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tongue sticks to the throat on attenipting to spit,246. -Unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth (after ten or fifteen minutes),258. — [2610.] No taste to food,46. --Moved mouth incessantly, evidently with the idea that he was talking, but the sounds he uttered were inarticulate and altogether unintelligible, 260. — Difficulty in speaking, articulation indistinct,246. — Loss of speech,

Throat.-Intense redness and heat in the throat and alimentary canal,951.- Dryness of the throat and great difficulty in swallowing, 261, -Dryness and heat in the throat,251. - Very great dryness of the throat and cesophagus,24 - Sensation of burning heat in the ihroat,. —Dryness and heat in the throat and pain,25? — [2620.] Heat of the throat and lips, Very deep-red color of the mucous membrane of the fauces and palate,”? -Tonsils swollen,242 — Deglutition difficult, with heat in the throat,254. Swallowing difficult,248 253. - Paralysis of the throat, which impedes deglutition,24 — Unable to swallow (after one hour and a quarter),266,

Stomach.-Loss of appetite,248. -Loss of appetite, with loss of taste, --Loss of appetite, with a sensation of feebleness, 22. — [2630.] Thirsty (after one hour and a quarter),266 — Unquenchable thirst,248. — Nausea, with efforts to vomit, ,242 246. — Vomiting,448- Extreme distension of the stomach and bowels, 242 .

Urinary Organs.-Extremely painful irritation of the urinary organs, and especially of the neck of the bladder; the patient constantly desired to urinate ; though making every effort the urine passes only guttatim; urine very red and bloody,*-She complained of pain in the region of the bladder, placing her hands on the pubes, and uttering words expressive of desire to pass urine. A catheter was passed amid violent physical opposition and a tremendous torrent of abuse; but only a few drops of urine flowed (after thirteen hours), 266 — Excessive desire to urinate, but the urine is bloody and the emission pale, 252--Excessive desire to micturate, though he could pass only a few drops of perfectly colorless urine, 360. --Urine passed guttatim, 246.

Respiratory Organs.-[2640.] Hoarseness (after ten or fifteen minutes),239 - The voice naturally hesitating and thick, became during the delirium so sharp and clear that the father would not have recognized it as his child's,1 --Cough resembling croup,259,- Deep respiration, as in croup,250 --Respiration irregular,248

Pulse.-Pulse 110(after two hours and a quarter); afterwards 120,366 --Pulse small, rapid,**?. —Pulse very feeble,348 - Pulse imperceptible (after four hours),

Ertremities.--Limbs are violently agitated,242 — [2650.) Weakness of the limbs, 242-He could not stand till afternoon, and then could only walk with assistance (second day), *.

Generalities. The whole body is in perpetual movement,247.-Convulsive catching of the extremities, face, and trunk, such as animals have when bitten by venomous serpents,260. —In a few minutes she vomited slightly, and in less than an hour atter she commenced having spasms, which continued, alternated with periods of repose, until two hours and a half later, when she appeared to be sleeping soundly. Pulse 130; repirations 20 per minute; the entire surtace of the body was covered with a very bright scarlatinal eruption, with occasional livid spots of variable size. Upon lifting the eyelids found the pupils dilated to such an extent that only a very small circle of the irides remained visible,361. — The child was in his mother's arms, or partially so, as there did not appear to be a muscle in









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his body but what was in spasmodic action, especially those of the extremities. The skin, in color and to a certain extent in thickness, had the appearance of scarlet flannel; the teeth were tightly clenched, with a little froth flying out between them at each irregular spasm of the muscles of expiration ; eyelids widely separated and fixed; pupils dilated to their utmost extent, and immovable; totally insensible; pulse could not be counted on account of the incessant muscular twitching,"7.--Immediately after last dose stupor, swelling around the throat and jaws, great flushing of the face, and dilated pupil. The flushing extended to and even above the roots of the hair on the frontal region. It was difficult to rouse the child; he stared when awakened, and was hard to control. He made wild resistance to anything done for him; if left quiet went off soon into a stupor. The heart was acting violently, beating hard, and more than 144 in the minute. Had illusions; saw visions on the floor; talked nonsense. Passage of an ounce of dark-colored urine,270. — In five minutes she was drowsy but conscious. The skin was very dry; the pupils widely dilated; face flushed. The skin flushed more readily ihan natural on irritation. She soon fell asleep, and woke three hours and a half after the poisoning, when she yawned and sneezed frequently. After this she fell into a doze, and woke in a second or two with a cry, and with slight convulsive movements. She tossed about a good deal. In four hours and a half she was very delirious, had unpleasant illusions, and screamed from fright. She followed with her eyes, in a rapid manner, imaginary objects. She tried to talk, but her words were inarticulate. There were slight convulsive twitchings. She did not know her mother, nor could her attention be attracted by objects held before her eyes. The skin was very dry. At about this time a deep, sharply defined, uniform blush appeared on her face, neck, arms, trunk, and thighs. The delirium continued, but in about eleven hours the delusions appeared to be of a more pleasant character, and she occasionally laughed, and from this time on she continued to improve,273 — Three presented marked symptoms of poisoning. One showed the following effects: He was a boy four years of age, and he ate the berries about twenty minutes before 3 P.M. At 3 o'clock he was sleepy, and lay down. About ten minutes later he had marked twitching and jerking of the hands and, slightly, of the lower limbs. He would partially awaken, and then instantly fall asleep again. The nervous tremors continued all the time, and rather increased. The above symptoms continued for about an hour and twenty minutes from the time of the poisoning, when an emetic of Sulphate of zinc was administered. This produced a rather copious watery discharge from the stomach, with a few fragments of the Atropa berries. Then an entirely new set of symptoms supervened. The child was wakeful, and made rasses as if picking up things, and would appear to pour them from hand to hand. He would run against things backward, sideways, and forward ; then he would whirl on one foot, and run against things as before. In the midst of these movements he presented an episode, by throwing up his hands and asking a blessing, by then calling for bread, and appearing to think he had it, by taking up his apron and biting a piece off and chewing it. He immediately followed this by talking of his father and mother, who were at a distance. Again, he would throw things at persons around him, catching at anything that was within his reach. The above was the most marked case of poisoning among these children. The others presented far less demonstrations, their delirium being of a much more painful order. The effects bad sensibly dininished by the next morning, and had entirely


disappeared on the second day,274 -Shortly afterward became insensible, with rigidity of the body and clenched teeth. Breathing with a loud snoring noise, but without puffing out the cheeks; the skin, lips, and mouth dry; pulse 10+; respiration 22 (after two hours and twenty minutes). Contractions and twitchings of both arms, the fingers being clenched by tonic contraction of the muscles, and the elbows rigid (after three hours and twenty minutes). Half unconsciousness began to give way to fussy busy delirium. He constantly muttered, kept picking the bedclothes, and tried to get out of bed. He stared wildly about him, and was very suspicious. He continued delirious, but not violently, all that night and the next day (after ten hours and a half). Became so violent that it was necessary to lay bin down in bed. He stared wildly about him, struggled to get out of bed, shouted at the top of his voice, “Police !” “Murder !" and suffered from various hallucinations, thinking he was in prison, or was about to be murdered. He was very suspicious, refusing to take food, thinking it was poison (after thirty-six hours),"? —[2660.] “ In about five minutes,” to use her own words, she “felt queer about the eyes, then stupid like" in her head; felt she was losing the power of standing on her legs. She became helpless and quite unconscious. In less than an hour, when I saw her, she could swallow only a few drops of water, and very soon she became unable to do this. She could not speak, only mumbled incessantly some inarticulate words, which were only audible at times. She was put into bed, and there she sat propped up by pillows, and had a vacant, drunken look ; moved her hands about, sorting and catching at imaginary things. Widely-dilated pupils, and a diffused scarlet rash, which was out on the neck and upper part of the chest, and also on the hand and forearm. The rash was not of a long duration; it soon began to fade, and in four hours was hardly perceptible anywhere. For about twenty-two hours her life was a blank to her. On the morning of the second day, her pupils were widely dilated, and she saw persons and things double, and at times saw imaginary persons and objects about her; her hands felt moist, as did also her feet, and she could not stand. All through there was a good deal of distress about the throat; it was one of the first things experienced, and the discomfort lasted to a certain extent for many days. The patient eventually recovered ; but for several days she felt she was not her ordinary self; could not remember how to do the simplest thing, had forgotten the way; had to ponder over the way an article of clothing should be fastened on, etc.,976. - In fifteen or twenty minutes after I had taken it, I felt a very disagreeable sensation in my chest and head, and slightly in my stomach. It seemed to me as if there were an accumlation of wind at the pit of the stomach, which should come up. The vital organs were weary, I wished to draw a long breath every moment, and soon grew worse. My face became flushed. The pupil of my eye was much dilated, covering nearly the entire iris. My head felt full and heavy. Giddiness followed, the room appeared to whirl and the floor to move. There was a sort of constriction in the chest and throat, slightly spasmodic, and a sense of suffocation. This condition rapidly increased in intensity till I felt I was assuredly dying. I could think of no other result. It appeared as if every breath I drew would be the last. I took leave of my family, as I found my voice failing and the sense of visiou losing itself in darkness, when I became unconscious. I remained in this position from about 8 o'clock in the moruing till after dark in the evening. When I came to myself, so as to know those around, the faces of persons look exceedingly large, broad, and out of proportion. Any little speck or spot on the ceiling over head, or on the wall of the room, as large as a fly, for instance, the head of a nail appeared to my vision precisely like a spider with legs, and the legs constantly in motion. This appearance continued for three or four days, but gradually corrected itself so far as addition to the real object seen went. Still for weeks and months, everything I looked upon, the ground, houses, trees, etc., appeared as if there were a sort of glimmer upon their surface, resembling the wavy motion of heated air arising from the roof or sides of a building. The figures of a carpet seemed to blend as I looked down upon them; indeed, nothing appeared natural to the vision. My stomach and bowels were torpid and inactive. For weeks and months I had no appetite, much of the time actually loathing the sight and smell of food. One singular sensation I experienced when consciousness was leaving me and immediately on its return, was this: whatever I touched with my hands felt exceedingly cold. The hands and fingers of my wife were as cold to my touch as icicles, and the longer I retained them in my hand, with the thought that they might soon become warm, the more intensely cold did they seem. This feeling was not imaginary, because about the first thing I remembered on coming to myself, when my wife spoke to me and took hold of my hand, was the sensation I have described; but it did not then feel as cold as when I was going into the state of unconsciousness. In four or five days I was able to sit up, and in ten or twelve to go out. But I was weak and trembling, easily excited, quick and hasty in my motions, with a sort of wild and glassy expression about the eye. I felt as if my

I nervous system was completely shattered. The feelings I have experienced in my brain, at the pit of the stomach, and through my limbs, to which I allude, are difficult to describe. At times when excited or a little weary, and sometimes when there is no apparent cause, even when I feel uncommonly well and bright, I experienced what I call a sort of spasm in the brain. The sensation comes quite suddenly. There is a sort of drawing and giving way, again, as if the nerves of the brain were in motion, when all upon which I look appears to niove slightly in one direction, and then back to their former position. If the objects are at a distance, either forests, houses, or mountains, upon which I chance to look at the time, they seem to swing. At these moments I feel as if I should fall to the earth, though I experience no giddiness, but only a strange and alarming sensation at the pit of the stomach, corresponding to the feeling in the brain, apıl coming at the same moment, as if the two were connected, and the whole on the sympathetic nerves. This sensation was first experienced about two weeks after my prostration. I have since felt it many times, and generally when standing or walking, but seldom when I either stund or sit with my back against something to sustain me. Iu two months after I was prostrated, I felt those spasms at times so powerfully that it would seem I could not live if they should continue for the space of a minute. They generally pass off in the space of a few seconds, and do not return for some hours, perhaps not for a day or two,263. — Expression vacant, laughing on the slightest provocation. Strong light produced no contraction of the pupils, which were widely dilated. Auswered questions when aroused, but soon became incoherent; vessels of retina rather enlarged: pulse 114;

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† All the symptoms which I have described above, followed in the case of my sister, who took but half the amount I did. She, however, did not become uncona scious.



quick ; extremities cold ; mouth and tongue remarkably dry (first day). Delirious and very troublesome throughout the night; limbs feel numbed; objects appear a long way off, and as if double; sees letters dimly, but canvot read (second day),27. — The skin was of the color of a lobster; pulse 130; respirations rapid, sighing, and shallow; the pupils widely dilated, and the patient much alarmed. She looked as if in the eruptive stage of scarlet fever,279:-Dryness of throat, dilated pupils, and great pain in the passage. Vagina very dry, in great pain of a burning stinging character. Her pulse was quick, the countenance was flushed, tongue dry and parched,281. — Severe pain in the top of the head, vomiting, dryness of the fauces, spasmodic action of the muscles of the throat and chest, and an indescribable sensation of sinking. Pulse quick and thready; irides very inuch dilated, though contractile; face and eyes suffused, extremities cold, tongue moist, skin dry. Urinated several times with severe scalding and irritation of the bladder, 3% - Nauseous taste, like copperas, in her mouth, a tingling in the fingers, and stupor, 27. –One hour after swallowing powder, he was attacked with violent headache, especially above the orbits; the eyes became of a red color, which quickly extended over the face, and at last over the body, so that within a few minutes the whole skin exhibited an intense uniform redness, such as is observed in scarlet fever; at the same time the patient felt violent pain and heat in the throat, and along the oesophagus, and, on examination, the fauces were found strongly inflaned. These symptoms were accompanied by a very painful irritation of the urinary passages, especially of the neck of the bladder, with constant but fruitless desire of inaking water,255 - Restless,200. — Desire to lie down,247.

Skin.-Scarlet redness over the whole body, -[2670.] Scarlet redness over the whole body, with pain and heat in the throat, desire to urinate, and painful discharge of bloody urine,?. —Her body and limbs were covered all over with a beautiful scarlet rash, resembling the rash of scarlatina, but this disappeared in a few hours (after sixteen hours),266 — Transient redness over the whole body, especially on the chest and neck,251. Face, neck, and upper part of the chest reddened and congested (after nine hours and half),478. - In about one and a half hours the face of the child was covered with spots the size of a silver quarter, and larger. These spots were of a bright red color, and a little elevated and putly, similar tv nettlerash. These gradually coalesced, and in about two hours covered the face and front of the neck. Around the spots was a white border ; also around the mouth,175.-Scrotum blistered,278.

Sleep,-Fast asleep (after three hours); sleeping quietly without stertor (after six hours and a half); after the application of cold to the scrotum and spine, tickling and pinching the feet and legs, the patient became partially aroused at 3.30 A.M. (after sleeping pine hours and a half ); he then slept quietly till morning, when he woke of his own accord,278. — Wakeful.261

Fever.-Skin cold (after four hours),950. — The lower limbs were inclined to be very cold, and it was with considerable difficulty that they were kept partially warm, 95. – [2680.) Skin hot (after two bours and a quarter),286 —Profuse perspiration, 248 249.






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