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tending to the head and arms (seventh day),'.—[150.] A small scratch made a very large sore. After proving the old eruption returned, but was not so severe as before, and was easily cured by Rhus tox. 200th, and has not returned, ".-Slight itching of the limbs, but no eruption (twenty-second day),':- Intolerable itching of a corn on the second toe of the left foot (sixteenth day),':-Very severe itching of corn on left foot (seventeenth day),

Sleep. — Yawning and eructation all day (twenty-second day), Sleepy all day eighteenth day),'.-Restless sleep, with springing up, and constant jumping and thrashing of the arms (seventeenth day),: -Restless sleep (twentieth day),':-Very restless night, with heat and pain at epigastrium (twenty-first night),'.-Unrefreshing sleep (twenty-second night), :[160.] Had frightful dreams; awoke frightened and trembling (fifth day), -Frightful dreams of mad dogs, etc. (fourteenth day),".

Fever.-Chilly in a very warm room (twenty-third day),':- Feels too warm in a cool room (seventeenth day),".


Authority. 7, E. W. Berridge, The Organon, vol. ii, p. 258, Mr. —, æt. twenty years, took some ethereal tincture of Asafoetida.

He at once felt as if he could not remain indoors, but must walk about in the open air, with apprehension, feeling as if the heart would burst, and quick breathing ; for two days there were violent palpitation of heart and excitement of mind. Since then he has had, from time to time, the following symptoms, which he never had before. (The symptoms are given in groups, just as he from time to time reported them.)

At night, when lying on back, has palpitation and suffocative feeling, and as if the heart would burst; he must sit up, which relieves him. Fits of low spirits. Heart sometimes beats very feebly.

Rush of blood to head, and increased action of heart on the slightest excitement.

Palpitation, with faintness, rush of blood to head, flushing of face, anxiety, and slow breathing, from excitenient.

Attacks of faintness, followed by fluttering of heart, with the faintness, sweat on small of back, hot and cold alternately, and trembling. Feeling of suffocation in throat on taking a full inspiration.

Attacks of faintness, with anxiety, as if he would die, and with one attack desire for suicide. With the faintness, shivering and very feeble action of the heart. Feeling as if the heart were swollen, preventing a deep inspiration. Restless, must walk about. Dislike for solitude. At times heart feels bound together tightly, as if it could not beat; afterwards this was felt only on exertion or walking.

Shooting from just below left nipple through to back, on walkivg.

Faintness on beginning to eat, especially at dinner, with full and frequent beating of heart, with the faintness, anxiety as if he would die, alternate heat and chill, sweat on small of back, and trembling.

Faintness, with quick pulse; the faintness is worse the day after a seminal emission (to which he was subject before he took the drug).

After meals, flatulent distension of abdomen, making heart beat very feebly, with faintness.

Woke in night with distension of stomach, pain across chest, and feeble heart.

Dull pain and fulness in left side of head, with bleeding from left nostril, and heart beating slowly.

Fulness and throbbing in head, heart beats feebly, and apprehension.

Fulness of head when riding in a carriage, with feeling as if nose were stopped up high up, so that he cannot breathe through it.

Heart's action is quickened by a deep inspiration.

Moving arms makes heart beat quickly. Sometimes heart beats short and quick, at other times he feels as if there were no action of it; with the heart symptoms, fear of death. Low-spirited between the heart attacks. These heart symptoms and faintness worse after seminal emission. With one attack of faintness there was shaking of the limbs, and as if the bowels shook. The faintness is brought on by noise, on being in crowded streets.

If he sleeps on left side, he wakes up feeling faint, and with slow action of heart.

Fears paralysis or softening of brain.

Continual pain about region of heart, with slight oppression of breathing; the pain temporarily relieved by eructations. At times slight inclination to faint, accompanied by great apprehension. If he thinks of having taken the drug, it brings on the faintness.

When faint, if he breathes deeper, the heart beats fuller and the faintness decreases; if he holds the breath, the heart becomes very feeble.

Faintness and feeble action of heart. Inability to walk fast or uphill. Apprehension. Depression. Occasional tingling in legs after much walking. Faintness is worse after seminal emissions. Cold sensation in head,'.


Authority. 3, H. W. Taylor, M.D., Cincin. Med. Advance, vol. vi, 1878,

p. 25.

Five children ate freely of the pawpaw, without being fastidiously nice as to the ripeness or greenness. Next morning they seemed a little languid and pale, but the pawpaw eating went on. About 10 P.M. I found my only boy, æt. two years and six months, with a violent fever. He had vomited awhile before I arrived, and I found that he was covered with a bright scarlet eruption. His pulse was 130, full and steady, and at 10.30 the thermometer, remainiog in the axilla ten minutes, showed a temperature of 105°. Among the vomited ingesta were many small pieces of unripe pawpaw. The next day the eruption remained in full blush, the temperature dropped to 104°, the fauces were red and swollen, the tonsils and submaxillary glands were considerably enlarged, and a diarrhea of yellowish discharges set in. Each day the temperature dropped until it was normal; a general desquamation of the cuticle took place, and a carbuncle formed on the anterior aspect of the left thigh, and was two weeks finishing the process of suppuration. The diarrhæa continued more than four weeks, although many remedies were given to check it or control it.

He complained of frontal headache, soreness of the throat, and nausea. The eruption in all its phases, the fever, the diarrhea, were much like some cases of scarlet fever. All the other children had the eruption on the neck and upper extremities; all had diarrhæa, lasting a long time after the other symptoms had disappeared,".


Authorities. 5, M. Gendrin (Gaz. Med. de Paris, June, 1833), Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., vol. xiii, 1833, p. 241, effects of the syrup on several persons; 6, E. W. Berridge, M.D., Am. Hom. Obs., 1875, p. 101, effects on Mr. —, after eating Asparagus.

All without exception had the quantity of their urine increased, and this commenced when the syrup was given in the dose of an ounce to an ounce and a half, but was not marked until two ounces of the medicine was taken at a dose. When taken in this dose the urine tripled, quadrupled, and even quintupled the quantity of drink in all the individuals. When this abundant diuresis was established, the greater number of these persons experienced thirst, and all had an increase of appetite. M. G. repeated these experiments upon three series of persons, consisting of three, of five, of four. The day after the Asparagus was suspended, the diuresis ceased,". -After eating Asparagus his urine smells like cat’s urine.


Authority. 8, E. W. Berridge, M.D., N. Y. Journ. of Hom., vol. ii, p. 460, Mr. took several doses of 200th (Leipzig).

Dull headache in occiput for thirty minutes, one hour and a half after breakfast; it came and went suddenly. Dull occipital headache, lasting all day, commencing one hour after breakfast,*.


Astragalus Menziesii, Gray.
Natural order, Leguminose.
Authority. J. M. Selfridge, Trans. Pacific Hom. Med. Soc., 1874–76, p. 178.

Ate some of the green leaves at 4.30 P.M. In fifteen minutes I experienced a slight burning sensation in pharynx, esophagus, and stomach. At 5 P.M. a feeling of fulness in right temple and superior maxillary bone; also slight nausea, accompanied with shivering and chilliness, such as frequently precede or accompany nausea; 5.20, experienced occasional attacks of dizziness, with fulness of the head ; 5.45, felt weak; arms felt as if trembling; 6.30, still felt weak, with a sense of emptiness in the stomach ; 7 P.M., ate a light supper, which did not remove the weakness, although the feeling of emptiness was relieved. Had a pressive pain in both temples, which lasted until 9 o'clock; 7.30, felt as if my nerves were all trembling; 9.15, had a slight pain in left superior maxillary bone, followed by a feeling of pressure, which continued but a minute or two; 9.20, aching in the

right superior maxillary, with a sense of pressure in both bones; also slight pain in the masseter muscles. Restless sleep after midnight. Frequently disturbed sleep, with dreams of quarrelling. Had a stool at 7.15 A.M., an unusual hour; loose, like diarrhoea, with burning and tenesmus; 8 A.M., slight burning at anus, recurring occasionally; 9.15, occasional feeling of tenesmus.


Arum Dracontium, Linn.
Natural order, Araceæ.
Common name, Green Dragon or Dragon-root.
Authority. C. P. Hart, M.D., Am. Hoin. Obs., 1875, p. 537.

A little over 1 ounce of the expressed juice was mixed with 9 ounces of pure saccharum lactis, marked “matrix. Of this a 1st dec. trit. was prepared in the usual mapper.

July 6th. Prover, æt. thirty-six years, took 10 grains jo. At 2 P.M. pulse 74, full, soft, and regular. In five minutes felt a peculiar acrid sensation in the mouth and throat, but not sufficiently marked to be unpleasant. The heart beat so violently as to shake the walls of the chest. Pulse 80, full, hard, and somewhat jerking.

2.15 P.M. Tingling or slight stinging sensation in the fingers and toes, as when the circulation is impeded. Pulse 80, small and irregular; artery seems to roll under the finger, and requires considerable pressure in order to be correctly counted.

2.45 P.M. Fine tingling sensation all over right hand, which is warmer and redder than the left, and appears somewhat swollen. Pulse 80, moderately full, and more regular.

7 P.M. Shooting pain in the left anterior inferior triangle of the neck, near the clavicle; aching pain in the left forearm, left hand, and right humerus. Pulse 74, full, and nearly natural, but rather weak and irregular.

7.20 P.M. Sharp shooting pains at the styloid process of the right ulna ; right hand still remains somewhat red and swollen. Retired to rest at 9 P.m., and slept soundly till 7 A.M. Head feels heavy and aches slightly in occipital and right parietal regions. Throat feels somewhat raw, and there is rattling of mucus in the larynx at every full expiration, but this disappeared after rising and moving about.

July 7th, 8 A.M. Half hour after breakfast shooting pains in the right ear; they are transient but frequent, and leave a feeling of fulness and slight aching in the middle ear.

9 A.M. Took 15 grains "matrix.” Late and insufficient stool.

9.15 A.M. Eructation of flatus from the stomach ; fine tingling or pricking sensation in the hands and feet, especially the right; shooting pain down the right thigh ; flushing of the hands and face; heart's action increased, but not as violent as after taking the first decinal preparation yesterday; aching in the right humerus.

9.35 A.M. Copious semifluid stool, with much flatus; also eructations tasting of the medicine; small accumulation of mucus in the throat, the raising of which, by coughing, produces a slight mucous rattling in the larynx; disposition to swallow, arising from excess of mucus, but no unpleasant acrid sensation in the throat, as I had expected.

10 A.M. Pulse 74, full, soft, and regular. Feeling of warmth and fulness in left middle ear, similar to what was felt at 8 A.M. in the right, but no shooting pains; probably this symptom arises from an accumulation of mucus in left Eustachian tube.

10.20 A.M. The ear symptom has changed sides; warmth and fulness now in the right ear; left ear normal. The disposition to swallow has subsided, but has left a slight uneasiness in the throat, and a disposition to cough. The act of swallowing develops a slight soreness in the muscles of the throat, and renews temporarily the feeling of warmth and fulness in the ears, sometimes in one and sometimes the other, seldom in both at once. I am satisfied that the throat and ear symptoms, with the exception of the soreness, are owing to an excess of mucus in the throat, larynx, and Eustachian tubes.

3 P.M. Increased soreness of the larynx, and greater dispositiou to cough; burning of the soles of the feet; heat, dryness, and smarting of the eyelids; fine shooting pain in the course of the left spermatic cord.

5 P.M. Preternatural heat in the palms of the hands ; loose cough, with soreness of the throat, closely simulating a mild attack of catarrhal angiva; the soreness is not very marked, except during the act of deglutition ; there is a feeling of dryness and smarting in the throat, a kind of rawness, with a sense of fulness, not really painful, but sufficiently annoying to attract constant attention, and producing a continual disposition to clear the throat by swallowing, coughing, or hawking.

9.30 P.M. Retired to bed and slept well the first part of the night, but awoke about midnight with great oppression of breathing, a kind of asthmatic attack, which, however, soon passed off, leaving considerable rattling of mucus in the larynx and upper part of the trachea. Noticed that the rawness in the throat and the soreness in the laryngeal region, which were present on retiring, had almost entirely disappeared. Slept badly the rest of the night. In the morning raised by coughing a small amount of mucus. No rattling of mucus at this hour (7 A.M.) except by forced expirations ; the undue secretion is now limited to the larynx, but can be distinctly heard whenever the expirations are prolonged.

July 8th, 8 A.M. Natural motion of the bowels; no flatulence. 9 A.M. Took 30 grains “natrix.”

Occasional emissions of flatus from the stomach ; ear symptoms as before noted, but not so marked ; fine pricking or tingling sensations in the feet and hands, for the last half hour, began in right foot, and afterwards affected in regular succession the right hand, left foot, and left hand ; occasional shooting pains have occurred during the same time in the following order: right malar region, right external malleolus, thenal eminence of right thumb, left malar region. Pulse 84, small and somewhat irregular. Occasional shooting and aching pains along the right humerus and right thumb.

10.30 A.M. Aching pain behind the right ear; also in the right shoulder; slight aching pain in the præcordial region and down the left arm; also in the right forearm and over the left eye; these pains are all very transient. 11 A.M.

Pain in the bowels caused by incarceration of flatus; escape of flatus from stomach and bowels.

12 m. Aching pain along the outer aspect of the left foot; immediately followed by a similar pain in the corresponding part of the left hand; shooting and aching pains in the left brachial plexus of nerves.

10 A.M.

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