YY/T 0506.1-2005: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (YYT 0506.1-2005, YY/T0506.1-2005, YYT0506.1-2005): Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits for patients, clinical staff and equipment - Part 1: General requirements for manufacturers, processors and products

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This part of YY/T 0506 stipulates the information in addition to the general labeling of medical devices (see YY 0466 and EN 1041) provided to users and third-party certification; involves manufacturing and processing requirements. This part provides general guidelines for the performance of single-use and reusable surgical drapes, surgical gowns, clean air suits for patients, clinical staff, equipment, to prevent the spread of infective agents between patients and clinical staff in the surgical procedure and other invasive examination process.

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Information to be provided by manufacturers and processors
Informative Prevention of infection in operating room

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