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sions terminate sometimes in partial or general sweats, and at other times merely in a moist state of skin. This Arsenical fever never acquires any regular type. It is rare for the excitation to be carried to this degree, and there is more usually an increase, more or less considerable, of the heat of the body, which seems to have its source in the stomach and præcordial region, whence it passes to the rest of the body, but is especially felt in forehead and eyebrows. To produce these effects a rather strong dose is required,"17 . - Heat over the whole

body, except the hands,355. — Violent heat internally and externally,16.- Temperature increased in the rectum 38.6°),362 —The feeling of heat within did not leave him for a week,239 Heat of skin,239 269 325. — Heat and dryness of skin,971. — [3580.] Alternations of heat and chilliness,363 -Sweat. Profuse sweating on the least exertion,2%.-Skin moist and temperature good (after five hours); moist and cool (after six hours), 29. —Cold clammy sweat, 251. -Skin covered with cold clammy sweat,997-Clammy perspiration," ---Cold sweat,363 — Whole body, and particularly hands and feet, covered with cold sweat,245. —Cold sweats broke out profusely over surface of body,331-Fetid perspiration on the whole body,357.—[3590.] Abundant perspiration (after eight days),359.


Authorities. (6 to 12, from Berridge's collection in Appendix to Brit. Journ. of Hom.) 6, Dr. John Elliotson, Lancet, 1831 (2), p. 132, a family of eight or more were poisoned by Arsenite of copper, in and about the house, to which water had access ; Ý, M. Raspail, Med. Times, vol. ix, 1843, p. 15, and vol. xiii, p. 324, Ghelen, poisoned, death in eight days; 8, Raspail inhaled the gas for three days; 9, Vogel, Archiv des Verein (abridged), Dublin Hosp. Gaz., 1854 (1), 157, a man inhaled the gas; 10, Dr. T. Monat, Glasgow Med. Journ., vol. v, 1858, p. 371, Mr. R. ivhaled it; 11, M. Piorry, Gaz. des Hop., 1863 (Brit. Med. Journ., 1863 (2), 580), a man, æt. twenty-two years, imbibed a large amount; 12, Dr. Dickinson, Med. Times and Gaz., 1865 (1), p. 659, effects of inhalation ; 13, Dr. Valette, Memoire, Lyons, 1870 (Tardieu, Etude Méd. leg. et Clin. sur Empoisonnement, Paris, 1875).

Head.Suddenly seized with vertigo, fainting, and vomiting, and died in eight days,': -On the third day had vertigo and pains in the stomach, prostration of strength, cerebral congestion, fever, dim sight, indigestion, nausea, and griping, *. -Violent pain in the head in one hour),". Intense headache came on suddenly on the fourth day, followed by very violent pain in the epigastric region and renewed vomiting, with pale tongue and great thirst; the features became for the second time altered, and the sclerotic again became yellow; prostration very great,"3.- Intense frontal headache (in five hours),".

Eye.-Sclerotic injected with blood of a very yellow color," — [80.] Sclerotic yellow,'?—Every one had watery eyes, .

Face.-Expression like that of a person suffering from cholera,' Face and lips pale (iu five hours),".

Mouth.—The gums became pale, discolored, and bled easily, .Tongue red and foul,.-- Blood seemed to ooze from the whole mucous membrane of the mouth, and accumulated on the anterior pillars of the palate, exhaling a nauseous odor,%.


Throat.-Constriction of the throat,3.

Stomach.-Thirst,*-Great thirst,".-[90.] Nausea and vomiting.. Vomiting (in four hours),"!. — Pain in epigastric region (in four hours),". Feeling of heat of stomach,

Stool.-Bloody stool,

Urinary Organs.---Bloody urine," -On the ninth day the urine again became suppressed, and vomiting reappeared,'–Hæmaturia,"? 13. Urine deep red, almost black," -Urine black, bloody, scanty,"? —[100.] It caused blackish urine, depending upon altered blood-globules,'.-(Arsenic was detected in the urine),'.

Chest.-Constriction on the suprasternal notch,': – Feeling of constriction at base of lung, and breathing was quickened (in five hours),".

Heart and Pulse,-Distress about the heart and stomach, followed by proft vomiting,"? -Pulse small and rapid,. ---None bad a pulse under 120, and in some it was 160,*:—Pulse 90,13."

Back.-Violent pain towards lumbar region (in five hours),"-Feebleness of the limbs continued for a long time, 3-[110.) Pains in the limbs,". - After they apppeared well they had pains in the limbs..

Generalities.-Blood exuded from the mucous membrane and from the prepuce; the blood was pale; I was scarcely able to call these exudations hæmorrhages, on account of the decolored character of the blood ; the patient certainly lost as much as 300 to 400 grams of blood,'?. —He soon had a sense of burning and constriction in the throat. Next day he was exceedingly ill. He had been suffering for several hours from excessive irritation of stomach, with an intense acrid burning sensation from the pharynx to the lower end of the alimentary canal. The vomited matter consisted at first of the food contained in the stomach, then of the bile which had evidently regurgitated into that organ, and ultimately of dark coffee-groundslooking matter, which was ascertained to consist of broken-down blood corpuscles and the desquamated epithelium of the stomach and lower part of esophagus. The bowels had been obstinately constipated, and there had been severe pains in the loins, accompanied with the discharge of between three and four pints of bloody urine. There was at this time (about sixteen hours after the poison) considerable fever, with a full, hard, frequent pulse, a dry, hot, unperspiring skin, burning pain in the whole course of the alimentary canal, deepseated pain in the lumbar region, intense restlessness, anxiety, and general uneasiness, pale, anxious face, and considerable prostration of the vital powers,-. — Very great restlessness, 3. – Walked with difficulty (in five hours),"" -Very great prostration," —Indefinable malaise,13

Skin.--Eruption of papules upon the abdomen, face, and loins,"? — The eruption on the skin became violet in color,13.

Sleep.-[120.] After about four weeks the patient was attacked with somnolency; the face became of a bronzed hue, and the oozing of blood continued, afterwards the patient had repeated attacks of syncope, and soon after died,13

Fever.-Body cold, 13. —Skin cold,%.-General heat of body, :-Profuse perspiration,



ARSENICUM IODATUM. Authority. 3, Dr. A. T. Thomson, Lancet, 1838-9 (1), p. 176, experiments.

At first appetite is increased, but after taking it for ten or twelve days pain is felt at epigastrium, with thirst, dry state of throat, slight fever, and sometimes diarrhea and tenesmus; the skin also becomes dry, and the urine is increased in quantity. If it is continued the nervous system becomes extremely irritable, and wakefulness supervenes,'.

ARTEMISIA ABROTANUM. Authority. 3, A. M. Cushing, M.D., Trans. Mass. Hom. Med. Soc., 1866–70, vol. iji, p. 19, took 6 drops at 10.30 P.M. (first day); 8 drops at 10.35 P.M. (second day); 15 drops at 10.30 P.M. (third day); 15 drops at 10.30 P.M. (fourth day); 20 drops at 11 P.M. (fifth day); 25 drops at 9 P.M. (sixth day); 40 drops at 10 P.m. (seventh day); 25 drops at 12 P.M. (eleventh day); 50 drops at 10.30 P.M. (twelfth day); 100 drops at 9 P.M. (thirteenth day); 500 drops 1st dil. at 10 P.M. (sixteenth day); 1000 drops at 10 P.M. (seventeenth day).

Mind.- Very nervous (eighteenth day),".

Head.-In five minutes head felt as if squeezed on temporal regions (first day), '.- Pain and fulness of the head (seventh day), - A woke in the morning with severe pain in the left temporal region, which continued all the forenoon (fourteenth day),:: - Headache (sixteenth day),'.

Eye.-Eyes smart in the evening; pain in left eye, could not open it for several seconds (fifteenth day),'.

Ear.-Soon after dose, heard a noise like the humming of a bee; walked around the room to find it. When in bed it sounded like persons talking in the distance; on listening intently it disappeared, but would return as he turned his mind from it (eleventh day)," — Wind rushes out of right ear (seventeenth day),'.

Nose.-Watery discharge from nose (seventeenth day),".

Mouth.-Mouth hot and dry, morning, on waking (fourteenth day);": -Sore tongue and mouth all day (seventeenth day), -Mouth dry and sore (twentieth and twenty-first days),'—[50.] Mouth quite sore, confined mostly to gums near left upper molars (twenty-second day),':-Sore mouth, with increased saliva, more in the night (twenty-second day),':-Soreness of mouth increased (twenty-third day),* -Mouth better (twenty-fourth day),

Stomach.-Poor appetite (fifteenth, nineteenth, and twenty-second days), :—Raises wind tasting of the plants (eighteenth day),':-Èvening, belching of large quantities of wind tasting of salt mackerel, though none has been eaten for months; cannot eat it (twenty-sixth day), '.- Nausea (thirteenth day),'.-Slight nausea, with eructation of large quantities of flatus, tasting strongly of the plant (first day)," --Felt sick all the forenoon, better in the open air (fourteenth day),' . -Nausea and sour eructations (seventeenth day), ".-160.] Nausea, burning, and soreness of the stomach, evening (seventeenth day), '.-Stomach very sour (eighteenth day), -Heat in stomach (eighteenth day), -Heat and pain at epigastrium, at night (twenty-second day),".

Abdomen.-Pain in region of liver and kidneys, of a sick, sore, faint, inexpressible nature, very peculiar, almost amounting to fainting. Unable to walk on the street (eighteenth day),'.-Pain in left hypochondriac region, with eructation of large quantities of flatus (twenty-fifth day),':-At midnight got out of bed and walked around the room ; bowels bloated so much it was difficult to walk or bend, and seeming as if the bowels could be kept from passing out at the anus only by keeping the legs close together (seventeenth day),'.—Bowels bloated and painful, at 10 P.M. (eighteenth day),'--Pain in the bowels all night, with several stools (twentysixth day),.-Pain and heat in the bowels (fifteen minutes after a dose, seventeenth day),.

Stool.—[70.1 Bowels costive for the third time in his life, when well (sixth day),'.—Urgent desire for stool ; loose stool; another at 7 A.M. (twelfth day),'.—Bowels seened costive, with loose stool (fourteenth day),.. — Bowels more costive than for years (sixteenth day),'.—Natural stool, at 9.30 P.M. (sixteenth day),'.-Urgent desire for stool; loose stool (eighteenth day), — Three loose stools in the forenoon, one in the evening (eighteenth day),'.—7 A.M., soft stool; 9 A.M., stool, with much straining; sensation as if it was large and indurated, though quite the reverse (twentieth day),'.—Urgent call and loose stool, at 6.30 A.M. (twenty-first day),".

Urinary Organs.-At 2 P.M., hurried desire to urinate after stool (fourth day),'.—[80.] Desire to urinate (seventeenth day),'.—Urine profuse (twenty-fifth day),".

Sexual Organs.-Pain in testicles and back (seventeenth day),.

Respiratory Organs.-A sensation as of breathing hot air continued for two days (fifteenth day),.—Difficult breathing (twenty-second day),

Chest.-Pain in left lung (thirteenth day), ".-Sore feeling in lower portion of left lung, morning, on waking (fourteenth day), --Pain in the base of both lungs through the day, with darting pain in limbs and ankles (sixteenth day),.-Severe and sore pain in both lungs (twenty-fifth day),. -Pricking pain in right side of chest (thirteenth day),?.—[80.] Burning through right side of chest (twenty-second day),.- Pain just below the heart, followed by a crawling sensation and eructations (seventeenth day),.

Pulse.-Pulse quick (seventeenth day),'.

Neck and Back.-On waking, very lame, worse in back; muscular soreness on motion, with severe pains in the back of the neck, shoulders, right side of the chest, and limbs; the right hip was so lame as to cause limping for some time (fourteenth day);":-Severe pain all day in the side and back of the neck and shoulders, limbs, back, and hips ; arms and hands feel numb (fifteenth day),':-Strange pulling sensation of the muscles of the right side of the neck beneath the angle of the jaw (half an hour after a dose, sixteenth day),.--Back quite lame (eighteenth day),'Back lame and painful (twenty-first day),'-Heavy pain in lumbar region, extending to both testicles, 5 P.M. (twenty-third day);":—Pain in back and testicles (twenty-fourth day), '.—[100.] Pain in back, hips, and knees, afternoon (twenty-sixth day),

Extremities. — Limbs very weak (twenty-second day),'. — Weak, numb feeling of arms and limbs (thirteenth day), .-Sore feeling in all the limbs, mostly in the joints, morning, on waking (fourteenth day), -Pain all day in shoulders, arms, and hips (eighteenth day), '.-On waking, both arms, legs, and feet were very lame and painful, but relieved after motion.

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In half an hour right hand so lame as to be useless (twenty-third day),':Joints all sore and lame (twenty-seventh day),'.

Superior Extremities.-Feel as if both arms were tied to the body (twenty-sixth day),':--Right arm lame and weak (twenty-second day),': --Severe aching pain in both axillæ, as if a sore were forming (tenth and eleventh days), *. — [110.) Pain in shoulders (eighteenth day),.-On waking early, sharp pain in left shoulder (twenty-fifth day), *:-Both shoulders lame and sore, on waking, in the morning (twenty-sixth day), ':-Seized when riding with lameness and aching of left arm above the elbow, on outer and under side; armı lame all day (twelfth day), ".--1 A.M., while riding, severe pain in the left arm above the elbow (fourteenth day), '.- Pain above right elbow, afternoon (twenty-second day), ".-Severe sore pain just above the left elbow, at 11 P.M. (twenty-second day), -The pain is all in arms just above the elbow (twenty-sixth day),'. - Pain in right elbow all the forevoon (twenty-fifth day), '. -- Pain in left elbow and right hand (twenty-fifth day),. -- [120.) Right hand lame, so as scarcely to be used (nineteenth day), .—Left hand so lame he could not sit still, 10 A.M. (twentythird day), '.-Hands painful and sore all day; handles everything with difficulty (twenty-fourth day),'.

Inferior Extremities.- Pain in both hips, severe in right hip and thigh (sixteenth day),':- Aching pain all day across the hips (seventeenth day),':- Both hips and legs so lame that it is difficult to walk (twentysecond day),'.--Both legs lame and painful, from hips to knees; they feel very sore, but are not sore to the touch (twenty-second day), :—Lame, aching pain on the inside of the right knee, then on the outside of the left knee (sixth day),.-Right knee and ankle very weak (eighteenth day), ": Right knee lame and painful in the morning (twentieth day),'.— [130.] Sore pain in knees, first the right then the left, in the evening (twenty-second day), "--Both knees lame, 11 A.M. (twenty-third day),': - Pain in both knees (twenty-fourth day),'.- In the evening, sore lameness of head of left fibula, so severe as to cause lameness when walking, at three different times (twenty-first day), '.-Legs and feet lame and painful (seventeenth day),'. - Very sudden pain in legs (eighteenth day), 2 – Evening, both legs weak, both hands painful, and so lame as hardly to be used (twenty-third day),'. -Ankles and legs so painful he could not sit still while examining a patient, 11.30 A.M. (twenty-third day), '.-Soon after taking dose pain in the left, then the right leg, at the middle of the tibia (seventh day), -Aching pain in the ankles and feet, worse on the outside of the left ankle (seventh day);":—[140.] Pain in ankles and knees; the feet are lame and painful (eighth to eleventh day),'.

Generalities. During proving lay very straight in bed (usually lie with feet drawn up), :—Trembling all over (five minutes after dose, seventeenth day),'.-While proving remedy, often unconsciously dropped reins when driving (nineteenth day),':- Weak and lame in the forenoon (eighteenth day), -In the afternoon severe pains; obliged to lie down; very sleepy, could not sleep; not able to attend to patients (fourteenth day),

- Itching, then darting pains in different parts of the body, most in lower lobes of both lungs, and in the legs below the knees (eleventh day)," -Darting pains in various parts of the body, most severe in right arm, above and near elbow-joint, in the forenoon (twenty-second day)," -Darting pain in various parts of the body and limbs (twenty-fifth day),'.

Skin.-The old eruption feels sore, with violent pricking itching, ex

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