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solidated and arranged a vast amount of material which cannot fail to be of vast utility to the student and practitioner of medicine.

The work is profusely illustrated by about one hundred and forty engravings, executed especially for its elucidation. In addition to the above engravings, the work is illustrated by sixteen plates.

The head lines sufficiently explain the scope of this work of Prof. Jones, than whom no one is better qualified to write upon these subjects, and his teachings may be regarded as strictly reliable and in accord with Southern professional sentiment.

Dr. Jones has long been regarded as the microscopist of the South, and, in fact, has an international reputation in this specialty, and his investigations of these fevers cannot fail to be of great interest, since the germ theory is claiming such universal professional recognition.

The price of the above work is $6.50, in neat substantial binding. Postage to any part of America, fifty cents. Postage to foreign countries fifty cents.

Address Prof. Joseph Jones, M.D., post-office box 1,500, New Orleans, La

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SOUTHWESTERN MEDICAL GAZETTE. - We have received the initial number of the above thirty-two paged new candidate for professional favor. It is edited by M. F. Cooms, A.M., M.D., and J. B. Marvin, B.S., M.D., assisted by an able corps of seventeen collaborators, among whom we notice the name of Dr. L. S. McMurtry, of Danville, Ky. The names of these men guarantee that it will be ably edited, and prove an acquisition to the ranks of journalism. We gladly welcome it to our exchange list. It is published at Louisville, Ky. Subscription $1 per year in advance.

SCRIBNER'S MONTHLY for February contains: “Julius Cæsar as Pontifex Maximus," as a frontispiece; “The Likeness of Julius Caesar,”by John C. Roper; “The Residuary Legatee, or the Posthumous Jest of the Late John Austin,” by J. S. of Dale; “Half a Curse," by Octave Thanet; “Ivory and Gold,” a poem, by Charles Henry Lu. ders; “Reminiscences of the Siege and Commune of Paris,” by E. B. Washburne, ex-Minister to France; “Seth's Brother's Wife," by Harold Frederic; “The Last Furrow," by Charles Edwin Markham;

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“Glimpses at the Diaries of Gouvernevr Morris,” by Annie Cary Morris; “The Story of a New York House,” by H. C. Bunner; “Our Naval Policy," by James Russell Soley, U. S. Navy; “The Ducharmes of the Baskatonge,” by Duncan Campbell Scott; “After Death,” a poem, by Louise Chandler Moulton; “M. Coquelin,” by Brander Matthews; “Russian Novels,” by Thomas Sergeant Perry. Price 25 cents a number; $3 a year. Address Charles Scribner's Sons, Publishers, 743 and 745 Broadway, New York.

SYRUPUS ROBORANS.—This preparation of syrup of hypophosphites is manufactured by Arthur Peter & Co., of Louisville, who claim its flavor and perfection as a pharmaceutical compound; that it is an open and fair formula ; that it is made accurately by that formula; that it is the cheapest to the trade, the physician, and the consumer of any syrup hypophosphites compound now on the market; that it is a perfectly stable syrup. This stability makes it readily miscible with liquid pepsin, U. S. P. in from 13 to equal quantities, Fowler solution in from three to five drops to the drachm, and with syrup iodide iron, thus enabling you to unite the hypophosphites as a basis with these important agents to suit special cases.

BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1886. Provident Chemical Works, St. Louis, Mo..-GENTLEMEN : Some time ago you very kindly sent me a box of your Crystaline Phosphate. I have not had an opportunity heretofore to give you an ex pression of opinion regarding it. Now that I have given it a fair trial, it gives me great pleasure to say that it certainly is a most excellent preparation, and one of undoubted value in the class of diseases for which it was and is intended. Very truly yours,


361 Seneca St., Buffalo.

Very CORRECT.—The more I see of hernia, the more I am convinced that, if the protrusion does not go back readily and speedily, the best interests of the patient will be subserved by an early oper ation.-P. S. Conner, M.D., of Cincinnati, in the College and Clinical Record,

Scott & BowNE, manufacturing chemists of New York, make a specialty of producing an emulsion of cod liver oil with hypophosphites. Their great care in selecting the oil and in making the combination is amply proven by the high therapeutical value set upon the emulsion by the profession. It is no new remedy, but has been steadily growing in demand for a number of years. It is certainly very useful in restoring wasting tissue, and in cases of scrofulous children it acts almost as a specific. They also offer a Buckthorn Cordial, which is highly useful in the treatment of constipation.

The Committee of Arrangements of the Ninth International Medical Congress, at Washington, D.C., which will meet in that city in 1887, is divided, for active work, into the following sub-committees : Congressional Legislation, Finance, Printing, Reception, Entertainment, Transportation, and Place of Meeting for the Congress and its Sections. While this committee is composed of some of the ablest and most influential physicians of the District, a citizens' auxiliary committee has also been formed, to assist, on behalf of the “laity," in welcoming and entertaining the distinguished guests.

MIND AND MATTER.-At a recent trial as to the sanity of an individual, which took place in Hopkinsville, Ky., the following laconic replies were elicited from a prominent physician of our sister Commonwealth, who was on the witness-stand as an expert:

“What is mind ?
"No matter."
6. What is matter ?”
"Never mind.”

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THE DOCTOR" is the title of a new bi-weekly journal, published and edited by Charles Welles, New York, as "a popular paper for physicians and their friends.” Another new journal is the Dental Review, published by W. T. Keener, of Chicago, Ill.; another, the Pittsburgh Medical Review.

THE AMPHITHEATRE is a monthly medical journal published in New York City. The medical students and the medical colleges of America are to be its particular source of solicitude.

THE “Antiseptic Shake" has become a well-recognized convention in the clinics of the city. The surgeon about to operate extends to his invited guest, not his hand, but his elbow, which is gently seized by the latter, a slight pendulum motion is made, the courtesies of the day exchanged, and then the quasi-anatomical relations cease. Thus it is shown that true courtesy is not inconsistent with micro-parasitical innocuousness.-N. Y. Med. Record.

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The superiority of Lactopeptine over pepsine as a digestive agent is everywhere acknowledged, and is rapidiy succeeding it. From extended experience in the use of Lactopeptine, we unhesitatingly recommend it as a most valuable remedial agent in certain forms of dyspepsia, vomiting in pregnancy, and especially in cholera infantum.

-Canada Lancet.

FIRE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA.—The anatomical hall belonging to the medical department of the University of Virginia was destroyed by fire on the 20th of November. The loss is estimated at $8000, a portion of which is covered by insurance. The medical course will not be interrupted in consequence of the loss sustained.

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PARKE, DAVIS & Co., of Detroit, Mich., have placed both physicians and their patients under lasting obligations for their elegant and eligible pharmaceutical preparations. Most especially so, by means of their excellent capsules, both empty and filled, which have never failed to give the utmost satisfaction.

DR. JULIAN J. CHISOLM, Professor of Eye and Ear Diseases in the University of Maryland, has accepted the Presidency of the Section on Opthalmology in the International Medical Congress, to meet in Washington in September, 1887.



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FORMULA.-Listerine is the essential

FORMULA. — Each fluid drachm of Antiseptic constituent of Thyme, Eucalyptus, - Lithiated Hydrangea” represents thirty Baptisia, Gaultheria, and Mentha Arvensis grains of Fresh Hydrangea, and three grains in combination. Each fluid drachm also con

of chemically pure Benzo-Salicylate of Lithia. tains two grains of refined and purified Ben- Prepared by our improved process of osmozoboracic Acid.

sis, it is invariably of definite and uniform Antiseptic, Prophylactic, Disinfectant, Non-thérapeutic strength, and hence can be de Toxio. Non-Irritant, Non-Escharotic, Absolutely Safe, Agreeable, Sci. pended upon in clinical practice. entific, and Strictly Pro

Kidney Alterative and Anti-Lithio. fessional,

Reliable, Uniform, and Definito And equally adapted to internal use and the

The solution and elimination of an excess surgical treatment of all parts of the human of uric acid and urates is best attained by body, whether by spray, irrigation, or simple local application,

an intelligent combination of certain forms

of Lithia and a Kidney Alterative. Listerine Comes Nearer an Ideal Antisep. The ascertained value of Hydrangea in tic than any Preparation Ever Pre

Calculous Complaints and Abnormal Condisented to the Medical World.

tions of the Kidneys through the earlier reListerine has withstood the comparativ ports of Drs. Atlee, Horsley, Monkur, Butclinical tests of the many officinal drugs rler, and others, and the well-known utility cently classed as antiseptics in the natur

of Lithia in the diseases of the uric acid progress of medical theories and laboratory diathesis, at once justified the therapeutic observations, no one of which so happily claims for Lambert's Lithiated Hydranger combines the above qualities as this carefully when first announced to the medical proprepared formula of Benzo-Boracic Acid fession,

and it is now regarded by physicians with Vegetable Products and Ozoniferous

generally as the best and most soothing Essences, all antiseptics and chemically com- Kidney Alterative and Anti-lithic Agant patible.

Send for new Formula Book and General yet known in the treatment of
Reports establishing its value externally in URINARY CALCULUS,
Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynæcology, Leucor- DIABETES, GOUT,
rhoa, Gonorrhoea, and all Mucous Mem-

CYSTITIS, brane Catarrbs; internally in Typhoid and

RHEUMATISM, other Fevers, Zymotic Diseases, Diphtheria,

BRIGHTS' DISEASES, Scarlet Fever, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Diar

HÆMATURIA, rhoea, and all forms of Cholera, and as a

ALBUMINURIA. general Prophylactic.



LAMBERT PHARMACAL CO., 116 Olive St., St. Louis,

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