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blood, mucus, and shreds of mucous membrane (in five hours); hoarse and in a beavy drowsy condition ; face dusky and skin dry ; temperature 100.8°; pulse 130; again vomited blood and mucus in ten hours). His lips are much swollen, the tongue very dry, and the mucous membrane of the mouth is partly eroded. The fauces are extremely congested and almost meet in the middle line; the mucous membrane looks ædematous, softened, and inflamed. There is great pain and tenderness of the abdomen on the slightest pressure. Tympanitis is marked. Has twice vomited blood since the night, and complains of burning pain in the throat and at the pit of the stomach. 11 P.M., much worse and is becoming comatose. There is great dyspnæa; respiration about 66 in the minute; pulse 180. Incessant retching till death (second day)," —[250.) Beating the bedclothes with his hands (in two hours),.. - Severe tremors, 18. — Extreme prostration, 25. — Severe cramps,18: — Violent muscular pain, especially in the thighs, .

Skin.-Erythematous spots in different parts of the body, especially along the lymphatics; the spots are red, bordered by a yellowish zone, 25. Scarlatina-like redness of the lips and mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue, as though the epithelium were peeled off,2).-Several rosaceous spots on the internal and anterior surface of the forearms; these red spots increased in number on the next day, and covered the whole inner surface of the arm, generally following the course of the lymphatics, 25.

Fever.-General coldness, *. --Surface rather cold, 16.-[260.] Coldness of the surfare and extremities, 18. —Cold skin, especially in the extremities, 92. -Extremities cold (in two hours),19 20, etc.—Profuse perspiration,'%. —Cold sweats,"

AMMONIUM IODATUM. Authority. Sidney Ringer, M.B., Practitioner, vol. viii, 1872, p. 129, a lad, æt. seventeen years, convalescent from acute rheumatism, took three doses each of 10 grains.

After two doses, and in six hours and a half, petechial spots broke out ou both legs.

AMMONIUM MURIATICUM. Authority. 12, Dr. C. Browne, Lancet, 1868 (1), p. 720, H. W., æt.twentyfive years, subject to mania, ate a quantity of Ammonium chloride.

Delirious, fancying that enemies were hiding under his bed, and accosting him; that a sword was hanging over his head ; and that flames were surrounding his head,?.-Insensibility as if dead,"2.-Giddiness,'?:-Dazzling before eyes,'?:-Tremulousness of the eyelids,'?:-Singing in ears,"?:-Sickness and pain in bowels,"? -Sobbing respiration, as of hysteria, '. -Pulse feeble, 100,"?.—[610.] Extremities of a bluish tinge,"?:—Convulsive paroxysms, which in a few minutes passed off, leaving only firm flexure of the hands and forearms,"?:-Skin cold and moist,'.

AMMONIUM PHOSPHORICUM. Authority. C. Voigt, M.D., Med. Examiner (Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xxxiv, p. 308), effects of about 3 grains.

In about an hour attacked by a sense of tightness in the præcordia and around the chest; nausea; thirst; a hard, small, frequent pulse; and a

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collapsed state of the circulation. These disturbances were followed by a fulness and tension in the head; heaviness in the limbs; and an unsteady tottering gait.


Ampelopsis quinquefolia, Michx.
Natural order, Vitacem.
Virginia Creeper or American Ivy.

Mr. Berpay, Pharm. Journ. and Trans., vol. vii, 1876, p. 80, two children, æt. two and a half and five years, chewed the leaves, swallowing the


They were quickly seized with violent vomiting and purging, with considerable tenesmus; then collapse, sweating, and faint pulse; followed by deep sleep for two hours, from which they were aroused by a return of the vomiting and purging. Four hours after the commencement of the attack there was still considerable dilatation of the pupil.

AMYGDALÆ AMARÆ OLEUM. Authorities. 24, Dr. Van Praag, Reil's Journ., vol. i, p. 588, a woman applied to her hair oz. of an oil containing the oil of bitter almonds; 25, Mr. Howard Hopley, Pharm. Journ., vol. xvi, 1856-7, p. 291, a man, æt. forty-five years, swallowed about } oz. of the oil of bitter almonds, and died after an hour; 26, Fred. Hetley, Lancet, 1845 (2), p. 612, Harriet L., æt. twenty-one years, swallowed two penny's worth of the oil; 27, C. G. Mitscherlich, Pharm. Journ., vol. ix, 1819, p. 233, effects of large doses of the volatile oil ; 28, Dr. Barclay, Lancet, 1866 (1), p. 255, a man, æt. fifty-seven years, swallowed two drachms of the oil, death ; 29, W. B. Shorts, Brit. Med. Journ., 1868 (2), p. 167, poisoning of a child, æt. three years, by the oil ; 30, Dr. Huut, Med. Times and Gaz. (New Eng. Med. Gaz., vol. xiii, 1878, p. 135), a boy, æt. three years, ate an unknown pumber of bitter almonds; 31, S. Wright, M.D., Am. Prac., vol. xviii, 1878, p. 219, a man took about two drachms of the oil.

[140.] Insensible; eye sallow; pupil contracted; face puffy and flushed; pulse scarcely perceptible; groaning; breathing stertorously,* – Before she lost consciousness she experienced sudden violent internal coldness, radiating from the head and back over the whole body; this coldness became more and more severe, and was at last associated with ringing and beating in the ears, followed by complete deafness, swimming before the eyes, paralysis of the arms and legs; as these last symptoms appeared she endeavored to rise, but became completely blind, and called for belp, and knew no more. This was followed by general collapse and paralysis, extremely slow superficial respiration, and the beating of the heart was scarcely audible,4.-Fell senseless on the pavement, immediately after swallowing it. Some time later, on being found and questioned as to her feelings, she slowly answered, “Indeed, I do feel dreadfully ill ;” and passing her hand over a very exsanguine countenance, she leisurely fell back in her chair, and became perfectly insensible. The respirations were noticed to be slow and regular, but the pulse small, thready, and at least 130-140, and the pupils contracted to an aperture of the size of a pin's head. She continued in this state for about three minutes, when the coun

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tenance assumed a pale livid hue, similar to that of an individual with advanced cardiac disease. During the use of the stomach-pump, the bladder and rectum acted involuntarily. On visiting her later she appeared like a person in deep sleep, and on feeling the pulse, which still remained 140, she suddenly roused and looking wildly about her, with a maniacal expression, inquired where she was. She now complained of excessive burning heat in the region of the larynx and pharynx, was hoarse, and talking, she said, distressed her; some pain and sensation of heat in the epi. gastrium, but no tenderness on pressure. She expressed a feeling of general pumbness in arms and legs, without pain in them; but on pinching them she cried out. The arms and hands were mottled with a livid hue and cold. Great disposition to sleep, 26 - Diarrhæa; increased secretion of urine; excited the vascular system and the respiratory organs,".-In forty minutes he was speechless. The smell of the oil was very perceptible in his breath ; no pulse could be felt at his wrist; the breathing was hurried; the pupils were dilated; the extremities cold and clammy, and there was a general purple hue on the face and other parts of the body ; the tongue was furred; the fauces and uvula congested and ædematous,28. -Pupils dilated and fixed; foaming at the mouth; difficulty of breathing; pulse scarcely perceptible; surface of body very cold; general condition inanimate, * - Lying apparently unconscious in his mother's arms, slightly cyanotic, and markedly pale, with eyelids closed. On raising the eyelids the pupils were seen to be moderately dilated. The arms were stittened through tonic spasm of the muscles. The breathing was very low, with no catch in the act of respiration. The pulse could not be felt at the wrist. Slight improvement after vomiting (from emetics and tickling the throat), with speedy relapses towards the comatose state, so that it was not for nearly an hour and a half that all dangerous symptoms had subsided," - Almost pulseless, extremities cold, lips black, with face intensely cyanosed, looking like a corpse that bad lain for hours in the sun. He gasped for breath like a fish out of water, and his speech was uniutelliyi ble. The subjective symptom was intense pain in the head. As he recovered he kept exclaiming in a jerking, hesitating way, “What's—the matmatter with me?'31.


Authorities. 12, Dr. Kelp, Deutsche Archiv für Klin. Med., 1875, vol. xv, p. 602, effects of inhaling 5 drops on cotton, in a case of melancholia ; 13, Dr. Aug. Ladendorf, Berliner Klin. Woch., No. 43 (Loud. Med. Rec., vol. iii, 1875, p. 18); (14 to 26, C. Wesselbæft, M.D., New Eng. Med. Gaz., vol. xi, p. 388); 14, C. E. H., M.D., proving by iphalation ; 15, Mr. L. A. P., same ; 16, Mr. W. R. B., inhaled 1st dec. dil. three times at intervals of five minutes ; 17, Miss M. M., proving by inhalation; 18, Miss A. E. S., same; 19, Mr. E. B. H., took internally 2d cent. dil., took 1 drop, and after thirty minutes 3 drops, after another thirty minutes 3 drops again, the next day 10 drops, after an hour 20 drops, the next morning 40 drops; 20, Mr. H. E. R., took 2d cent. at 1.15, 3, and 3.30 P.M., 2 drops at 4 P.M., diluted medicine and took 3 drops at 4.30 P.M., 4 drops at 5 P.M. ; 21, Miss A. W. S., took 1 drop 2d cent. at 1.30 and 3 P.M., 2 drops at 5 and 9 P.M. ; 21 a, same, two days later, took 5 drops at 3 and 7.45 P.M. ; 21 b, same, five days later, took 10 drops ; 21 c, sane, effects of inhalation ; 22, Mr. L. A. P., took 3 drops of 2d cent. at 7, 8, and 10 P.M. (first day), same at 9 A.M. (second day); 23, L. G. H. R., took 2 drops of 21 cent. in half a spoonful of water, at 1.45 P.m., and at 3.17 P.M.; 24, Mr. H. P. C., took 1 drop at 3.30 P.M., 3 at 5 P.M., 6 at 7.30 and 9.30 P.M. (first day), 10 at 10 A.M. (second day), 15 at 4 P.M., 20 at 4.30 P.M., 40 at 5.15 P.M. (sixth day); 25, Miss A. E. S., took 3 drops 2d cent. in about three tablespoonfuls of water, a spoonful at 7, 7.15, and 7.30 A.M., put 12 drops in half a glass of water, and took 2 teaspoonfuls at 2.30, 2.45, and 3 P.M.; 26, M. M., took 1 drop 2d cent. at 2.35 P.M.; 27, A. M. Cushing, New Eng. Med. Gaz., vol. xi, p. 408, inhalation of 1st dec. atten. ; 28, Dr. Morrison, Month. Hom. Rev., 1877, p. 302, symptoms caused by evaporation from a two drachm glass-stoppered bottle, which had been shaken in the morning ; 29, N. F. Cooke, Cincin. Med. Advance, 1878, p. 269, effects of two strong inhalations from a vial containing 4 ozs. of the crude.

Head.-Vertigo. Dizziness,"10a; (after seventeen hours and a half ),25. - [140.] Vertigo on rising in the morning (second day),2-Dizziness and pausea (immediately),'s. – Decided dizziness and heaviness of the head (after thirty-five minutes),28 - Dizziness, with slight pausea, worse when the eyes are closed (after first dose),92.-General Hend. Great rush of blood to head and face,": -Head heavy (in three hours and a half ),“. - Dulness in head (after two hours), 23. — Violent exercise during one minute produced a dull headache (thirty-six minutes after 40 drops); later the influence of heat (closet heated by gas) caused the dull pain to extend froin temple to occiput, principally left-sided; the dull pressing feeling in occiput remained two or three hours,".. —Headache and nausea on rising in the morning (second day),".-Pressure (very slight) in head, forehead, and temples especially (twelve minutes after 40 drops); pressure slightly increased (seven minutes later),"9. -[150.] Feeling as though a band were drawn tightly about the head (after eight hours and a half ), 5. — Immediately an intense, crushing pain upon the head, which seemed to gather into a feeling of confusion, that for a moment threatened to make me unconscious. At that moment I becanie aware of a quick, somewhat sharp throbbing in the head, and an intense glowing of the face, with general perspiration, especially marked in palms of hands, where it was quite visible. There was also a sensation as though the scalp were jerked forward from the occiput towards the forehead, ceasing just before it reached that point; this was repeated a number of times. Was conscious of a dull headache for some time, perhaps three hours,'. - Forehead. Heaviness and pressure outward in forehead and temples (immerliately); pain in head increased, accompanied by stupid, drowsy sensation and burning in the stomach, and up to the throat. During and after a walk of a mile, two hours after inhaling the drug, the heaviness and pressure in the head remain; entirely passed off two hours later, 15. — Great heaviness in front part of head; head would fall first to one side, then to other (after first dose),212. Severe, dull, heavy pains across the forehead, without marked external heat, in the morning (second day),214 —Dull feeling in the forehead (after one hour and a half ), -Slight headache in the frontal region (after two hours),:-Slight oppression at the fronto-parietal suture, then proceeding to the frontal bone (sixth day)," - Temples. Slight pain in right temple (after four hours),"':- Pressure in the temples,"?. —[160.] Pressing pain in the temples, .- Painful pressure outward in the temples, especially in the left, with dull, heavy aching pain in the occipital region, extending to the nape of the neck (while walking), (first and second days),".-Slight


throbbing in the temple (twenty-one minutes after 40 drops),19. — Throbbing in the temples (after two hours)," -Vertex and Parietals. Violent throbbing in top of head and in carotids; redness and heat in face, head, and neck,".-Headache on left side, parietal region (after four hours),24-Suggestion of pain in right side of head (after forty minutes), 26. -Pain in right occipital region (in five minutes),^.-Pain in occiput, mostly on right side (after three-quarters, and one hour and a half ),Pain in occiput, aggravated by heat of room and by writing ; when the forehead was painful, the pain in the occiput was less severe (after two hours and a half ),.— [170.) Dull pain in occiput (after twenty minutes),. -Dull pain in occipital region of narrow extent (after four hours),". Boring pain in occiput (after half an hour),

Eye.-Dull, heavy pressure over the eyes, as if a heavy weight were within (after first and fourth doses),? - Dull pain over the eyes (after eight hours and a half ),25. — Slight pain over both eyes (after ten minutes),9%Aching pain in the eyes when in the sunlight, with profuse lachrymation, followed by sneezing (second day),2.- Pain back of eyes on looking at near objects (after three hours),20 -Sudden sharp pain under left eye (in five minutes), 1.- A decided twitching under the outer canthus of left eye (after second dose), 24. l'ision. [180.] Dimness of sight (sixth day),4. Everything appears as if trembling, wavering (second day),2. — Slight blurring of letters when reading (thirteen minutes after 3 drops),"". - He confirms Pick's observation (also made by others) as to objects appearing yellow after inhalation,"3.

Nose.-Constant desire to speeze (after three hours and a half );": -Catarrh and dysphagia (sequelæ of a recent attack of diphtheria) entirely relieved during the action of the drug, but returned after its effects had passed off,22. -Slight epistaxis from left nostril (after one hour),'*:— Numb feeling in nasal bones, 16 27.

Fare.-Face flushed,”; (after eight days), 25.–Face flushed and hot (in five minutes),".—[190.] After a few minutes the face became very red, and the heart's action violent, the pulse rose 30 or 40 beats in a minute; this synıptom disappeared in one or two minutes,". - Burning sensation in face (after half an hour and two hours),'.—Burning of right cheek, extending up into eye, and around to right ear (after forty minutes),26. Creeping in left cheek (after four hours),- In a few minutes a slight creeping sensation in right cheek, below malar bone, which was momientary; ten minutes later, twitching and creeping under left eye, also slight and momentary,".

Throat.-Sensation in the throat, which produced a desire to cough, similar to that produced by the fumes of a burning match,':-Awoke about 5 P.M., with an extremely dry and parched sensation in throat and mouth ; arose to rinse my mouth with water, and in doing so, noticed a marked stiffness and dryness of the lips (second day),20 – Feeling of constriction of throat, as though it were closing up; relieved by motion,97 — Feeling of constriction in the throat, and sensation as if growing up, Left tonsil considerably swollen and inflamed (after two hours),202

Stomach.—[200.) Loss of appetite (second day),– Eructations (after forty minutes),26. —Nausea (after seventeen hours and a half),'.— Slight nausea at first, and in ten minutes inclination to vomit,16 27. — Fulness and pressure in stomach, with belching of gas,'" —Burning in stomach (after two hours)," —Hot, burning sensation in stomach, with empty eruc


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