The Minute Man in Peace and War: A History of the National Guard

Stackpole Company, 1964 - 585 sider
This history of the National Guard, which encompasses the 324 years since the organization of the first Colonial Militia in the United States to 1964, is the first definitive and detailed work of its kind. It is a powerful narrative that carries the reader from Concord, 1775, to Berlin, 1961. It is the story of National Guardsmen in combat in every war the Nation has fought. Here is the truth about the Guard's long fight against federalization, against the efforts of those who would abolish State military forces. The history of the National Guard and its predecessor, the Colonial Militia (later the State Militia), is interwoven in the history of the United States. This book, therefore, is a significant contribution to the military history of the United States emphasizing the service the Militia and the National Guard rendered over the decades, first in the War for Independence, and subsequently in every other war in which the Nation has been involved. It also reports on situations short of war, such as the partial mobilization for the Berlin Crisis in 1961. While the author has given due attention to the history of the Colonial Militia, he devotes the greater portion of his book to the development of the Militia subsequent to the Revolutionary War and covers in great detail the formulation of legislation and policies which brought about a firmer organizational structure and eventually the support of the Federal Government, making it possible for the National Guard to become what it is today, the most ready Reserve Force of the U.S. Army and Air Force. There is little resemblance between the rough, undisciplined, untrained Colonial Militiamen and the modern citizen-soldiers and airmen who have achieved a near-professional status. This book also lays to rest some of the unfounded, oft-repeated, criticisms of State Militia and the National Guard. The introduction by George Fielding Eliot, a military commentator of vast experience, ably complements General Hill's narrative and stands by itself as a document worth reading.--Adapted from book jacket.

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