Tomorrow's World: A Look at the Demographic and Socio-economic Structure of the World in 2032

John Wiley & Sons, 20. feb. 2013 - 256 sider
How the world's demographic and socio-economic landscape will change over the next two decades

Tomorrow's World maps out the world's near future through the lens of demography, dealing with issues of health and wealth; death and taxes; buying and selling; education and progress; and how and where we choose to live. The last century saw the world's population quadruple, the emergence of mega-cities and increased urbanisation, and large changes in fertility, mortality, healthcare, education, and income. The world we live in today was profoundly shaped by those changes. This book looks at what's happening now and how demographic changes will reshape the twenty-first century. It highlights the most significant current demographic realities and explains the implications they'll have for our near future. If you run a business, manage a brand, or just want to know what the future looks like, Tomorrow's World is a must-read.

  • A vitally important look at demographic trends how they will effect labour, education, population, economics, and business in this century
  • Written by the founder and Managing Director of Global Demographics Ltd., a leading demographic agency that consults with companies on market and business planning
  • A must-read book for economists, financial analysts, brand managers, and business leaders

If you ever wanted to know what tomorrow's world will look like, you have to start by looking at the world today. This book reveals how the experts expect our socio-economic landscape to evolve, identifying threats and opportunities along the way.


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The Present Demographic Scenario
Population Change by 2032
Tomorrows Household
Education and Productivity
The Evolving Labour Force
Where in the World Is the Money?
Distribution of Households by Income
The Health Tsunami
Behind the Hype The Future for China
Strategic Implications
About the Author

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Om forfatteren (2013)

Dr. Clint Laurent is the founder and Managing Director of Global Demographics Ltd., formerly Asian Demographics Ltd. Dr. Laurent moved to Hong Kong in 1976, initially with Hong Kong University and then as a director of Price Waterhouse, where he built up a market research and consultancy group. In the following years, Dr. Laurent founded and sold off two leading regional research companies—Asia Market Intelligence Ltd. and then Asia Studies Ltd. before launching Asian Demographics in 1997. Dr. Laurent holds a PhD in marketing and statistics from Bath University in the UK.

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