Cultural responses to the Persian wars: antiquity to the third millennium

Oxford University Press, 2007 - 453 sider
Cultural Responses to the Persian Wars addresses the huge impact on subsequent culture made by the wars fought between ancient Persia and Greece in the early fifth century BC. It brings together sixteen interdisciplinary essays, mostly by classical scholars, on individual trends within the reception of this period of history, extending from the wars' immediate impact on ancient Greek history to their reception in literature and thought both in antiquity and in the post-Renaisssance world. Extensively illustrated and accessibly written, with a detailed Introduction and bibliographies, this book will interest historians, classicists, and students of both comparative and modern literatures.

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The Impact of the Persian Wars on Classical Greece
Xerxes Homer

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Emma Bridges is Associate Lecturer in Classics, Open University. Edith Hall is Professor of Classics and Drama, Royal Holloway, and Co-Director, Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford. P. J. Rhodes is Honorary Professor of Ancient History, University of Durham.

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