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spasms, skin cyanotic, lips blue, with frothing from the mouth. Respiration very superficial, temperature depressed, pulse scarcely perceptible, the heart's action extremely weak. Pupils jusensible. Involuntary evacuation of fæces and urine, * -Soon after he staggered to and fro in an almost unconscious condition, with inarticulate and confused speech. Tenacious saliva flowed from the corners of the mouth, the face assumed a bluishgray color, and was covered with cold sweat. The wings of the nose, eyelids, and lips were intensely blue. After a few minutes he fell down in an unconscious state, the eyes staring, the lids half closed, the jaws spasmodically closed. Hands almost cold. The whole body was covered with copious cold sweat. Pulse weak. Respiration became irregular, stertorous, often ceasing altogether, then beginning again with violent deep inspiration whenever the nostrils were irritated by Causticum ammonium. After this violent trembling began, followed by transient spasms, with drawing of the head backward and to the left. Excretions involuntary. The pulse became slow, weak, and a soporous condition set in. The whole body was covered with cold clamıy sweat,”?.-Fainted from the effects of the vapors, and felt ill for some time afterward,'.—Hy peræmia,e.

Skin.-Punctiform ecchymoses,' - (150.] Both patients were cyanotic, like a case of severe emphysema,"? — Intensely blue color of the wings of the pose, eyelids, hands, and lips,16 --Fingers and toes cyanotic,... --Two large ecchymosed spots, of a livid, bluish-black color, were found beneath the scalp, and on the gluteal muscles; two cuppings of the lower portion of the thorax discharged black thin blood,"5.

Fever.- Temperature very much depressed, 5. —Chill came on the second day in the afternoon, with chattering of the teeth, after which the patient became worse, the pulse was more rapid, respiration irregular, and slower and slower till death,5 – Rise of temperature, 18. — Temperature 100.8 and 97.6°,11.-Sweatings,'8 - Whole body covered with cold clammy sweat,16 — 160.) Whole body covered with profuse cold sweat,..


Lindera Benzoin, Meisner (Laurus Benzoin, L.; Benzoin odoriferum, Nees).

Natural order, Lauraceæ.
Common names, Spice-bush, Fever-bush.
Preparation, Tincture of twigs.

Authority. J. S. Wright, U. S. Med. Invest., New Ser., vol. iv, 1876, p. 575, took a tablespoonful of tincture made from small limbs at 8 A.M., 2 P.M., and 6 P.M. (first day); 2 tablespoonfuls (second day).

Hair oily (second day, and afterward). – Wake from sleep with a sick feeling in stomach and bowels; tired feeling ; turn often in bed (first night).-Empty feeling in stomach and lower part of bowels (first day).Urine more frequent, and small quantity, of dark color ; had to be up in tlfe night to urinate twice. Bed swims, with sinking sensation, which made lying down on bed unpleasant. Had unpleasant, fearful feeling (third day). -Stool soft, with pain before, iv lower bowels (third day). — Finger-joints swelled and lame (third day).-Sense of touch fine, quick, and pleasant (second day).-Hips feel crushed (first day).—Pains in knees (third day).-10.] Skin cold ; feet and legs cold up to knees; remained

VOL. X.-25

cold in bed (first day).–Feverish during the second night.—Skin moist (second day).

BISMUTHUM SUBNITRICUM. Authority. 9, Dr. Kerner (Heidelberger Klin. Annal.), Lancet, 1829-30 (2), p. 319. A middle-aged man swallowed a large quantity.

Hiccough, violent vomiting of brownish matter and profuse diarrhea, the pulse was small and intermittent, the face pale and the whole body cold; the voluntary muscles, especially those of the lower extremities, were spasmodically contracted; the throat and pharynx were inflamed, he could not swallow, and complained of much pain in the throat, a nauseous metallic taste, and intolerable thirst (in eleven hours),'.

BOVISTA. Authority. 6, Dr. Roth (Journ. de la Soc. Gall., Mat. Med. Pure, vol. ii, p. 133), M. Pr. Correspondance practiques, 1828, p. 65.

Dull headache, like a pressure, below the left eye, toward the temporal region,':-[660.] In the afternoon, a kind of intestinal colic, with urging to stool, --Transient lancinations extending through the perinæum towards the anus and genital parts,".--More copious discharge of urive, in the afternoon,':- Fulness and anxiety in the præcordial region (in an hour), Spasmodic pullings in the tendons of the left carpal joint,“:—Numb feeling in the left carpal joint, — Transient lancivations in the left thigh and leg, as also in the chest,'.-Cramps in the left leg, "--General anxiety, general fatigue, eructations, nausea, abdominal inflation, emission of a great deal of flatulence, yawning and stretching, and invincible drowsiness, . -Restlessness, anxiety, unpleasant heat and heaviness in the abdomen, and from time to time sensation of coldness throughout the body,'.


Brachyglottis repens, Forst.
Natural order, Compositæ.
Common names, Puka Puka (New Zealand).
Preparation, Tincture of green leaves and flowers.

Authority. L. C. Fischer, M.D., N. A. J. of Hom., vol. ix, 1878, p. 41, L. C. F., aged forty-six years, took 10 drops in water at 10 A.M. (first day); 20 drops in water at 11 A.M. (second day); 40 drops in water at 10 A.M. (third day); 80 drops at 11 A.M. (fifth day); 80 drops at 10 A.M. (sixth day); 20 drops in twenty spoonfuls of water, at 12 m. took four spoonfuls (eighth day); 4 drops in four spoonfuls, at 10 A.M. (eleventh day); 1 drop of tincture in solution, at 10 and 11 A.M. (thirteenth day); 20 drops in eight spoonfuls of water, one spoonful of solution at 12 m.; 5 drops in solution, at 7 P.M. (fourteenth day); 20 drops in solution at 11 A.M., 10 drops 12 o'clock at night (sixteenth day).

Mind.-Irritable mood (eleventh day).

Ilead.-Confusion in the head (after two hours, fifth, thirteenth, and fourteenth days).-Confusion in the head and pain in the forehead (soon, thirteenth day).-Giddiness and flushed face (fifteenth day).-Headache (after half an hour, sixth and eleventh days).-Headache, pressive and throbbing, forehead (after one hour, thirteenth day).--The headache and faceache become very intense, and prevents sleep during the night (thirteenth day).- Increasing desire to bend the head (fourteenth day).- Pain in the forehead (fifth and sixth days).—[10.] Pressure in the forehead (after one hour, first day).-Pressive pain in left side of forehead (after two hours, fitth day). --Headache concentrated about left eye, soon (thirteenth day).--Frontal headache, evening (fourteenth day). - Throbbing in left temple (eighth day).—Transitory sudden throbs, left side of head (after one hour, second day).

Ear.–Pain in the ears (fourteenth day).—Pain in left ear, evening (fourteenth day).-Tingling in the ears (eighth day). - Pricking in the ears (soon, fifth and fourteenth days).-—[20.] Itching and pricking in the ears (fifteenth day):-Since commencing the proving, tingling in the ears, with secretions, with which I have never been troubled (twelith day).

Noxe.-Soreness in nostrils exteriorly (after one hour, first day).-Irritation in the nostrils, and repeated sneezing (after two hours, second day).--Irritation in the left nostril, and feeling as if the air is too sharp (soon, third day).-Itching in the pose (after two hours, fifth day).--Itching and burning in the nostrils (fifteenth day).

Face.-Slight twitches in left side of face, evening (fourteenth day :Faceache, left side, as if the submaxillary glands were affected, extending to the upper part of the face (after one hour, second day).-Søreness, zygomatic process, right side of face (soon, third day).-[30.] Soreness in the zygomatic process, left side (after one hour, thirteenth day).-Sudden lancinating pain in the right side of face (fourteenth day). --Since about a week a soreness has been telt on the corners of the mouth, which now relieves itself by swelling of the lips (fourteenth day). --Severe pain in lett submaxillary region (eighth day).—Left lower jaw painful (after one bour, thirteenth day).-Pain in left submaxillary gland (fourteenth day).-Immediately after dose, pain in the left lower jaw and face (fifteenth day).

Nouth.Toothache, right side, extending to the ears (after two hours, third day).--Toothache (after two hours, fifth day).-Soreness of the tongue (after two hours, fifth day).- [40.] Pricking and numbness in the tongue, evening (fourteenth day).-Heat in the mouth (after one hour, second day, and after two hours, fifth day).

Thront.-Slight soreness in the throat (after one hour, first day).Scraping sensation in the throat (after three hours, third day).--Rawuess in the throat (after one hour, third day, and after two hours, tifth day). Soreness and rawness iu the throat, evening (fifth day).-Dryness and rawness in the throat (eighth day).—Rawness and soreness in the throat (fourteenth day).- Rawness in the throat (fifteenth day).

Stomach.--Loss of appetite (after two hours, fifth day).-(50.) Erustations (third, fifth, and thirteenth days).- Frequent eructations of the tasie of the medicine (soon, third day). --Nausea (after two hours, fifth, thirteenth, and fourteenth days).- Nausea and eructation of the taste of the ingesta, evening (second day).-Nausea and eructations (after three hours, third day).- Nauseating sensation in the stomach, evening (fourteenih day).— Pain, soreness in the stomach (soon). - Fluttering in the stomach (soon, third day).- Evening, after tea, soreness; throbbing in the stomach and bowels, right side (fourteenth day).

Abdomen.- Acute throbbing in right hypochondriac region (sixth day).-160.] Colic and desire for stool (fourteenth day).-Fluttering sen

sation in the abdomen (after one hour, thirteenth day)

.Soreness in the groins, as if in the spermatic cords, and a thrilling sensation through the penis and testes (sixth day).- Pain in the left groin (after two hours, fiftb day). - Almost constant pain in the groins and weariness in the lower limbs (after three hours, third day).-Acute pain in the groin (after two hours, fitth day).- Isolated throbbing in left groin (after one hour, first day). Throbbing in the left groin, morning (third day).–Pain of the same sudden throbbing character in the left groin (fourteenth day).

Anus.- Prostration about the anus (sixth day).

Stool.-[70.] Evacuation of dry fæces, with sore, constrictive pain in the anus, evening (third day); in the evening, a small soft evacuation of the bowels, attended with pain and constriction in the anus (fifth day); ineffective urging for stool (sixth day); the actiou of the bowels has become more and more constipated and painful; fæces like balls, and knotty (thirteenth day); diarrbæic stools, in the evening (sixteenth day); tendency to diarrhea (seventeenth day).

Urinary Organs.-Soreness in the region of the kidneys (after three hours, third day).--Gnawing pain in the region of the kidneys (soon, seventh day).—Pressure and soreness in the neck of the bladder (ifter one hour, second day).--. By passing urine, pain in the bladder and soreness in the urethra ; feeling as if the urine could not be retained (after one hour, third day).—Irritation in bladiler and urination (after three hours, third day).–Since the evacuation in the evening, pressure and acute pain in the bladder and urethra, with stinging in the penis (fitth day).—Irritation in the bladder continues, evening (fourte-nth day).—Stinging pain in the urethra (after two hours, fifth day).-Desire to urinate (fi teenth day).[80.] Urine abundant; specific gravity 0.8; full of mucous filaments under the microscope, consisting of mucous corpuscles and epithelium (after ove huur, third-day); inclination and urgent desire to pass urine; 12 ounces; specific gravity .04; reaction acid (after two hours, third lay); passed ayain a large quantity of pale-colored urine (after four hours, third day); during the evening and night a reaction seemed to have set in; passed only a small quantity of urine in the next twenty-four hours; 5 ounces ; specific gravity 20; full of mucus, dark colored and reactive (third day); urgency 10 passing urine; pain in the neck of bladder; a large quantity of pale-colored urine voided ; specific gravity .08; builing and nitric acid test prove albumen (soon, fifth day); passed a la ge quantity of darkcolored urine, containing long threads, which when examined microscopically, proved less mucus, but more transparent waxy casts (after two hours fifth day). Pressure in the neck of the bladder by voiding urine in the evening, as formerly; the quantity is much less an I dark in color; specific gravity 24; long threads again floating in it (fitth day). The urine voided was examined with the microscope, and consists of a mass of epithelial cells, adhering to each others (phosphates; oxalate of lime). The quaatity of uripe voided in the twenty-four hours was 48 ounces; specific gravity 2+ (fifth day). Passed soon a large quantity of urine, with consiaut desire and feeling as if the bladder was not emptied (sixth day). Desire for inicturition during the day; urine dark; specific gravity 23;. acid reaction (ighth day); Urinary secretion painful in the bladder and urethra, and distinct in the penis (thirteenth dıy). Passed 48 ounces of urine in twenty tour hours, dark color; specific gravity 21 ; mucous cells aud triple phosphates (fourteenth day). Passed about 56 ounces of urine in twenty-four huurs; specific gravity 20; full of white mucous sediment,

more than any previously passed, containing epithelium, triple phosphates, and mucous casts from the kidneys (sixteenth day). Urine is much clearer; specific gravity 22 ; acid reaction (seventeenth day).

Sexual Organs. Throbbing in the penis and desire to pass urine; pressure in the bladder (fourteenth day).

Respiratory Organs.-Oppressive breathing; sighing gives relief, evening (fourteenth day).- Oppression of breathing, as if the pectoral muscles were contracting, and a stretching would give relief; which seusation seems to be also in the dorsal muscles and right shoulderblade (fourteenth day).

Chest.-Pressure in the chest (oesophagus?), (after three hours, third day).--Shooting in pectoral muscles in the region of the heart (fifteenth day).—Throbbing in the sternum, and pain in the pectoral muscles (soon, thirteenth day).- Pain in right side (after one hour, first day).--Painful soreness in the sterno-mastoid process (after one hour, thirteenth day).Pain in left side of the chest, region of the heart, evening (fourteenth day).

Neck and Back.-Stiffness in the neck (soou, thirteenth day). [90.] Pain in the neck by moving the head from one side to the other; soreness in the region of the attachments of sterno-mastoid muscles (after two hours, fifth day).-Pain in neck continuing, evening (fifth day).- Pain in the neck, prominently affecting the upper part of the trapeze muscle and extending to the shoulders (fifteenth day).- Isolated throbbing pain in right side, back (after one hour, first day).- Painful throbbings about the shoulder and collar-bone (after three hours, third day).- Pain in back (after one hour, first day).-Severe pain across the loins (afier two hours, second day).- Weariness in the back from the cuccyx upwards, and dull pain in the region of the kidneys (after two hours, fifth day).—Pain in the back and weakness in the extremities (after two hours, fifth day). - Dull pain in the back and region of the kidneys increasing, evening (fifth day). --[100.] The soreness in the lower part of the spine, from which I was free, is returning with great violence and intensity; it is almost traceable to the sciatic nerve (eighth day).- Uneasiness in the back, and prostration all day (ninth day).- After riding, the pain in the lumbar region returned with great intensity, extending also to the pectoral muscles and arms (tenth day).-Soreness in the first dorsal vertebræ to the touch (first time since proving), (fourteenth day).- Feeling as if the whole back would contract backward, and the muscles of the neck were affected (fourteenth day).-Sudden pain about the fourth and fifth dorsal vertebræ, extending to the right side of chest and shoulders, evening (fourteenth day).--Pain and weariness in the back (eleventh day).—Pain in the back returns with great intensity (soon, thirteenth day).-Great prostration and pain in the lumbar region by walking (after one hour, thirteenth day).--- Aching in the lumbar region (fourteenth day).-[110.) Lumbar pains very severe (fifteenth day).

Extremities.- Weariness in the limbs, morning (third day).— Prostration and weakness in the extremities is increasing, afternoon (fifth day). .-Weakness in the linıbs (after two hours, fifth day).-During the afternoon all symptoms ceased, except weakness in the extremities (eighth day). -Great inclination to stretch the limbs, and especially the arms, to give relief to the wearivess between the shoulderblades and trapeze muscles

Superior Extremities.-Cracking in the joints of left arm (eighth day).- Feebleness in the arms (after one hour, first day).—Weariness in

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