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whole head sick, the heart faint;" she awoke in the morning wretched, her life a burden, weariness the day's portion, and each succeeding day like its predecessor, unless physic helped her with its little aid,388 — Extreme anxiety,361. -Great personal anxiety, 287.- Anxiety as regards some persons, ,196 — Her easy-going patural temper was altered; she was irritable in spite of herself, and the same demon had taken temporary babitation in a sister and brother-in-law,389. — Morose and sullen till convalescent, which was in twelve or fourteen days,"2. — Intellectual excitation,917. [2900.) Seemed at times hardly able to collect her thoughts,302 — Memory enfeebled,354,-Lying down, apparently insensible; on being roused began to be sick (after two hours),245. — Insensible (after nine hours), Coma, 385

Head.Vertigo,268 269, etc.-Vertigo, with inability to keep erect, Dizziness in the head (after five minutes); great swimming in the head and vertigo (after ten minutes ),346 – Head swollen,369. —Head on one side, and pain on raising it, as from a rheumatic affection of the sterno-mastoid, (2910.] Cerebral congestion on the third day, just before death,351. -Sensation of heaviness in the head,359. —Headache, etc. -Severe head

etc. - Constant headache, 397. --Severe pain in head and across eyes (one case),285. —Cmplained of pain in head, breast, and belly, vomited several times, and was very thirsty,347-She complained of a "queerness and strange feeling in her head." These symptoms had come on suddenly, and lasted about ten days. Loss of memory of the performance of very recent acts, frequent giddiness, and some drowsiness, were the chief expre-sions of the “queerness" she alluded to. She felt as if she were “losing her mind, -Pain over brows,326. — Violent pain in the frontal region, with vertigo,6.-[2920.1 Violent neuralgia of forehead and face, 301, -Falling out of the hair, 974 - Falling of the hair during convalescence, 36.

- The hair on the head was thick only on the middle of the skull, and the skin desquamated freely,97

Eye.-Dark areola round eyes,290. — Livid circle round eyes, 210.-Dark areole round eyes and mouth,6i - When near death dark areolæ around eyes, 6s - Dark areolæ around eyes, which are somewhat staring, 31.- Eyes sunken," —[2930.] Eyes bollow, when quite half closed,309 — Eyes hollow and dark round eyelids, 309. --Hollow, sunken eyes,57.-Lustrous glisteniog eye, 526. -Eyes injected, 281 94737-Eyes red, lids swollen and excoriated; the redness and swelling of the lids lasted several days,367 Scalding of eyes, 285. - During the week she had soreness of the eyes, 2*0—Soreness of eyes,

which looked in flamed,238. -Soreness and irritability of eyes; during the second attack the cenjunctiva of lids was deep red along the tarsal edges and at the angles; the lids were slightly tumid, and had a tendency to eversion ; vision was painful,911: - Lids. [2940.) Swelling of eyelids, 269. — Lids oedematous (second day),"73. -A line of excoriation on integument at external angle of each eye, and desquamation of cuticle of eyelids, with redness of latter,269 Slight inflammation of left upper eyelid,241. Convulsive movements of the eyelids, jaws, etc.,359 - Itching about eyelashes, 25?. - Lachrymation. Lachrymation,260. — Lachrymation, which corroded the lids and cheeks,»57. -Eyes suffused, even bloodshot,s* --Conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis for a considerable time,30 — 2950.] Slight conjunctivitis, with intolerance of light,161 — Mild conjunctival inflammation,285, — Inflammation of tarsal portions of conjunctiva, ".-Injected conjunctiva,266 270 315,- In all the conjunctive were injected ; the next day, except in the children, the congestion bad disappeared, and given place to a yellow tinge, 4.-Conjunctiva


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bluish white, 37. - Suffusion of conjunctiva,213. - Pupil. Pupils dilated (after several days),35 - Pupils dilated, but react normally to light,374 Vision. Dimness of sight,239 26, etc.—(2960.) Failure of vision, 270 279. One girl, æt. fourteen years, became blind, lost her speech, and fell down in a state of syncope, **. -Flickering before the eyes, 37. --Some complained of flickering of the muscles and disturbance of vision, preventing them from knitting, sewing, or reading; and when they closed their eyes they saw shining particles floating backwards and forwards (second day),94:--Sparks before the eyes (second day), 973 374. —Bluish sparks before the vision,

Ear.-Ringing in ears, 22.

Nose.-Long.continued excessive watery discharge from the left nostril, saturating handkerchiefs by the dozen, excoriating the nose, and making her wretched,358 — Nosebleed,346. — Profuse epistaxis, :-[2970.) Tip of the nose violet, cold,362.

Face.-Anxious countenance, etc.--Cadaverous countenance, Features pinched; eyes sunken, 5 42 369. — Features pinched, livid,361. -Features contracted and face thin,328 -Sunken countenance, 0.-Face sunken and ghastly,245. —Complexion unnatural, and by gaslight a dark greenish hue, 53 – Pällor of the face, 354 375 388 - [2980.] Face pale, pinched, covered with cold sweat,356. — Face pale, contracted, and anxious,284 — Face pale, collapsed,148 — Flushed face,278. —Face red,347 338, etc.-Easily flushed, -Much suffusion and some swelling of face,288 - Face red and swollen,360

. -Countenance dusky,334 - Face livid,34.- 2990.] Countenance livid and sunken (after six hours),262:-Face puffy and erysipelatous,369 - Twitching of face muscles, 32.—Convulsive movements of the muscles of the face,351.- Neuralgia ; often have I found this lady with her face closely wrapped up in flannel, as if she dreaded an attack with sharp ice-spears or burning needles; it came with throes of violence over the left eyebrow, and into the bones of the face, crept up the spine, and settled in the vertex, making her feel as if she could go mad, or rush out anywhere; noise was intolerant, Lips violet, cold, 54 36-Lips parched and dry,954

Mouth. Teeth. Sordes on teeth,910: — Teeth of a yellowish-earthy look, with very little lustre, 971 - Gums. Spongy gums,301. — [3000.] Aphthous ulceration of gums and tonsils,301. -Gums swollen and sore (second day),340.-Gums inflamed,2% -The gum exhibited a red line, 37. — Tenderness of gums,16). — Burning in gums, 45. Tongue. Tongue swollen, *** Tongue foul and swolleu,927. — Tongue large, somewhat indented, covered with a true silvery-white fur, the papillæ projecting through it of rather a dark-red color,325— Tongue thick, fleshy, clean," — 3910.) Drew her tongue together as much as alum does, 325 - Tongue loaded,281 Tongue much furred,250. — Tongue moist and covered with a thin white fur,328. -- Whiteness of tongue,

,271 331 - White tongue, with red tip, 8-Tongue coated white, with red margins, and painful,30 — Tongue red and dry,2* — The tongue presents red edges, with white fur, * -Tongue coated white, with scattered red papillæ, resembling the tongue of scarlatina,281. — [3020.] Tongue and fauces very red (second day),120 --- Tongue and whole mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx intensely red,:6 - Bright green coating of the tongue (one case), 2** -Tongue had a dryish coffee-brown coloring, later changed to an inky color, the substance of the organ being injected,40. Tongue dry and brown,364. —On the fifth day the tongue became dry and black, the ecchymosed spots on the skin became dry and black,368 — Tongue dry,87389-Tongue cold, l. - Burning in tongue, 275,-Sensation on the tongue as though there were blisters on it,37 - General Mouth. [3030.] Aph


, etc.

thous ulcerations on mouth and tongue, 248. -Stinging sensations in mouth and pharyox (after a quarter of an hour),"77.—Burning heat in the mouth and apus, 6.-Saliva. Ptyalism, 191 873.- Unusual degree of salivation,287.-He spat very much,"27. — Free secretion of saliva, as if salivated (second day),330 -Taste. Burning astringent taste in the mouth,373.—One complained of a nauseous taste (secoud day),344,—Sooty taste in mouth,282. —[3040.] He bad had a metallic taste in mouth and throat for some time, 328. -Strong metallic (coppery) taste in mouth,194,-Speech monosyllabic, tremulous, 377 .

Throat.-Spasms in the throat,353 - Dryness of the throat,571. – Dryness of throat and tongue,297.—Diphtheritis,501. —Sore throat,376 —More or less sore throat for three years, 362. —Constriction of throat,268 27", [3050.) Painful constriction of the throat,351. -Slight sensation of constriction in throat,317:— Sensation of strangling in the throat,356 ---Scraping in the throat, *** -Roughness of throat (one case), 98-Husky feeling in throat,". -Burning in throat,248.- Sensation of burning in throat, *** -Severe burning pain in throat,64 – Two observed that they had burning in the throat (after five to seven minutes),271 —[3060.) Heat in the throat and stomach,360. —Heat and uneasiness of throat, with hoarseness,238. —Soon after his occupancy of the room, began to have tonsillitis, with dry tongue and mouth, and finally these symptoms continued through nearly the entire winter; he increased very markedly in weight, became dyspeptic, and had a foul breath, with a general sensation of malaise, 7. —On palate and uvula were small, roundish, white, acuminated prominences ; seemingly the membrane covering the palate, bones, and velum pendulumi detached at the parts by a wbitish liquid,238 -Redness of fauces with aphthous ulceration,369 --Uneasiness in fauces, 386 - Spasmodic contraction of pharynx, 49 296_Constriction of esophagus, 2*282 350. — Burning in tract of esophagus,189 331. Simple ardor in @sophagus extending to stomach, but seldom painful when the dose is not considerable,317.—[3070.] Dysphagia,248 - Deglutition very painful on account of the spasmodic constriction of the throat,

Stomach.-Appetite and Thirst. The increase of appetite is remarkable, and is almost always observed when the dose is weak. A strong dose produces opposite effects, such as diminution and even complete loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting,”?. —No appetite,250, etc.— Appetite there was pone; eating became a forced business,388. —Great loathing of stomach,265 — Loathing of animal food,943. Thirsty, 261 etc. — Excessive thirst,270 789, etc.— Torinenting thirst,336 345. — [3080.] Intense thirst, with constant desire for cold water, which even in the smallest quantity could not be retained, 328. — The thirst is more excessive in proportion as the quantity of Arsenic taken is greater,517. — Pyrosis,291. – Heartburn,240 — Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea soon,259 — Desire to vomit,990 – Five centigrams Arsenious acid taken at supper caused nausea and headache the following morning, with slight diarrhea, all of which disappeared in the course of the day, 316, --Nausea, followed by vomiting of green bilious matter, and ropy mucus, continuing for thirty hours,2% - Nausea (after three hours); frequent violent efforts to vomit, though nothing was discharged (after five hours); incessant vomiting for two hours (after six hours),293 — Nausea and vomiting, 16.—[ 3090.] In an hour she was constantly retching, and sometimes vomiting, with violent spasms of stomach and bowels; weak and quick pulse ; frequent dark bloody diarrhæa; frequent coldness of extremities. The next day she complained of soreness of stomach,28— Nausea and flow of viscid saliva from the mouth, with heat of fauces, stupor, small and frequent pulse (after forty minutes),- In about an hour he


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severely, 307 312,

had nausea, feeling of distension of stomach, with great pain, as if there were a fire within him, burning in mouth, and subsequently vomiting of a greenish fluid ; to these were speedily added burning in throat and along csophagus, urgent tenesmus, with slight discharge of mucus, excoriation of anus. During the latter part of his illness he had bloody discharges from his stomach,270.-— Terrible efforts to vomit, which were unsuccessful,346

. -Slight distress in the stomach (after five minutes); retching, with slight vomiting (after ten minutes), *6. - Vomiting,289 290, etc.-Vomiting and purging," 229 352. – Vomiting and diarrhea, followed by collapse, 373. — Pain and vomiting,289:- Vomiting (after some hours); vomited matter pinkish,29%. [3100.) Drink immediately rejected,265 - Persistent vomiting,3" - Vomited

etc.-Severe vowiting, almost immediately,2. - Intense vomiting and thirst,331 - Vomiting, lasting till death,272 300 - Chronic vomiting,3% - Became very sick, and vomited frequently; occasionally vomited blood,286 — After a drink of milk, or a severe fit of vomiting, she fell back in bed utterly prostrate, and after lying quiet for a time began to toss about her legs and arms, to complain of much pain and sickness, which ended in vomiting and prostration as before,309 -Sudden and violent vomiting, terminating in abortion, and afterwards death,253 — [3110.) Vomiting was attended with much anxiety and great prostration of strength, and a sensation of tightness at throat,248-Vomited a great deal, particularly when she drank anything,"45.-Spontaneous vomiting set in immediately, whereby much of the poison was thrown off,323. — Vomiting for many hours, during which time she was very prostrate. Nothing would lie on her stomach ; she continued to vomit a greenish matter, streaked with blood,532.

- Vomited half-digested food,261 –Sudden vomiting of food, mixed with bile,374,-Found him lying on the bed with a basinful of watery, frothy fluid near him, which he had just thrown up. He had begun to vomit in ten minutes after swallowing the water, and it had continued till now (nearly two hours). Nothing would stay on his stomach ; water being thrown up immediately after swallowing. The vomiting was painless, so -Vomiting of glairy fluid, in the morning, 9. — Voniting of glairy substances tinged with blood,367. — Vomiting of mucus in the morning, with increased secretion of saliva, 296. -43120.] Vomited two or three times a yellowish fluid (after six hours),262-Frequent vomiting, watery and bilious, 361 --Repeated bilious vomiting,"? – Vomiting at first bilious, then bloody, 973 - Vomiting streaked with blood, m? – Bloody vomiting,286 — Frequent bloody vomiting,"11. -In one case a few drops of blood were vomited, Blood appeared in the matters vomited and evacuated by the bowels, Vomited repeatedly a reddish sort of matter, -[3130.] Green vomiting, 276-Vomiting on drinking; vomiting green, 281. - Vomiting, latterly of a green insoluble bile,277. — Vomited matters of a bright grass green, Persistent vomiting of green matter, 362. – Vomited matters were a brownish watery fluid, which became green on standing,.--Stomach. Mucous membranes generally pale aud anæmic,949.—Indigestion in various forms,286. --For three or four weeks had had dyspeptic symptoms, and frequently had pain after meals, and could use little else than oatmeal porridge or other light farinaceous food,528 Gastritis rapidly increasing, collapse, and death thirteen hours after the poisoning, 3 – 3140.] Cardialgia, Violent gastrodynia,2018. -Stomatitis (third day),361. Considerable tenderness on firm pressure on the epigastrium (after five hours),293. — Tenderness at epigastrium and upper part of abdomen (after second day),312 --Stomach and abdomen tender and painful to touch,952. -Slight tenderness of epigas




358 369



trium ,173 - Sensitiveness of the epigastrium,359. – Epigastrium painful to pressure, 1372 373. —-General distress in the stomach, followed by nausea and vomiting, 34 - [3150.] Burning pain in stomach,273 334 361. — Severe burning pain in stomach,261. —Sense of burning extending from pylorus to throat, -Burning pain in epigastrium and over upper part of abdomen, especially when pressed, 308. — Burning pain in the stomach (after five hours); increased (after six hours),293 – Burning pain in the stomach (after half an hour); increased burning in the cardiac portion of the stomach (after three hours), -Burning in stomach, great tenderness of epigastrium, and cramps,179 Dreadful burving in the stomach, with a great deal of thirst,386 — In ten minutes she became very sick. During the night there was much burning pain in the stomach. Pain in stomach and bowels, and slight tenderness ; more tenderness at the large end of stomach than at any other part of

nen,250 Smarting pain in the stomach, 32(3160.] Sensation of coldness at pit of stomach,28 —Heat in stomach, throat, and mouth,2: — Excessive heat in the stomach, and burning like fire, 364. -Sensation of fulness at stomach,191.-Constant feeling of the stomach being overloaded, 26-Constant feeling of the stomach being overloaded at early morning, 287.-Spasmodic pain, writhing, twisting about, moaning, and making strange faces. On arriving at the house, found her more free from pain, but with a sensation of burning heat in throat and stomach,258 — His stomach seemed to jump, and severe pain, with vomiting ensued. The matter vomited was fluid, apparently the water he had drank, and it relieved him. The pains soon returned, however, and were very acute over the whole belly,259:- Pain in stomach,265. — Pain in stomach when she drank,252. — [3170.] Pain on pressure over stomach,261.-In three days he had pain in stomach. On contin. uing the applications it became excessive; convulsive tremor of the muscles followed, and he died.' The stomach was found to be in the highest degree inflamed,237.—Pain and heat in region of stomach and lower part of chest,238 — Violent pain in the epigastrium and chest, 354,--Violent pain in the epigastrium, aggravated by pressure,397.—Extremely acute pain in the stomach,62 --Intense pain in region of stomach, not materially increased by pressure, 528. —Constriction of the epigastric region,

Abdomen.-Sensation of a bar around the flanks, 348.—Inclined to lie on abdomen,16 — [3180.] Abdomen distended,347 356 - Abdomen much swollen and tympanitic,323 - Abdomen distended, painful,349. —Abdomen meteoric, painful,355 — Tympanitic belly,"79 -- Abdominal muscles tense, outline distinct; firm pressure excited a little pain in right hypochondrium, -Abdomen retracted, not painful,382 - Abdomen retracted, 341. --Mucous derangement of bowels and colic,315. - Increased contractility of intestine and stomach; increased peristaltic action of intestines,"17.-[3190.] Abdomen tender on pressure, and somewhat distended,289. -Abdomen painful, tender, 357. -Occasional uneasiness in abdomen, and sometimes ineffectual efforts to go to stool,238 — Colic,336 361 - Constant colie, 251.-Dull griping pain in bowels, *** - Bowels griped and moved freely,6 --Griping pains, * -Very violent pain in the abdomen, especially in the epigastric region,374—Abdominal pain and tenderness to touch,307 - [ 3200.) Pain referred to the upper abdomen, but not much increased on pressure, 309.-Pain and tenderness over entire abdomen (after three hours),330. —Dreadful pains in belly,290. – Violent burning pain iv the abdomen,345. — Severe burning pain in bowels,264. —Severe burning pain in whole bowels, but particularly in the side, *** - Burning heat in the intestines,358. —Smarting pain in the bowels,925. -Cutting pains through the bowels (second day),330.



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