A Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian Islands & Adjacent Countries

Bradbury & Evans, 1856 - 459 sider

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Side 309 - For the king had at sea a navy of Tharshish with the navy of Hiram; once in three years came the navy of Tharshish, bringing gold and silver, ivory and apes and peacocks.
Side 308 - And Huram sent him by the hands of his servants ships, and servants that had knowledge of the sea; and they went with the servants of Solomon to Ophir, and took thence four hundred and fifty talents of gold, and brought them to king Solomon.
Side 141 - Her brother (this time a brother by adoption) placed himself before her, and asked her with a soft voice if she was determined to die, and when she gave a sign of assent with her head, he asked her forgiveness for being obliged to kill her. At once he seized his kris, and stabbed her on the left side of the breast, but not deeply, so that she remained standing^ He then threw his kris down, and ran off.
Side 257 - They neither dig nor plant, and yet live nearly independent of their fellow-men ; for to them, the staple of life in, the East, rice, is a luxury. Tobacco they procure by the barter of fish, and a few marketables collected from the forests and coral reefs. Of esculent roots, they have the prioh and kalana, both bulbous, and not unlike coarse yams. Of fruits, they eat the...
Side 257 - I must need be short, as only long acquaintance with their prejudices and domestic feelings could afford a clue to the. impulse of their actions. Of a Creator they have not the slightest comprehension, a fact so difficult, to believe, when we find that the most degraded of the human race, in other quarters of the globe, have an intuitive idea of this unerring and primary truth imprinted on their minds, that I took the greatest care to find a slight image of the Deity within the chaos of their thoughts,...
Side 289 - On nearing one of these, our ears were saluted by the most melodious sounds, some soft and liquid, like the notes of a flute, and others full like the tones of an organ.
Side 146 - A dull noise is heard, like that of distant thunder. Having advanced so near that the vision was no longer impeded by the smoke, a large hemispherical mass was observed, consisting of black earth, mixed with water, about...
Side 108 - The rich regard them as destined to serve as the instruments of their pleasure, and the poor of their wants. For this reason, they are devoted to offices which require the greatest bodily fatigue, and are under such a submission to the lords of creation, that they cannot have a will of their own.
Side 279 - This savannah abounds with long grass, and it is plentifully stocked witb deer. The adjacent woods are a covert for them in the heat of the day ; but mornings and evenings they feed in the open plains, as thick as in our parks in England. I never saw anywhere such plenty of wild deer, though I have met with them in several parts of America, both in the North and South Seas.
Side 146 - ... plain. The spot where the ebullition occurs " is nearly circular and perfectly level, it is covered only with the earthy " particles impregnated with salt water, which are thrown up from below ; " the circumference may be estimated at about half an English mile. In " order to conduct the salt water to the circumference, small passages, or " gutters, are made in the loose muddy earth, which lead it to the bor" ders, where it is collected in holes dug in the ground for the purpose of

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