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lameness of the muscles of left scapular region, which lasted only a short time. Through the day marked feeling of general muscular weakness. At 5 P.M., small and mushy stool, preceded by much (not offensive) flatus.

At 5.15 P.M., took 2 ounces hot infusion of root (fresh). Since taking the last have dull heavy pain in both sides of the face and nose, passing into the forehead, marked on the left side. 7.15 P.M., urgent desire for stool, passage very soft, not fluid, brown in color, not offensive, no pain. Great muscular weakness all the evening. 9 P.M., took 2 ounces of same. 10.45 P.M., took 2 ounces of same. 11 P.M., small diarrheic passages, difficult of expulsion, accompanied with much fatus. Passage of much odorless flatus during evening. At 6 P.M., great itching of back, sides, and limbs; on going to bed found that my body was covered with large papules, same color as skin, red only when scratched, which does not relieve. (They are similar to bives.) They appeared in greatest number on the lumbar region and around waist. Sleep much disturbed by dreams (not unpleasant).

June 21st. Hurried out of bed at 5 A.M., in order to bave a small loose passage from bowels, repeated at least every twenty minutes until 8 A.M. Passayes very small and loose, but not watery, accompanied with much flatus. At times expelled with difficulty, again with much force. Inability to tell whether I am about to pass flatus or fæces. Increased appetite. The eruption on body still present this morning, but less prominent and not itching. All the morning dull, heavy, sick feeling in stomach and abdomen. 12 m. Small watery stool with much flatus, followed by much soreness of anus. 2 P.M. Small watery passage with much flatus. To-night feeling of great weakness and prostration, especially in all the muscles. Eruption itching again, but not as bad as previous night. 6 P.M. Pulsating in right hypochondrium, lasting several minutes ; returned a number of times during the evening. Slept well.

June 22d. Feel well in every way; two passages from bowels to-day, small and natural.

June 25th. At 11 A.M., took 4 ounces of cold infusion of the tops, followed by great nausea, so that I had to lie down. 12.30 m. Vomited the medicine and contents of stomach. No further trouble. From the time I stopped taking the medicine until the first week in August, had two natural passages from the bowels each day; something unusual, as my babit in this respect previous to taking the medicine had always been one passage a day. In addition, I have suffered constantly with sensation of weight and pressure in the anus, so that after sitting fifteen or twenty minutes, I would feel as if the rectum protruded, and I would be obliged to get up and walk abont. This condition continued until the first week in August, when I was attacked with protruding inflamed hæmorrhoids, which were so severe as to compel me to take my bed; my sufferings were very great for about forty-eight hours ; no bleeding at any time, and the pain was as if a wedge were being forced into the anus by blows from a hammer. The inflamed condition of the hemorrhoids lasted three or four days, after which the tumor gradually disappeared, though I was compelled to wear a T bandage for more than two weeks, since which time I have enjoyed my usual good health, bowels moving once a day as formerly. The weight and pressure have entirely disappeared from anus. For urine, see tables at the end.

Proving of Edward Chapin, Medical Student. -Age, twenty-nine years.

Weight at this time, 150 pounds. Height, 5 feet 9 inches. Color of hair, brown; of eyes, gray. Dark complexion. Temperate in habit. Pulse soft and regular. Average beat about 75 per minute. Bowels move regularly each day. Stools of ordinary size, and inclined to be darkish. Urine, the average quantity passed every twenty-four hours for fourteen days during the months of June and July, was 29 fluid ounces. Average specific gravity for same time, 1025. Color and odor normal. Reaction acid. Average amount of urea passed per day, for seven days, was 370.9 grains. I was in a good state of health when I commenced to prove the drug.

August 13th, 1877. Just before retiring took 50 gtts. of 0 of roots. Felt considerable nausea when waking during the night.

August 14th. Took 60 gtts. of the same in the morning about 7.30 A.M. About twenty minutes after pausea; this continued, and was aggravated after moving of the bowels. Immediately after the passage of bowels I felt as though everything in me bad passed out. My whole abdomen felt empty. Sensation as if something was passing up colon, accompanied with a grumbling feeling, also felt as if something was passing through the liver. In the mean time the nausea was increased and I felt deathly sick ; this was associated with flushes of heat in different parts of the body. Very marked piercing pains in right temple, followed by vertigo. At 2.30 P.M. took 75 gtts. of same, after which some nausea ; and at 4 P.m. took 30 gtts. of same; then nausea, accompanied with similar head symptoms as those in the morning. At 8.45 P. M. took 109 gtts. of same.

August 15th. On rising felt a desire to evacuate bowels, preceded by much flatus. Went to water-closet and had passage (uncommon for me at such an early hour). The stool was mushy, and was expelled with a rush and much flatus. After stool, feeling of much goneness through whole abdomen, and for quite awhile after passage pain in right temple, accompanied with vertigo, also ringing in right ear. An aching sensation in umbilical region. At 7.45 A.M. took 120 gtts. of same. Head symptoms continue, and at 8.45 A.m. had another passage from bowels, this also was expelled with force but no pain. Stool was profuse, mushy but thin, yellowish hue. Same sensation of goneness following stool, associated with the grumbling pain in umbilical region. Also the pain in right temple. The sphincter ani muscle feels relaxed. Headache pow more general, the pain extending all through head, even to the orbits. The ache in the head is dull, confused, and the whole system feels much prostrated. At 5 P.M., took 200 gtts. of same, and at 10 P.M. took Ziij of same; felt some nausea before going to sleep.

August 16th. Awoke before 5 A.M. with a severe headache; had to get up and urinate. Bowels noved about 7 A.M. A very copious mushy stool, darkish brown, very fetid. Tenesmus very marked after stool, accompanied with aching pain in hypogastric region. Sensation of goneness, and feel as if thoroughly cleaned out. Dull beavy feeling in head immediately after stool. At 7.45 A.M., took Ziv of same. Severe sticking and piercing pain in right temple, soon followed by dull feeling in whole head.' Great prostration, aggravated by motion. Pulse at this time 88. Flushes of heat in different parts of body. At 11 A.M., urgent desire for stool, which was expelled with force and much flatus ; it was thinner than the preceding stools. At 6 P.M., the desire for stool was so urgent that I had to make great haste. The stool passed with the force and sound of a cork flying out when opening a bottle of champagne. The stool was thin and lemon.

colored; I also noticed some undigested particles of food. The stools appeared frothy, owing to the great force with which they were expelled. The sensation of goneness and prostration accompanied each passage, also the head symptoms, especially the piercing pain in right temple. About 8 P.M., had another characteristic stool. When urinating could hardly tell when urine was passing. There seemed to be a weakness of the sphincter of the neck of the bladder. The urine at times would feel hot, and leave a tingling sensation in urethra.

August 17th. Had a very large stool, very thin and yellowish, and the last part contained uudigested food. The sphincter ani nuscles feel greatly relaxed. Anus feels open after passage of stool. The head symptoms and the feeling of goneness and prostration all very prominent. Had another stool in the evening, it was very large or copious, at first very thin, but towards the end it was mixed with faces in small lumps.

August 18th. Had a very copious stool in the morning. It seems as though the gate was wide open, and everything in me had passed out. Stool was very thin and brownish. About an hour after had another stool of the same character. The pain in right temple after this stool was very prominent, also the great prostration of whole system. Some grumbling and disagreeable feeling in bowels. Inclination as if stool would frequently pass. These stools are expelled with force.

Second test with 0 of the fresh roots.- August 29th, 1877. Took { ounce just before retiring. Slept very well.

August 30th. Took 1 ounce of same about 7.15 A.M. Bowels moved at regular time; first part of stool natural and latter thin. Had some tenesmus after stool. Weak feeling in abdomen and some rumbling. Passed much flatus. Flashes of heat followed by quite profuse perspiration.

. Spittle quite thick and tenacious. Expectorate considerable amount of white gelatinous mucus. Pulse 68. At 1.40 P.M. took ounce of same. An aching pain in sacrum, and at times sharp and sticking, appearing occasionally in hip, knee, and ankle joints. Darting pains in different parts of bowels; feels as if wind or flatus was expanding the intestines. Pain in right temple, followed by confused and dull aching pain in head. Vertigo at times, and aggravated by ascending. Rumbling in bowels.

At 5.15 P.M. took ounce of same. Soon after eating the lower part of abdomen felt distended. Perspiration quite profuse. After urinating felt a dull pain in neck of bladder, also in urethra ; the pain in peck of bladder gave the sensation that the sphincters were trying to close but could not, thus showing an inactivity of these muscles. Had attacks of much nausea, making me feel deathly sick. Could not vomit. Much vertigo.

August 31st. Had quite a severe headache when waking. Restless during the night. At 7.50 A.M. took 1 ounce of same. A very large stool about 9 A.m., thin and brownish. Some flatus. No pain. Sphincter ani

9 . feels relaxed and there is loss of power. Aching pain in umbilical region after stool, also a feeling of great goneness, accompanied by pain, first in right temple, then extending through whole head, making it feel much confused. Vertigo. Pain again in knee joints, especially left. At 6 P.M. took ounce. Some nausea.

Head symptoms continue as before, followed by spells of marked vertigo.

September 1st. Stool in morning large and of a brownish hue, thin and watery. Feeling of goneness and grumbling aching pain in umbilical


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