constipation, and consequent dizziness of head and dull headache; experienced irritability of bladder, frequent urging to urinate; urine causing smarting along the urethra, particularly at its external orifice; urine emitted pungent odor. On the eighth day discontinued the drug, but there was an increase of all the symptoms, the difficulty of breathing was such that it seemed as though the epiglottis was nearly closed, or that I was breathing through some thick substance, which permitted but slight ingress of air to the lungs,.-Feeling of fatigue all day (third day),"".

Skin. Two days ago a “cold sore" commenced at the left corner of the mouth; to-day it is quite extensive. Had no cold and cannot recall ever having had a "cold sore " in his life before (twelfth day),a.

Sleep. Since last dose has not slept well; has dreamed constantly. Last night jumped from bed in a dream, and tried to get out of the window, which woke him (fourth day),".-Vivid and distinct dreams, also natural and connected, of the death of a relative, causing much grief and weeping (first night). Sleep unrefreshing on account of indistinct dreams of unsuccessful efforts to do various things, leaving an unpleasant impression on waking (second night). Dreams vivid and distinct of new scenes, places, books, etc. (third night). Vivid and distinct dreams of wholly new scenes and places, not unpleasant, but with a sense of impending danger (fourth night). Dreams not as distinct nor well remembered (fifth night). Dreams of death of his little daughter, and of great grief and weeping (sixth night). Dreams less (seventh and eighth nights),.-Dreamed much, unremembered (first night). Dreamed of cutting a woman in pieces, as an animal for salting. The details very distinct, and the dream seemed to continue a long time (second night),2.


Authorities. 7, S. M. Cate, M.D., Trans. Am. Inst. of Hom., 1858, p. 54, took 4 grains 1st trit. at 12 M. (first day); 5 grains at 8 A.M. and 12 M. (second day); same at 9 P.M. (fourth day); same at 6 A.M. (fifth and sixth days); 6 grains at 6 A.M., 10 grains at 9 P.M. (seventh day); 8 grains at 6 A.M., 10 grains at 10 P.M. (eighth day); same at 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. (uinth day); 6 grains at 6 A.M., 8 grains at 9 P.M. (tenth and eleventh days); 8, W. B. Chamberlain, M.D., ibid., took 6-grain doses of 1st trit.; 9, E. N. Jones, M.D., ibid., took 3 grains at 9 A.M. (first day); 4 grains (second day); 4 grains at 6 A.M. (third day); same at 7.30 A.M. aud 4 P.M. (fourth day); 6 grains at 7.30 A.M., 4 grains at 4 P.M. (seventh day).

Mind.-Gloomy and discontented (seventh day),'.-For the last two days an obtuseness of the intellect; difficulty of performing any ordinary intellectual operations; when composing would write throat for tonsils, red for swollen, etc.; not clearly distinguishing the things under con

sideration (ninth day),'.-The mind is less dull and muddy than for several days (twelfth day),'.-I have noticed too a great lack of definiteness in my memory; an inability to remember common symptoms of common remedies (twelfth day),.

Head.-Heavy confused feeling in head as if about to ache (ninth day),".-No headache this A.M., though a feeling of fulness and confusion continues, which has been an accompaniment of the headache all along (eleventh day),".-Fulness and pressure in the head, aggravated by pressure of hat, lasting at intervals all day (after half an hour, first day),".Dull heavy feeling in the head (second day),.-[650.] Dull pain in the head all day, increased towards night (second day),.-Pain in head relieved by food (second day),.-Dull pain in the head at times through the day (ninth day),.-Dull pain in the head, with confusion; pain increased on stooping; pain worse at times (eleventh day),.-The headache has continued at intervals throughout the proving, generally being aggravated by eating. Yesterday and to-day the pain has been a beating pain, extending through both parietal bones (eleventh day),.-Dull, sleepy, oppressive pain, embracing the whole head, but most in the cerebellum,.-Dull, pressive, frontal headache, lasting all day (third day),".-Slight momentary headache in forehead over left eye (third day),.-12 M., sharp shootings through the temples, leaving a momentary soreness of the right temple after the pain had gone (eighth day),.-Throbbing headache behind left ear (going off soon), (tenth day),.-[660.] 12 M., headache principally on left side, pressive, occasionally throbbing, aggravated by stepping or quick motion (fifth day),".

Eye.-Itching of the edges of the right eyelid for a short time (eleventh day),-Occasional aching pain in right eyeball (eleventh day),". Ear-Shock of pain in left ear (third day),.

Nose.-Fluent coryza during the forenoon, with dull pain in the head from 11 to 12 o'clock (sixth day),'.-Biting stinging in front corner of left nostril, succeeded by sneezing, and lachrymation from left eye, at 4 P.M., whole group disappeared within thirty minutes (second day),".-In an hour biting stinging in front of corner of right nostril, accompanied by slight sneezing and lachrymation (seventh day),.

Face.-Yellowness of complexion and sclerotica, with sleepiness (ninth


Mouth.-Bread had a bitter taste (second day),'.

Throat.-Dryness of the throat last night (twelfth day),.-[670.] Yesterday, soreness of the throat; to-day, tonsils, uvula, and pharynx red and swollen, with pain increased by swallowing (ninth day),.-Soreness of throat and fauces on swallowing (tenth day),".-Inflammation of the throat. continues; yesterday, moderate pain most of the time when swallowing; this morning the pain more marked, and inflammation gradually increases (eleventh day),.-Sensation of emptiness or faintness in pharynx, continued from last night (third and fourth days),".

Stomach.-Feeling of great hunger, at 4 P.M., very unusual (second day),'.-Increased appetite (third day),.-Appetite diminished in morning, but good at noon (seventh day),'.-Rather less appetite than usual for three days past (twelfth day),".-After breakfast, much loud belching of wind from the stomach (eleventh day),.-Heartburn, lasting for some time after dinner (twelfth day),.-[680.] Heartburn commencing about an hour after each meal, and lasting for an hour (thirteenth day),1.-Nausea, from 4 to 6 P.M. (second day),.-Nausea and pain in the head increased

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during pain in stomach (second day),'.-Sensation of fulness and repletion of stomach (second day),".-Feeling in the stomach as if distended by food,.-An empty sinking sensation at the epigastrium, at 7 P.M. (seventh day),.-From 8 to 9 P.M., burning at the stomach, and rising of water into the mouth (waterbrash), (tenth day),.-Sharp pain at pit of stomach, from 5.30 to 6 o'clock (second day),.-Pain in stomach relieved by food (second day),.-Dull pain in the epigastrium (ninth day),.—[690.] Dull pain in the stomach, with soreness on pressure after dinner (fifteenth day),'. -Pains in the stomach still come on about an hour after each meal, with soreness of the stomach to pressure, and accompanied at times with loud belchings of empty tasteless flatus from the stomach, which affords relief (sixteenth day),1.

Abdomen.-Escape of considerable flatus, during the whole forenoon. (third day),.-Abundant emission of flatus (seventh day),'.-Emission of fetid flatus during the day (eighth day),.-Frequent emission of fetid flatus (eleventh day),.-Flatus still fetid and abundant (sixteenth day),.-Sharp pain in abdomen around the navel, with a slight feeling of soreness, at 9 P.M. (second day),.-Severe pain in region of transverse colon, for half an hour, at 3 P.M. (seventh day),'.-Pain in the middle of the abdomen, while and after eating, lasting half an hour; this pain abated after a copious emission of fetid flatus (ninth day),'.-[700.] Pains in the bowels to-day, most in the region of the ascending and transverse colon (sixteenth day),.-Pains in the bowels still present, at times through the day, lasting a few minutes, and generally followed by flatulent emission, showing that the pains were caused by flatus (sixteenth day),.-Sharp pain in the left hypogastrium, lasting a short time (eleventh day),.-Shooting through the perinæum and into the penis (eighth day),.-After movement of the bowels, pain in the rectum, extending up five or six inches, lasting some ten minutes (ninth day),'.

Stool.-In the morning after rising, a thin, copious, fecal discharge (seventh day); diarrhoea early on rising (eighth day),.-Stool soft, but otherwise natural (second day); soft pappy stool (third day); soft stool, but difficult of expulsion (fifth day); stool rather costive, expelled with difficulty (sixth day); painfully hard costive stool (eleventh day); stool soft (twelfth day),".-Bilious, slimy, offensive fecal evacuations, lumpy and covered with mucus, as many as twelve stools a day, with little pain. Seemed to be more of a dysenteric character as the disease progresses. Stool in the morning, soon after rising, mostly bloody mucus. Slight pain, low down in the bowels. Frequent urging to stool, with small discharges, attended with pain in the head,.

Urinary Organs.-Frequent profuse discharge of clear urine from 12 M. to 9 P.M. (fifth day),.-The urine has continued profuse, frequent, and watery, since the fifth day; but no unusual thirst (ninth day),.-[710.] Frequent and urgent desire to urinate, in the forenoon. The water pretty clear, and the aggregate quantity large. From 12 M., till 5 P.M., no oppor tunity to pass water. By 2 P.M., the desire was urgent, and the pain in the bladder considerable; the pain kept increasing from 2 to 5, at which time it was very severe in the bladder above the pubis, and in the prostate gland and neck of bladder. The water passed in a feeble stream, occupying considerable time. After all had passed, considerable soreness of the bladder, followed by frequent micturition. Though the urine had often. been retained much longer without difficulty, it was evident that this group of troubles of the bladder arose from overdistension, and that the medi

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