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costive, and each defecation was followed by several drops of dark blood, attended by a bearing-down sensation, not a griping, nor a true tenesmus, but more as if the bowel would prolapse from its own weight; this lasted about two weeks, after which my bowels became regular,:: -No stool since I began the proving (third day); stool this afternoon for the first time, hard, and covered with mucus (fifth day); bowels moved freely (seventh day,

Urinary Organs.-Uneasiness in region of kidneys (third and following days),'.- Kidneys very sore (seventh day),':-Aă increase in the quantity of urine; sp. gr. 1021, very light-colored (second day); urine copious (third day); very copious (fifth day),':- A large quantity of urine; the bladder felt very full (first day); have urinated oftener than usual today, and a large quantity; sp. gr. 1026, color clear (second day); sp. gr. 1019, in the morning; urine more profuse than is natural; sp. gr. 1029, in the eveuing (after walking a great deal during the day), (third day); more copious, sp. gr. 1030, in the morning; still copious, with uneasiness about the kidneys; sp. gr. 1032, in the evening; sp. gr. 1036, at 10 P.M. (fourth day); great urging to urinate, the bladder feels full to overflowing ; 1022, in the morning ; 1024, at 12 m.; uneasiness of the whole urinary tract; sp. gr. 1034, at 10 P.m. (fifth day); 1028, in the morning; whole mucous membrane of the urinary tract feels irritated; 1030, small quantity of urates, more phosphates at 9 P.M. (sixth day); urine not so profuse; uneasiness of kidneys still present ; vesical tenesmus after urinating (seventh day); urine of a deeper color (eighth day),':-Urine has, in health, a sp. gr. of 1020 to 1025 ; at 3 P.M. to-day it was 1030, limpid and copious (first day); sp. gr. of urina sanguinis 1032; sp. gr. of urina chyli 1034 (second day); sp. gr. urina sanguinis 1030; sp. gr. urina chyli 1034 (third day); urina sanguinis 1030, vrina chyli 1032, urine much less in quantity (fourth day); urine as day before yesterday, but scanty (sixth day); urine, sp. gr. 1023, much less in quantity (seventh day),".

Respiratory Organs. [40.] Some irritation in the bronchia, causing a short, hacking cough (second day),':-Dry, hacking cough occasionally (second day); have coughed all day (third day); ceased medicine, it is so bitter, and provokes such a cough that it annoys me; almost incessant hacking cough (fifth day), ':-Felt oppressed in breathing, or rather that I was breathing air loaded with impurities after retiring ; pulse slow and irregular; this lasted about half an hour, after which I slept as usual (second day),':-Some dyspnea, disappearing on going into the fresh air (seventh day),

Chest.-Lungs feel as if full of blood, at 2 P.m.; at 10 P.m. had to leave a close room on account of the oppressed feeling in my chest; on coming into the fresh air I was obliged to cough much; this was followed by hiccough and profuse expectoration (fourth day),':- The lungs feel as if in the first stages of pneumonia (fifth day),'.-Chest feels tight and oppressed (second day);": --On reclining or lying down my chest feels distressed, as from deficient aeration of blood in the lungs (third day),!

Pulse.-Pulse 72, slow and irregular for half an hour (second day); 61 (third day); 64 (fourth day); half an hour after the first dose the pulse was very weak, then it began to grow full and rapid ; this lasted two hours; after retiring at night, pulse very weak, intermitting one or two beats; once it stopped for a few seconds; this was followed by a bounding pulse (fifth day); 72 (seventh day),':- Pulse 84, full and strong (second day),.—[50.] Pulse 70 at 8 A.M.; 72 at noon; 75 at 9 P.m. (first day); 72 at 9 A.M.; 70 at noon ; 76 at 4 P.M.; 76 at 10 P.M. (second day); 68 at 7 A.M.; 70 at noon ; 74 at 9 P.M. (third day); 72 at 7 A.M.; 74 at noon ; 80 at 9 P.M. (fourth day); full and strong, 80 at 7 A.M.; sank to 68 at 3 P.M., but rose to 76 in the evening (fifth day); 74 in the evening (sixth day),'.

Superior Extremity.-Tingling in the palm of the left hand; also in the left arm (sixth day),'.

Generalities.-Rose at 5.15, feeling dull and heavy, and with a severe headache (fifth day), ':-Dull and stupid all day (seventh day),': – While in a close room, felt very faint, disappearing on going into the fresh air (seventh day),':- In the evening I feel much better in every respect . (sixth day),

Sleep.-Felt as if I had not been asleep, on awaking in the morning (sixth day),':-Slept poorly and with little refreshment (sixth night),'.

Fever.-In a few moments after retiring (after the second dose) I began to feel cold; pulse at the wrist very weak, intermitting one or two beats; once it stopped for a few seconds; this was followed by a bounding pulse; I became very warm, and my breathing stopped ; my lungs felt as if I were breathing in hot air (fifth day),':-Feet and hands cold; head hot (seventh day),.

Trimethylamin, C,H,N.
Preparation, solutions.

An alkaloid found in the following plants : Chenopodium vulvaria, Cratægus oxycantha, Sorbus aucuparia, Phallus impudicus, Pyrus communis, Arnica montana, Cotyledon umbilicus, Fagus sylvatica, etc.; also in Herring-brine, Cod liver oil, etc.

Authority. M. Dujardin-Beaumetz, Nouvelles Recherches sur la Triméthylamine, Paris, 1873; 1. effects on himself, of 50 centigrams of the muriate dissolved in water ; 2, another person in perfect health took 75 centigrams of the muriate; 3, results of several experiments.

This drug, according to several experiments on patients, etc., diminishes the amount of urea ; in one case there was a diminution of over 2 grams during twenty-four hours, in another 2.24 grams, in another a diminution of 3 grams, ": --Pulse 88 (before the experiment); 84 (after one hour); 82 (later); 76 (after two hours). There was not only a diminution in the number of pulsations, but also a modification in the force, as shown by the tracing (it shows no special modification, with the exception of diminution in the force of the heart's action), :—Pulse 78 (before the experiment); 76 (after one hour); 74 (after one hour and a half); 72 (after two hours); 78 (after four hours),':--Temperature 37.4° (before the experiment); 37.2° (after one hour); 37° (after one hour and a half); 36.8° (after two hours),': - Temperature 37° (before the experiment); 36.8° (after one hour); 36.4° (later); 36° (after two hours),


Triosteum perfoliatum, Linn.
Natural order, Caprifoliacea.
Common names, Fever-wort, Horse-gentian.
Preparation, Tincture of the root.

Authorities. 1, Williamson, Trans. American Institute of Hom., a few drops of tincture in water every day, for three successive days; 2, same, Neidhard; 3, R. Tallmadge, M.D., Hale's New Remedies, 1864, p. 1019, 2d. dil.

Mind.-Greater cheerfulness (first day),'.

Head.-Giddiness when rising at midnight, with extreme drowsiness,'. -Headache worse from sitting up,':-Headache, which is worse in the right side of the forepart of the head, and right temple,'.-Increasing pain in the head, '. --Boring pain in the right temple at 3 A.M.,!. --Boring pain in the left temple,! - Pain in the right side of the head, and in the back,': Pain in the hinder part of the head, with the sensation of weight,'.

Eye.-[10.] Slight pain in the left eyeball,'.
Nose. -Sneezing,'.

Throat.-Soreness, as if from swelling of the pharynx, and pain in the oesophagus on swallowing,?.

Stomach.-Increased appetite through the day,':-Loathing of all food,':- Thirst, but not a very urgent desire for drink,'.-Slight nausea,': Nausea on rising, which was immediately followed by copious vomiting of very sour ingesta, attended with cramp in the stomach, and followed by perspiration, and a pain in the forehead, which was worse on the left side,

– Vomiting at 5 A.M., on rising to stool,'.-Vomiturition, attended with severe pain in the epigastrium, and drawing in the calves of the legs, almost amounting to a cramp,': -- [20.] Oppression in the epigastrium through the night,':- At 4 A.M. the feeling of load and oppression in the epigastrium, with throbbing and an undulating sensation all through the system,':-Sharp pains in the stomach and bowels,':-Pain in the epigastrium, increased by turning in bed,':--Pain in the epigastrium, increased by drinkivg water,':—Soreness in the epigastric region,

Abdonien.-Flatulency, confined to the stomach,':-*Sharp pains in the bowels and stomach,':-Heat and sharp pain in the right side of the abdomen, in the evening,'.—The evacuations from the bowels seemed to proceed from the small intestines,

Anus.—[30.] Irritation in the anus, with exudation of mucus,?.

Stool.—The evacuations are most frequent in the evening,'.-Evacuation from the bowels at 7 A.M., preceded by pain in the abdomen,':--Copious evacuation of thin stools from the bowels, without pain,':-Stools watery or frothy, voided without pain, and are followed by exhaustion,':-Stool at 7 A.M., followed by numbness of the lower extremities,'.

Sexual Organs.-Discharge of semen during sleep, without erection,

Respiratory Organs.-*Asthmatic troubles,".

Heart.-*Audible beating of the heart, and slight pain under the left breast,

Neck and Back.-Pain in the nape, with perspiration,': - [40.] Pain in the nape and back,'.-Pain in the nape and occiput, with coldness and stiffness in the feet,':-Rheumatic pain in the back from stooping,':Pain and stiffness in the loins,'.—The pain in the loins is confined to the left side!

Extremities.-Stiffness of all the joints of the upper, as well as of the lower extremities,

Superior Extremities.-Pain in the right shoulder from lying on it,

Inferior Extremities.-Remarkable stiffness in the lower extrem


ities, with slight coldness, and a tingling sensation,'.-Stiffness in the knees when attempting to rise,'! – Pain in the right knee,':-[50.) Drawing and shrinking sensation in the legs, and the most decided pricking in the soles of the feet,'.-Numbness in the calves of the legs,': -Penetrating pain under and behind the left external malleolus, after sleeping,':-Stiffness of the joints of the toes, ankles, and knees, when lying,

Generalities.-Aching in all the bones,! -Dulness and drowsiness, with disinclination to engage actively in business,'.-It acted promptly and energetically, causing aching pains in nearly every part of the body, especially of the lower limbs and head,

Skini.-Vesicular eruption on the forehead, over the left eye, on the middle of the chest, and on the right arm,':-Violent itching eruption on the skin, generally with elevation of the skin (second day),':-Very great itching at night, with welts all over the surface,?.

Sleep.-260.] Sleepiness, without the ability to sleep sound after midnight,'.

Fever.-Coldness and stiffness in the feet,'.–Fever,':-Drying away of the perspiration, and development of fever, with hot skin and increased thirst,'. -General perspiration,

Conditions.-Aggravation.—(Evening), Heat and pain in right side of abdomen ; evacuations. — (Midnight), On rising, giddiness. — (When lying), Stiffness of joints of toes.—(After sleeping), Pain behind left external malleolus. — (Sitting up), Headache. — (Stooping), Pain in back.(Turning in bed), Pain in epigastrium.

Animal kingdom.
Class, Arachnida.
Order, Acaridea.
Preparation, Tincture of the animals.

Authorities. Jos. P. Harvey, M.D., Hahn. Month, 1, 1865, p. 83; one hundred and fifty were put into 50 drops of alcohol; 1, Dr. Harvey, took 2 drops 3d dec. dil. at 11 P.M. (first day); 2 drops 6th dec. dil. at 11 P.M. (fifth day); 2 drops 9th cent. dil, at 11 P.M. (eleventh day); 2, same, afterwards took 2 drops 12th cent. dil. at 11 P.M. (first day); 3 drops 18th cent. dil. at 11 P.M. (eighth day); 3, Dr. Edwin Heath, took 2 drops 9th cent. atten., symptoms occurred on second and third days; 4, J. F. R., took 2 drops of same at 3 P.M.; 5, E. K. Bancroft, took 2 powders of 30th cent. atten. (first day); took Merc. (twelfth day).

Mind.-Unusually talkative during the day (second day),'.—Talkative during the day, and disposed to be contrary (third day),?:- Inability to collect ideas; absence of ideas,'.—Loss of memory,'.

Head.-Vertigo, On every attempt to rise from bed felt dizzy and faint, and had to throw myself back on the bed to prevent fainting (seventh day),':-Dizziness of the head from lightness; it felt as if there was no weight in the head, ".-General Head. Lightness of the head, ".During the forenoon a dull feeling through the head (third day),':--In the evening congestion to the head, with red face and ears (tenth day),-[10.] Oppressive headache,':- Pulsation in the arteries of the head, with the fever (seventh day), - Temples. Dull, heavy, sometimes sharp paius in the temples, extending over the frontal regions, felt more severely in left side (at 9.30 P.M.), (second day),.-Awoke with pain in the left mastoid process at 7 A.M. (third day),':- Parietals. Dull pain in left side of head, aggravated by shaking the head and walking, at 10 P.M. (fourth day),': -Shooting pains in the right side of the head, just above the temporal region, at 3 P.m. (fifth day),?:-Shooting pain in the right side of head, near the parietal eminence, at 11 A.M. (seventh day),'.- Occiput. Dull aching in the occiput, with the fever (seventh day),.- External Head. Intolerable itching of the scalp, especially the vertex and occiput, at 7 A.M. (fourth day),'.

Eye.-Redness of internal portion of the conjunctiva, similar to a pterygium (twelfth day),':-[20] Intolerable itching in the inner canthus of the right eye at 9 P.m. (fifth day),':-Lachrymation in the open air (fourth day),!

Ear.-Quite a burning sensation in the pinna of both ears, felt more especially in the right, in the evening (tenth day),:-Shooting pain in right ear at 3.30 P.M. (third day),':-Shooting pains in right ear at 3 P.M. (sixth day),?:-Shooting pains in the right ear (thirteenth day),':-Dull, but occasionally severe shooting pains in right ear, aggravated by swallowing or blowing the nose, in the forenoon (fifth day), -Shooting pains in both ears, occurring quite frequently, and felt more severely in right one, in the afternoon (eleventh day),': ---Severe shooting pains in right ear, frequently during the day and evening (twelfth day),?.-Itching in both ears, soon after rising (fifteenth day),?.

Nose.—[30.] Mucous discharge from anterior pares, worse while eating dinner (third day),'.-On rising, the nasal passages were much obstructed, but in the afternoon and evening, fluent coryza, especially while eating, and in the open air (fourth day),?-Fluent coryza, brought on in the open air, and by eating (all through the proving). It gave place in the evening to a dryness and scabs in the nose (fourteenth day), -Nosebleed in the morning (ninth day); in the afternoon (tenth day),'.

Mouth.-Teeth. Dull toothache all the evening, in a decayed tooth of the left side (thirteenth day),':-Dull pain in decayed teeth of left side at 11 P.M. (second day),?:-Awoke at 7 A.M. with a toothache in a decayed tooth of left side, pain dull, which having abated somewhat, was renewed by eating breakfast, and continued till noon (fourteenth day), -A severe dull pain in a decayed tooth of left side, brought on during the evening, by reading aloud for an hour, and which prevented sleep almost the entire night (twentieth day); it continued on the next day, until evening, when a dose of Staphisagria 200, relieved it; it was aggravated by lying down, by eating, talking, and from cold air; ameliorated by taking some warm drink into the mouth,?:-Tongue. Tongue heavily coated with white coating (ninth day ),'.

Throat.-Slight soreness in the right side of the throat (fifth day),?.

Stomach.-(40.] No appetite (eighth day),':- Eructations after meals, tasting of the ingesta (fourteenth day); lasting an hour after each meal (fifteenth day),? -(Two days after, vomited after breakfast, thought it was from drinking coffee), :-Pain in the pit of the stomach (dull griping), aggravated by eating dinner (twelfth day),'.

Abdomen.-Hypochondria. Dull aching pain in the region of the liver, just under the free ends of the floating ribs, aggravated by pressure, in the forenoon (third day),'.-Sore, dull, aching pain in the region of the liver, just beneath the free ends of the floating ribs, place very sensitive to the touch, in the evening (seventh day),':-Pain in region of liver,

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