The Agile Change Playbook

Agile Change Leadership Institute, 29. aug. 2020 - 110 sider
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Welcome to the Agile Change Playbook - over 30 agile change practices to help you feel confident and more effective in the world of agile change.

If you've come this far it's probably because you have landed in the wild world of agile projects and initiatives, or an organisation that is 'going agile'. Your existing toolkit is a good one, but it doesn't quite fit the new world. That was our experience about seven years ago when we both started dipping our collective toes in the world of agile.

Over the years we have experimented, played, failed, adapted in various fashions with our change practice. We've pulled that experience together in this playbook.

Oh, on that, why is it a playbook and not a handbook? It's intentional. Not all of the agile change tools in this will work for you, you're going to have to play with them and work out which ones suit, and which ones you might use on another initiative.

We have created this especially for change and project practitioners who need to adapt their practice to agile ways of working, our Agile Change Playbook is jam packed with agile change practices, templates, and tools for you to use

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