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DE FOE, Daniel, Notice of, iii. 441; Early
Adventures of Colonel Jack, iii. 441.
DEKKER, Thomas, Notice of, i. 548;
Scenes from Old Fortunatus, i. 548.
DE LAMARTINE, A., Notice of, iv. 212;
Charlotte Corday, iv. 213.

DE LATUDE, Notice of, 259; Escape from
the Bastille, ii. 59.

DE MORNAY, Madame, Notice, of, ii. 1;
The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew,
ii. 1.

DE QUINCEY, Thomas, Notice of, ii. 357;
The Pains of Opium, ii. 358.
DICKENS, Charles, Notice of, iv. 245; The
Duel, iv. 245.

Dibdin, Poor Jack, iii. 515.

D'ISRAELI, Isaac, Notice of, iii. 469; The
Introduction of Tea, Coffee, and Choco-
late, iii. 469.

DODDRIDGE, Philip. Notice of, i. 461;
On the New Testament, i. 461.
DONNE, John, Notice of, iii. 157; Holy
Sonnets, iii. 157.

Donne, iii. 194.

Drayton, i. 238; i. 393; ii. 314; iv.

Drummond, i. 389; ii. 313; iv. 543.
DRYDEN, John, Notice of, ii. 289; The
Character of Polybius, the Historian, ii.
290; The Good Parson, iv. 514.

EDGEWORTH, Maria, Notice of, iv. 326;
The Landlord and the Agent, iv. 326.
Edwards, i. 434.

ELLIOTT, Ebenezer, Notice of, iii. 250;
Love, iii. 251.

ERSKINE, Thomas, Notice of; Good Works,
iv. 191.

EVELYN, John, Notice of, i. 245; Account
of the Great Fire of London, i. 245.
EVERETT, Edward, Notice of, ii. 278;
Industry essentially Social, ii. 279.

FANSHAWE, Lady, Notice of, i. 344;
Character of Sir R. Fanshawe, i. 344.
FELTHAM, Owen, Notice of, ii. 156; Of
Improving by Good Examples, ii. 156.
FIELDING, Henry, Notice of, iii. 76; Cha-
racter of Jonathan Wild, iii. 77.
Fielding, the Rabble and the People, ii.

FITZ STEPHEN, William, Notice of, ii...
434; A Description of the Most Noble
City of London, ii. 435.

Fletcher, i. 572; i. 575; ii. 237; ii. 312.
FLOWERS, i. 233.

FORSTER, John, Notice of, iv. 205; The
Vicar of Wakefield, iv. 205.
FORSYTH, James, Notice of, iv. 159; So-
ciety at Naples, iv. 159.

FOSTER, John, Notice of, iv. 342; Deci-
sion of Character, iv. 342.
FRANKLIN, Dr., Notice of, i. 376; Poor
Richard, i. 377; The Savages of North
America, ii. 297.

FROISSART, John, Notice of, i. 11; The
Piteous Death of the Son of Gaston de
Foix, i. 12.

FULLER, Thomas, Notice of, iv. 282; The
Faithful Minister, iv. 282.

Fuller, Thomas, Decayed Gentry, i. 63;

Burning of Wickliffe's Body by Order
of the Council of Constance, i. 68;
Tenderness of Conscience, i. 216; Real
Courage, i. 449; The Abbot of Read-
ing, ii. 454.

GALT, John, Notice of, iv. 397; The
Rising of the Waters, iv. 397.
Gascoigne, iii. 195.

Gay, John, Black-Eyed Susan, iii. 508.
GIBBON, Edward, Notice of, iii. 1; Rienzi,
iii. 2.

GIFFORD, William, Notice of, i. 339; Ac-
count of his Early Days, i. 339.
GILPIN, William, Notice of, ii. 409;
Swineherds of the New Forest, ii. 409.
GODWIN, William, Notice of, iii. 318;

London in the Time of Chaucer, iii.

GOETHE, Notice of, i. 183; Faustus, i.
184; The Poet's Year, iv. 338.
GOLDSMITH, Oliver, Notice of, ii. 186;
The History of a Philosophic Vaga-
bond, ii. 187; On the Sagacity of the
Spider, iii. 309; The Haunch of Veni-
son, iv. 456.

GREEN, J. H., Notice of, i. 296; Instinct,
i. 296.

Greene, Robert, iv. 3.

GUIZOT, F., Notice of, i. 116; Civilization,
i. 116.

GURNALL, William, Notice of, iii. 258;
Earthly Things, iii. 258.

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HALL, Edward, Notice of, iv. 407; The
Death of Lord Hastings, iv. 407.
HALL, Joseph, Bishop of Norwich, Notice
of, i. 1; A Good Man's Day, i. 1; To
all Readers, i. 554.

HALL, Rev. Robert, Notice of, i. 289;
Religious Knowledge, i. 289; Reflec-
tions on War, iii. 540; Impediments to
the Progress of Truth, ii. 448.
HALL, Basil, Notice of, i. 155; Struggling
with Adversity, i. 156.

HALLAM, Henry, Notice of, i. 419; Criti-
cism on Don Quixote, i. 419; "Field
Sports, Agriculture, and Trade of the
Middle Ages, iv. 163.

HARE, Julius, Mirth, iii. 230; The Child-
ren of Light, iii. 449.

HARRINGTON, Sir John, Notice of, ii. 315;
Court of James the First, ii. 315.
HARVEST, iii. 143.

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel, Notice of, iii.
113; A Rill from the Town Pump, iii.

HAZLITT, William, Notice of, i. 279; The
Literature of the Age of Elizabeth, i. 279.
HEAD, Sir Francis B., The Canadian In-
dians, iv. 376.

HEBER, Reginald, Bishop, Notice of, ii.
123; The Passage of the Red Sea, ii.
124; Hymn, iv. 366.

HERBERT, George, Notice of, i. 171; Sun-
day, i. 172.

Herbert, i. 238.

Herrick, i. 36; i. 237; i. 483; iii. 145;
iii. 146; iv. 362; iv. 363; Twelfth
Night, iv. 555; End of Christmas, iv.

HERSCHEL, Sir John, Notice of, i. 5; In-
fluence of Science on the Well-being of
Society, i. 5.
Heywood, i. 394.

Hoare, Prince, The Arethusa, iii. 511.
HOMER, Priam and Achilles, iv. 472.
HOOD, Thomas, Notice of, iv. 332; Dream
of Eugene Aram, iv. 332.

HOOKER, Richard, Notice of, i. 138; Na-
ture's Law, i. 139.

HOOKER, Herman, Notice of, iii. 297; The
Victories of Love, iii. 297.

HUME, David, Notice of, i. 84; Of the
Jealousy of Trade, i. 85.

HUNT, Leigh, Notice of, i. 577; What is
Poetry? i. 577.

Hunt, Leigh, ii. 386; A Legend of Flo-
rence, iv. 501.

HUTCHINSON, Mrs., Character of Colonel
Hutchinson, iv. 391.

IRVING, Washington, Notice of, ii. 66;
Rural Life in England, ii. 66; Colum-
bus, i. 417; Columbus at Barcelona,
iii. 263.

James I. of Scotland, i. 433.

JEFFERSON, Thomas, Character of Wash-
ington, i. 456.

JEFFREY, Francis, Notice of, i. 211; Cha-
racter of James Watt, i. 211; Progress
of English Literature, iii. 178; The
War in La Vendée, iv. 48.

JERROLD, Douglas, Notice of, iv. 505; A
Gossip at Reculvers, iv. 505.

JESSE, Edward, Notice of, ii. 99; Gar-
dens, ii. 99.

JOHNSON, Samuel, Notice of, ii. 275; The

Poet described, ii. 276; The Vanity of
Human Wishes, iii. 347; Value of
Time, iv. 175.

Johnson, Dr., Waller, i. 67; The Vicar
of Wakefield, i. 221; Youth, i. 451.
JONES, Rev. Richard, Notice of, iii. 526;
Cottier Rents, iii. 526.

JONSON, Ben, Notice of, i. 486; Scenes
from the Alchemist, i. 486; The Diffe-
rence of Wits, iv. 531.

Jonson, Ben, Memory, i. 219; Character
of Lord Bacon, i. 455; ii. 495.

KEATS, John, Notice of, ii. 51; To his
Brother, ii. 52.

Keats, ii. 18; ii. 385; ii. 496; iii. 43;
St. Agnes' Eve, iv. 556.

KITTO, John, Notice of, ii. 499; Deaf-
ness, ii. 499; Jerusalem, iii. 207.
KNOWLES, Sheridan, Notice of, iv. 494;
The Hunchback, iv. 494.

LABAUME, Eugene, Notice of, iii. 81; Pas-
sage of the Beresina, iii. 81.

LAMB, Charles, Notice of, i. 130; A Com-
plaint of the Decay of Beggars in the
Metropolis, i. 130; Hogarth, iv. 7; A
Farewell to Tobacco, iv. 200.

LANDOR, Walter Savage, Notice of, i. 53;
Roger Ascham and Lady Jane Grey, i.
54; Count Julian, iv. 370.

Lane, The Desolation of Tyranny, i. 66;
Precocious Intelligence, i. 450.
LATIMER, Hugh, Notice of, i. 424; The
Sermon of the Plough, i. 424.
LAUDER, Sir Thomas Dick, Notice of, iii.
131; Account of the Great Floods in
the Province of Moray, iii. 131.
LEIGHTON, Archbishop, Notice of, iv. 76;
Of the Immortality of the Soul, iv. 76;
Of the Happiness of the Life to Come,
iv. 106.
L'Estrange, Translation, i. 217; i. 219;
Begging a Fool, i. 220; Qualifications
of a Horseman, i. 222; Wicked Wit,
i. 454; King James, i. 454.
Leyden, John, ii. 497.

LITHGOW, William, Notice of, ii. 424;
Sufferings of, ii. 424.

LOCKE, John, Notice of, iii. 105; The
Christian Revelation the sure Standard
of Morality, iii. 105.

LOCKER, Edward Hawke, Notice of, i.

356; The Old English Admiral, i. 356.
Lodge, Thomas, ii. 313.

Logan, John, i. 388.

LONG, George, Notice of, iii. 463; Cha-
racter of Brutus, iii. 463.
LONGFELLOW, Henry W., Notice of, ii.
176; Rural Life in Sweden, ii. 176.
Longfellow, H. W., i. 240; i. 435.
LUCAS, Richard, Notice of, ii. 245; For-
tune, ii. 246.

LYELL, Charles, Notice of, ii. 119; The
Great dismal Swamp of America, ii.


LYTTON, Sir Edward Bulwer, Notice of,

iv. 460; The Candid Man, iv. 460;
Richelieu, iv. 498.

MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, Notice of,

i. 368; Dr. Johnson and his Times, i.
368; Bunyan, i. 507.
MACHIAVELLI, Nicolo, Notice of, ii. 117;
Statesmanship, ii. 118.
MACKENZIE, Sir George, Notice of, iii.
237; Luxury, iii. 237.
MACKENZIE, Henry, Notice of, iv. 167;
Louisa Venoni, iv. 167.

MARCELLINUS, Ammianus, Notice of, ii.
455; Luxury of the Roman Nobles, ii.

MARTINEAU, Harriet, Notice of, iii. 285;

[blocks in formation]

MILTON, Notice of, iii. 17; The Liberty of
Unlicensed Printing, iii. 17; Hymn on
the Nativity, iv. 400; Of His Own
Studies, iv. 419.

Milton, i. 233; i. 437; ii. 168; ii. 238;
ii. 498; iii. 435; iv. 546.

Joanna Baillie, De Monfort, iv. 367;
Landor, Count Julian, iv. 370; Cole-
ridge, Remorse, iv. 373.

Byron, Manfred, iv. 447; Milman,
Fazio, iv. 450.

Sheridan Knowles, The Hunchback,
iv. 494.

Talfourd, Ion, iv. 563; Taylor, Van
Artevelde, iv. 567.

MONTAIGNE, Notice of, i. 274; Of the In-
convenience of Greatness, i. 274.
MOON, The, ii. 494.

Moore, T. ii. 384.

[blocks in formation]

PASCAL, Blaise, Notice of, i. 338; The
strange Contrarieties discoverable in Hu-
man Nature, i. 338.

342; Rule Britannia, 343; Britain's
best Bulwarks, 344; Britons, Strike
Home, 345; Ye Mariners of England,

PAULDING, James Kirke, Notice of, iv. 83;

The Quarrel of Squire Bull and his
Son, iv. 83.

Peacham, A Lesson for Pretenders, i. 216.
PENN, William, Notice of, iii. 73; Advice

to his Family, iii. 73.

PEPYS, Samuel, Notice of, i. 437; The
Progress of the Great Plague of London,
i. 438.

PERLIN, Stephen, Notice of, ii. 263; Eng-
land in the Sixteenth Century, ii, 263.
PETRARCH, Notice of, iii. 293; Good and
Bad Fortune, iii. 293.

PLATO, The Death of Socrates, iv. 478.
PLINY, the Younger, Notice of, ii. 328;
Death of Pliny the Elder, ii. 328.
PLUTARCH, Notice of, i. 330; Death of
Cæsar, i. 330; Caius Marius, ii. 23.
POPE, Alex., Notice of, i. 411; Imitation
of Horace, i. 411; Education, iv. 526.
Pope, ii. 494.

PRAED, Winthrop, Mack worth, Notice of,

i. 301; The Red Fisherman, i. 301;
Enigmas, iv. 425.

PRESCOTT, William H., Notice of, ii. 347;
The Last of the Incas, ii. 347.

Raleigh, Sir W., i. 238.
Ramsay, Allan, ii. 171.

RANKE, Leopold, Notice of, ii. 482;
Queen Christina of Sweden, ii. 483.
RAY, John, Notice of, ii. 142; The Great
Author of Civilization, ii. 142.
REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua, Notice of, iv. 131;
Imitation in Art, iv. 131.
ROGERS, Samuel, Notice of, ii. 145; Epistle
to a Friend, ii. 145.

ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques, Notice of, ii. 230;
Happiness in Solitude, ii. 231.

SACK OF MAGDEBURGH, in Harte's Life of
Gustavus Adolphus, i. 27.
Sackville, ii. 314; iv. 3.
SANDERSON, Bishop, Notice of, iv. 150;
Special Means of Contentment, iv. 150.

SCHEFER, Leopold, The Married Life of
Albert Durer, iv. 195.

Scorr, John, Notice of, iv. 476; The
Ways of God, iv. 476.

SCOTT, Sir W., Notice of, iii. 195; The
Scottish Borderers, iii. 196.

Scott, Sir W., ii. 17; ii. 166.

SCROPE, W., Habits of the Red Deer, iii.

SEA SONGS, iii. 507; Black Eyed Susan,
508; The Storm, 509; The Arethusa,
511; Battle of the Baltic, 563; Poor
Jack, 515.

Seward, Candour, i. 221; A Distinction,
i. 454.

SHAKSPERE, Absence, iv. 312.

Shakspere, i. 235; i. 571; i. 572; i.
575; ii. 236; ii. 312; ii. 386; ii.
498; iii. 46; iii. 193; iii. 433; iii.
436; iv. 364.

SHELLEY, The Clouds, iv. 236.

Shelley, i. 36; i. 40; i. 242; i. 396; ii.

384; ii. 448; iii. 45; iii. 190; iv. 5.
SHENSTONE, William, Notice of, ii. 473;
The School Mistress, ii. 473.
SHERIDAN, R. B., Notice of, ii. 403;
Scene from the Critic, ii. 403.
SHERLOCK, Dr. Thomas, Notice of, iv.
538; The Immortality of the Soul, iv.

SIDNEY, Algernon, Notice of, iv. 492; Of
the Public Good, iv. 492.

SIDNEY, Sir Philip, Notice of, iv. 430;
The Defence of Poesy, iv. 430.
Sidney Sir P., ii. 496.

SMITH, Horace, Notice of, iv. 103; Ad-
dress to the Mummy in Belzoni's Exhi-
bition, iv. 103.

SMOLLETT, Tobias, Notice of, i. 313; Au-
thors of Eighty Years Ago, i. 314; Ad-
ventures in a Forest, i. 543.
SONGS, Allan Cunningham, Thou hast
sworn by thy God, my Jeanie, iv. 386;
It's Hame, and it's Hame, iv. 387; A Wet
Sheet and a Flowing Sea, iv. 388.-
Barry Cornwall, The Sea, iv. 389;
The Leveller, iv. 390.
SONNETS, iv. 543.

SOUTHEY, Robert, Notice of, iii. 425; The

Battle of the Nile, iii. 426; Sisters of
Charity, ii. 80; Fame, v. 185; The
Doctor's Family Feeling, iv. 288.
Southey, iii. 44; iv. 4.

SPENSER, Edmund, Notice of, i. 201;
Hymn of Heavenly Beauty, i. 202;
Artegal and the Giant, iv. 17.
Spenser, i. 42; i. 433; i. 481; ii. 14;
ii. 165; iii. 42; iv. 2; iv. 543.
STEELE, Sir R., Notice of, iii. 455; Alex-

ander Selkirk, iii. 455.

STERNE, Laurence, Notice of, ii. 332; The
Story of Le Fevre, ii. 333.
Stevens, The Storm, iii. 509.
STEWART, Dugald, Notice of, iv. 10; Sym-
pathetic Imitation, iv. 10.

ST. LEGER, Barry, Notice of, iii. 409;
The Taking of the Bastille, iii. 409.
STOWELL, Lord, Notice of, iv. 255; Do-
mestic Jars, iv. 255.

ST. PIERRE, Notice of, iii. 244; The
Strawberry Plant, iii. 245.

SUMNER, John Bird, Archbishop, Notice

of, ii. 56; Christian Charity, ii. 56;
Correction of Error in the Notice, ii. 555.
SUMMER, ii. 165; ii. 379.

Surrey, Earl of, i. 569; ii. 234; ii. 383.
SWIFT, Jonathan, Notice of, i. 113; The

Spider and the Bee, i. 113; On the
Wisdom of this World, iii. 395; The
Academy of Lagado, ii. 508; Gulliver,
and the King of Brobdingnag, iii. 323.
SWIFT AND POPE, Imitation of Horace,
iv. 179.

TACITUS, Notice of, iv. 98; The Death of

Agrippina, the Mother of Nero, iv. 99.
Talfourd, Mr. Sergeant, Notice of, iv.
562; Ion, iv. 563.

TANNAHILL, Robert, Notice of, iv. 300;
Scottish Songs, iv. 300.
TASSO, Notice of, iii. 550; Rinaldo and
Armida, iii. 551.

TAYLOR, Jeremy, Bishop, Notice of, i. 88;

The Measures and Offices of Friendship,
i. 88; Prayer, ii. 10; God's Mercy,
ii. 368.

TAYLOR, Henry, Notice of, iv. 268; Of
Wisdom, iv. 268.

Taylor, Henry, Notice of, iv. 566; Philip
Van Artevelde, iv. 567.
TEMPLE, Sir W., Notice of, ii. 460;
Health and Long Life, ii. 460.
Temple Sir W., Quackery in the Seven-
teenth Century, ii. 212.

TENNYSON, Alfred, Notice of, iii. 458; The
May Queen, iii. 458.

Tennyson, A., iii. 47; The Death of the
Old Year, iv. 553.

THACKERAY, W. M., Notice of, iv. 482;
The Best English People, iv. 482.
THOMSON, Notice of, iv. 576; Hymn of
the Seasons, iv. 576.

Thomson, ii. 383; iii. 143; Rule Bri-
tannia, iii. 343.

TOPHAM, M., Notice of, ii. 216; John
Elwes, the Miser, ii. 216.
TREES, ii. 14.

TUCKER, Professor, Notice of, iii. 164;
The Mississippi Scheme, iii. 164.
TUCKERMAN, H. T., Notice of, iii. 357;
A Defence of Enthusiasm, iii. 357.

[blocks in formation]

WALPOLE, Horace, Notice of, ii. 294; An
Earthquake in London, 1750, ii. 294.
Walpole Horace, The Age before News-
papers, i. 68.

WALTON, Izaak, Notice of, ii. 76; Con-
tentment and Thankfulness, ii. 76.
WARTON, Thomas, Notice of, iii. 301;
Poetry of the Age of Elizabeth, iii.
301; The Progress of Discontent, iii. 475.
Warton, T., ii. 309.

WATERTON, Charles, Notice of, ii. 371;
The Sloth, ii. 371.
Watson, i. 482.

WEBSTER, John, Notice of, i. 259; Scenes
from the Duchess of Malfi, i. 260.
WEBSTER, Daniel, Notice of, i. 309; Pro-
gress of the Mechanical Arts, i. 309.
WHITE, Gilbert, Notice of, i. 191; The
British Hirundines, i. 191.

WIELAND, Notice of, iii. 288; The Beau-
tiful and the Useful, iii. 289.
WILSON, Bishop, Notice of, iv. 439; Of
Fraud, iv. 439.

WILSON, Alexander, Notice of, ii. 84; The
Mocking Bird, ii. 84.

WILSON, John, Notice of, ii. 102; High-
land Snow Storm, ii. 103; Youthful
Friendship, iii. 186.

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