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sation in the abdomen (after one hour, thirteenth day).-Soreness in the groins, as if in the spermatic cords, and a thrilling sensation through the penis and testes (sixth day).—Pain in the left groin (after two hours, fiftb day).- Almost constant pain in the groins and weariness in the lower limbs (after three hours, third day).- Acute pain in the groin (after two bours, fifth day).-Isolated throbbing in left groin (after one hour, first day).Throbbing in the left groin, morning (third day).-Pain of the same sudden throbbing character in the left groin (fourteenth day).

Anus.- Prostration about the anus (sixth day).

Stool.-[70.] Evacuation of dry fæces, with sore, constrictive pain in the anus, evening (third day); in the evening, a small soft evacuation of the bowels, attended with pain and constriction in the anus (fifth day); ineffective urging for stool (sixth day); the action of the bowels has become more and more constipated and painful; fæces like balls, and knotty (thirteenth day); diarrheic stools, in the evening (sixteenth day); tendeney to diarrhea (seventeenth day).

Urinary Organs.--Soreness in the region of the kidneys (after three hours, third day).-Gnawing pain in the region of the kidneys (soon, seventh day).—Pressure and soreness in the neck of the bladder (ifter one hour, second day).- By passing urine, pain in the bladder and soreness in the urethra ; feeling as if the urine could not be retained (after one hour, third day).—Irritation in bladiler and urination (after three hours, third day).—Since the evacuation in the evening, pressure and acute pain in the bladder and urethra, with stinging in the penis (fitth day).-Irritation in the bladder continues, evening (fourte'n:h day).-Stinginy pain in the urethra (after two hours, fitth day).--Desire to urinate (ti teenth day).[80.] Urine abundant; specific gravity 0.8; full of mucous filaments under the microscope, consisting of mucous corpuscles and epithelium (after one hour, thirdday); inclination and urgent desire to pass urine; 12 ounces ; specific gravity .0+; reaction acid after two hours, third day); passed ayain a large quantity of pale-colored urine (after four hours, third day); during the evening and night a reaction seemed to have set in; passed only a small quantity of urine in the next twenty-four hours; 5 ounces ; specific gravity 20; full of mucus, dark-colored and reactive (third day); urgency 10 passing urine; pain in the veck of bladder; a large quantity of pale-colored urine voided ; specific gravity .08; boiling and nitric acid test prove albumen (son, fitth day); passed a la ge quantity of darkcolored urine, containing long threads, which when examined microscopically, proved less mucus, but more transparent waxy casts (after two hours fitih day). Pressure in the neck of the bladder by voiding urine in the evening, as formerly; the quantity is much less an i dark in color; specific gravity 24; long threads again toating in it (fitth day). The urine voided was examined with the microscope, and consists of a mass of epithelial cells, adhering to each others (phosphates; oxlatz of lim:). The quailtity of urine voided in the twenty-four hours was 48 ounces; specific gravity 2+ (tifth day). Passed soon a large quantity of urine, with coasiaut desire and feeling as if the bladder was not emptied (sixth day). Desire for micturition during the day; urine dark; specific gravity 23 ; acid reaction (-ighth day). Urinary secretion painful in the bladder and urethra, and distinct in the penis (thirteenth dıy). Passed 48 ounces of urine in twenty four hours, dark color; specific gravity 2+; mucous cells aud triple phosphates (fourteenth day). Passed about 56 ounces of urine in twenty-four hours; specific gravity 20; full of white mucous sediment,

more than any previously passed, containing epithelinm, triple phosphates, and mucous casts from the kidneys (sixteenth day). Urine is much clearer; specific gravity 22; acid reaction (seventeenth day).

Sexual Organs.—Throbbing in the penis and desire to pass urine ; pressure in the bladder (fourteenth day).

Respiratory Organs:-Oppressive breathing; sighing gives relief, evening (fourteenth day).- Oppression of breathing, as if the pectoral muscles were contracting, and a stretching would give relief; which sevsation seems to be also in the dorsal muscles and right shoulderblade (fourteenth day).

Chest.- Pressure in the chest (oesophagus?), (after three hours, third day).--Shooting in pectoral muscles in the region of the heart (fitteenth day).--Throbbing in the sternum, and pain in the pectoral muscles (soon, thirteenth day).–Pain in right side (after one hour, first day).-- Painful soreness in the sterno-mastoid process (after one hour, thirteenth day).Pain in left side of the chest, region of the heart, evening (fourteenth day).

Neck and Back-Stiffness in the neck (soon, thirteenth day).(90.) Pain in the neck hy moving the head from one side to the other ; soreness in the region of the attachments of sterno-mastoid muscles (after two hours, fitth day).- Pain in neck continuing, evening (fifth day).- Pain in the neck, prominently affecting the upper part of the trapeze muscle and extending to the shoulders (filteenth day).- Isolated throbbing pain in right side, back (after one hour, first day).- Painful throbbings about the shoulder and collar-bone (after three hours, third day).- Pain in back (after one hour, first day).-Severe pain across the loins (afier two hours, second day).— Weariness in the back from the coccyx upwards, and dull pain in the region of the kidneys (after two hours, fifth day).-Pain in the back and weakness in the extremities (after two hours, fifth day).—Dull pain in the back and region of the kidneys increasing, evening (lifth day).

- [100.] The soreness in the lower part of the spine, from which I was free, is returning with great violence and intensity; it is almost traceable to the sciatic nerve (eighth day).- Uneasiness in the back, and prostration all day (ninth day).- After riding, the pain in the lumbar region returned with great intensity, extending also to the pectoral muscles and arms (tenth day). --Soreness in the first dorsal vertebræ to the touch (first time since proving), (fourteenth day).- Feeling as if the whole back would coutract backward, and the muscles of the neck were affected (fourteenth day).-Sudden pain about the fourth and fifth dorsal vertebræ, extending to the right side of chest and shoulders, evening (fourteenth day).- Pain and weariness in the back (eleventh day).- Pain in the back returns with great intensity (soon, thirteenth day).-Great prostration and pain in the lumbar region by walking (after one bour, thirteenth day).-Aching in the lumbar region (fourteenth day).—[110.) Lumbar pains very severe (fifteenth day).

Extremities.- Weariness in the limbs, morning (third day).- Prostration and weakness in the extremities is increasing, afternoon (fifth day). .- Weakness in the linibs (after two hours, fifth day).-During the afternoon all symptoms ceased, except weakness in the extremities (eighth day). -Great inclination to stretch the limbs, and especially the arns, to give relief to the wearivess between the shoulderblades and trapeze muscles (fourteenth day). Superior Extremities.-Cracking in the joints of left arm (eighth

mit day).- Feebleness in the arms (after one hour, first day).-Weariness in the arms (after three hours, third day).-Prostration and weakness in the right arm, by writing (eighth day).-[120.] Weakness and prostration in the arms and wrists (afier one ur, thirteenth day).-Great fatigue in the arms, evening (fourteenth day).- Prostration of the arms (fifteenth day).

- Isolated sore throbs in the right arm, and under the right arm-pit (after one hour, first day).- Isolated throbbing or shooting in the arms (eighth day).—Throbbing as formerly, in the arms (thirteenth day).-Cracking in the left shoulder; this has never been experienced before (fourteenth day).

-Soreness in the shoulders and neck (soon, fitih day).-- Pain under the right axilla, extending to the pectoral muscles (fourteenth day).- Pain under right axilla (fifteenth day).--[130.] Painful soreness under the arms (fourteenth day). — Pain of great intensity in the deltoid of the left arm, evening (fourteenth day).-Weary pain, upper arms (after one hour, second day). — Weakness and soreness in the biceps (afier two hours, fifth day). — Sensation of pain running along left upper arm, becoming stationary (fourteenth day).- Pain in left elbow, morning (third day). -Soreness in the right wrist, extending upwards to the elbow, as if traceable in the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (after two hours, fifth day). — Soreness, left wrist (after one bour, second day). --Soreness and pain in left wrist (fourteenth day).— Throbbing and shooting pain in the wrist (after two hours, fifth day).- [140.) Soreness in the fingers and thumb; weakness in the hands in writing after three hours, third day).

Inferior Extremities.-Cracking in the joints of lower extremities, by walking (fourteenth day).— Weakness in the lower extremities, by walking (after two hours, fifth day).—This morning, felt great prostration in the legs, and soreness in the lower part of the spine; the weakness and pain are more perceptible in the left than in the right thigh (seventh day). - Weakness in the lower extremities increasing, extending from the hip to the knees (after one hour, thirteenth day).- Pain in the thighs by walking (after one hour, first day).— Transitory, short, sudden pains in thighs (after one hour, second day).--Rheumatic moving aching in the left kuee, very intense (sixteenth day). --Sore throbbing pain in right knee (after one hour, first day).--Immediately after second dose sharp throbbings or shootings in the knees, and contractions, cramplike, in the muscles of the thighs (soon, thirteenth day).—[150.] Pain in the knees; sore throbbings (fourteenth day).—Great weakness in the legs and prostration, evening (third day).- Pain in the lower part of the legs (fourteenth day). Throbbing sore pain in legs (after two hours, fifth day).-Soreness on the soles of the feet fifteenth day).

Generalities.-Loss of flesh since commencement of proving (fifteenth day).—Appearance of general illness observed by my friends (fifteenth day).- Increasing weakness and pain in the back (sixth day).Lassitude and weakness (thirteenth day).--Great lassitude and prostration (seventeenth day).—[160.] Soreness to touch (fourteenth day).- While at first the pains had a nervous character, they are now decidedly muscular and lasting longer (fitteenth day).—The action of the drug appears to be more on the spine and nerves than on the muscles. The pains are of short transitory character, and not of a continuous muscular pain. Except in the spine, where the pain is not constant, it appears as if the action could be traced along the anterior branches of the saphenic nerves, and perhaps along the saphevic vein; the pain in the groin is unquestionably the result of the crural nerve. It was some time before the irritation in the bladder and urethra ceased, also the prostration and weakness lasted several days, and the isolated troubles through the arms, legs, and thigh continued several weeks.

Skin.-Painful itching burning by walking, under the big toes, and itching in the sole of the right foot (fourteenth day).—Itching of the skin (fourteenth and fifteenth days).-Itching in the face (after two hours, second day).

Sleep.- Very sleepy during the day, and constant yawning all day (eleventh day). -Great inclination to sleep (twelfth day).-Great inclination to stretch (fourteenth day).—[170.] Hea viness and sleepiness (seventeenth day).- After waking could not fall asleep again; confused dreams (fifteenth day).- A very restless and sleepless night was passed (tenth day).-Restless sleep during the night (fourteenth night). - Talking in sleep (fifteenth night).-Night full of dreams (fifteenth day).

Fever.-Cold and chilly (after one hour, first day).-Chilly; pulse 50 (after one hour, first day).—Shivering and chilliness immediately after taking the dose (soon, third day).- A cold sensation and tightness about the scalp (after two hours, fifth day).-[180.] Rigors and chilliness (eighth day).- Rigor and chills all over the frame (fourteenth day).-Chilliness and heat in the face (fourteenth day).-Hands and feet cold (fourteenth day).

Brassica napus, L. (now considered a variety of B. campestris, L.).
Natural order, Cruciferæ.
Common names, Rape seed, Cole seed.

Authority. John Popham, M.B., Lancet, 1849 (2), p. 635, a large number of Irish during the famine ate freely of wild corn kale or Brassica napus.

They all exhibited indications of deteriorated health, the hue of the skin being uniformly sallow and muddy-looking, totally different from the brown discoloration caused by exposure to the sun; the surface was always covered with that colorless downy hair, so characteristic of what the country people here call “impoverished blood.” An ædematous state prevailed generally of the whole body, but always of the face and lower extremities, the former sometimes being swollen to an enormous extent, the distended state of the eyelids and upper lip especially producing remarkable deformity. The abdomen was tympanitic; the bowels torpid; the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx was in flamed, and in some parts ulcerated, and the gums spongy; the appetite was usually greater than natural, in some cases voracious; the urinary secretion was deficient and irritating, and that of the skin suspended; very distressing frontal headache and tension was also complained of; but the most curious symptom, next to the ædematous appearance of the patient, was the state of the hands and feet, which were dry and shrunken, with blotches of a deep red, resembling burns, on the backs of the hands and dorsum of the feet, the fingers and toes being frequently cold and livid. Similar blotches existed on the nose and forehead, and these varied in their consequence from simple discoloration to ulceration of a most troublesome description, terminating in loss of the cuticle, and dropping off of the nails, with a marked disposition in the aggravated cases to gangrene.

BROMIUM. Authority. 27, Heimerdinger, die Wirkung des Broms. und ein Brom. Präparate, Inaug. Diss., Tübingen, 1838.

Took in morning fasting, 5 drops in } ounce distilled water ; after an hour there was a slight nauseous reminiscence of the taste of the drug. At another time took 8 drops in 1 ounce water, holding the nose while swallowing ; rough cough. After an hour repeated eructations. The appetite was diminished. The disgusting taste of the drug lasted all day. In the afternoon there was thirst,27.

BRYONIA. Authorities. 44, C. E. Goate, M.D., Lancet, 1868 (1), p. 610, a child, aged three years, ate freely of the berries ; 45, E. W. Berridge, M.D., Am. Journ. of Hom. Mat. Med., vol. ix New Series, 5), 1876, Berridge took 2000th (Jenichen) by olfaction for cough ; 46 (L'Art. Med., 1877, 92), Recueil des Travaux de la Soc. Med. d'Indre-et-Loire, Tours, 1878, a map took as a purge an infusion of a large quantity of the root.

In about half an hour she became giddy, and during the night furious delirium supervened; the pupils became dilated ; vomiting incessant, but not accompanied by diarrhea. As morning approached, the delirium ceased, and she became comatose, with occasional subsultus tendinum,". Occasional sudden sharp pain in left lower second bicuspid, somewhat as if the tooth were being pulled out; it was felt on and off during the day, worse morning and evening; in the evening it was sometimes intermixed with shooting in the tooth; the pain (of pulling out) was worse on pulling with the fingers (second day). In morning once the same pulling out pain, but less ; in evening several times and more severe, worse by pulling at the tooth, and intermixed with shooting in the tooth; the pain sometimes ended in a shoot; the tooth is sound (third day),49:--Great prostration ; extreme coldness ; pumbuess of the extremities; convulsions with tonic contractions of the extremities; opisthotonos; thorax immovable, inspiration associated with a remarkable depression of the pit of the stomach, ".


BUFO. Authority. 16, Dr. R. de Gumbleton Dannt, Dublin Med. Press, Sept. 25th (Pharm. Journ., Second Series, vol. iji, 1861-2, p. 291), the skin contains glands which secrete a milky glutinous fluid when the toad is put to pain or irritated; this is scraped off and dried in Brazil.

It produces incurable obstruction and enlargement of the liver, and a speedy death,'6.


Authorities. 10, Hahn. Month., 11, 1876, p. 509, W. McGeorge and M. B. Tuller, Report of Bureau of Mat. Med. to West Jersey Hom. Med. Soc.; 11, E. Clark, M.D., U. S. Med. Iuvest., New Series, 11, 1879, p. 345.

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