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ease advances. The temperature runs from 999 to 106°, and sometimes higher. The pulse is no criterion to the temperature in this disease. I have seen cases in which the pulse was never higher than 68 to 76, with a temperature of 101° to 102°. Again, in some cases the pulse runs up to 140 to 160; but from my

observation I am inclined to think that from 100 to 110 is the maximum rate in the great majority of cases.

Epistaxis, tym panitis, subsultus tondinum, and delirium are occasional symptoms. In severe cases delirium is sometimes succeeded by coma. Authors describe a "peculiar rash” as a symptom of this disease ; but, gentlemen, as this paper is intended to be original, and as I have not met with this “peculiar rash," you will please excuse me when I say I do not believe this is a symptom of this disease as met with in Southern Illinois.

I have only hinted at some of the symptoms of typhoid fever, but shall not pursue them further.

Quite a number of complications attend this disease, and help to retard recovery, and sometimes hasten a fatal result; but I shall only notice (1) intestinal hæmorrhage, which is generally caused by the breaking down of the tissues by ulceration in the Vlower portion of the ileum, exposing the capillaries and veins qwhich pour their contents into the intestine ; and (2) hypostatic 9 congestióå of the lungs, which requires us to be on the alert, leet ownel Unexpestedly have to deal with pneumonia as well as typhoid . fever 191991 ab'icw 19 lita Sebueldi xa_Theis patiéut may have tuberculosis as a sequel of typhoid fever, provided there is a tubercular diathesis. Perfora

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This has never failed in my hands to unload the bowels; ifit should, I would follow it with a gentle laxative. After this I dismiss calomel from the case entirely, for I consider it, not only in the large doses recommended by the Germans, but also in the more moderate does used by some of the American practitioners, a dangerous medicine in this disease. I know not what effect calomel will have on a German in his native land, where it is extolled as a specific in the treatment of typhoid fever, but “I do believe that it will kill him in the land of his adoption." Gentlemen, I believe that reason, based on a thorough knowledge of the pathology of typhoid fever, ought to teach us that purgatives are dangerous in the treatment of this disease, and should not be used ; and let me remark here, that it is the purgative effects of calomel, and that alone, which I regard as deleterious in this disease.

My next prescription is oil of turpentine in doses of three to five drops every four hours. Gentlemen, I believe that turpenpentine is as near a specific for typhoid as quinine is for remittent, though more slow in its action. George B. Wood said: “Turpentine will cure typhoid fever

.“ in its worst form. Now, if it will cure it in its worst form, why will it not cure it in its mildest form ? and why will it not keep the mildest form from running into the worst form ?” I have never used this remedy but what it gave satisfaction. I have seldom failed to use it but what I afterwards regretted it. Hence, I commence with it at first, and continue with it until convalescense is fully established.

I am in the habit of prescribing a mineral acid alternately with the turpentine. I do this believing that it retards a waste of tissue.

The diet should consist of milk and soups ; under no circumstances should solid food be allowed for sometime after convalescense is established.

Now, gentlemen, I have given you my idea briefly of the general treatment of typhoid fever, without any reference to individual cases, complications, idiosyncrasies of patients, etc., which should govern the physician in prescribing for the sick. Of late

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SUCCUS ALTERANS is a purely vegetable compound of the preserved

juices of Stillingia Sylvatica, Lappå Minor, Phytolacca Decandra, Smilax Sarsaparilla and Xanthoxylum Fraxineum, as collected by DR. GEO. W. McDADE exclusively for ELI LILLY & Co., and endorsed by DR. J.

MARION SIMS. SUCCUS ALTERANS continues to gain favor from its remarkable

Alterative and Tonic properties, eliminating specific poison from lhe blood and increasing the proportion of red corpuscles in ancemic patients to a won

derful degree. SUCCUS ALTERANS in venereal and cutaneous diseases is fast sup

planting Mercury, the Iodides and Arsenic; and is a certain remedy for Mercurialization, Iodism and the dreadful effects often following the use

of Arsenic in skin diseases. SUCCUS ALTERANS is also strongly recommended for its Tonic and

Alterative effects in the myriad forms of scrofulous disease, and in all cases where anæmia is a factor. Such patients rapidly develop a good appetite, sleep soundly and gain filesh rapidly. Many cases are on record where patients increased ten to twenty-five pounds in weight in a few

weeks. SUCCUS ALTERANS may be given for any length of time without in

jury to the patient. SUCCUS ALTERANS is now endorsed by leading members of the med

ical profession, and is in use by many hospitals of note. SUCCUS ALTERANS is put up only in round amber bottles holding

sixteen fluid ounces, which is sufficient for from two to six weeks' treatment ANY PHYSICIAN who has not received DR. McDade's latest publica

tion, the MONOGRAPHIA SYPHILITICA for JANUARY, 1887, should send their address, mentioning this journal, and will we mail a copy, It contains a paper, illustrated with colored plates, by Dr. D. H. GOODWILLIE, of New York, on the “Sequelæ of Syphilis,” reports of cases in practice,

and many other valuable papers. SUCCUS ALTERANS is supplied by reputable wholesale and retail

druggists everywhere. Agency for Great Britain, etc., John M. RICHARDS, 46 HOLBORN VIADUCT, LONDON, E. C.




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Dear Doctor:

For the past twenty-five years, “VIN MARIANI COCA” has been prescribed by the medical profession, and has invariably given uniformly good results. As a tonic and strengthener of the nervous system, with especial good effect on the respiratory and digestive organs, it is pronounced superior to any other adjuvant. Owing to the large demand for Vin Mariani, a number of imitations and substitutions are being forced on patients (where physicians do not especially specify “VIN MARIANI”), and we would respectfully call your attention to this fact as being the cause of the failure to secure good effects in many cases where Coca is prescribed. We thank you for kindly aiding us in our endeavors to popularize a truly useful and worthy medicament among the profession, and remain, at your service,

Most respectfully,

41 Boulevard Haussmann. 127 5th Ave., New York.

Correspondence from Physicians Solicited.

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Treatise, fifty-three pages . (translated from the French) will be sent gratis and post-paid if this journal be mentioned.

P. S.-Price for VIN MARIANI is reduced, and where druggists do not keep it, we will supply it to patients by the case of twelve bottles for twelve dollars.

To physicians, for own use, a special discount will be made.

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years I am not in the habit of being governed much in my medical treatment of disease by what are called authorities, for I consider every case of disease a specialty, which requires in its treatment judgment, based upon the clinical history, symptoms, constitution, and idiosyncrasy of the patient. Hence, in the treatment of typhoid fever I can only give you the general remedies which I have found to be essential in nearly every case.

If I have any hobbies in the healing art, they most certainly are the quinine treatment of malarial, and the turpentine and acid treatment of typhoid fevers.

Some wise sage, I think it was Dr. Bowling, said: “Saturate your patient with turpentine, and he cannot die of typhoid fever.

Gentlemen, I would like to add a very slight amendment to the above, which you will construe metaphorically, of course. I would say: "Saturate your patient with turpentine ” and pickle him in acid, and he will not “die of typhoid fever.”



I HAVE always been taught and believed that medicine was in the highest degree a profession, and not a trade to be regulated by the laws of commerce. Believing it to be fully competent to take care of itself, I have always opposed State or national legislation upon the subject. As I view it, I see no more prospect of benefiting medicine by legislation than I do of legislating ignorance and heresy out of religion. In a democratic government the people rule, and they must be educated and enlightened upon all matters pertaining to their welfare.

The doctor is a teacher whose business is not alone the application of medicine to the cure of diseases, but to teach the people the truth in relation to their physical condition, just as it is the business of the clergy to teach them the truth in relation to

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