Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start

Emerald Publishing Limited, 21. jan. 2019 - 272 sider
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The way people move from job to job is undergoing a massive change, as are their expectations on their future workplaces and their employers. From clear and almost limitless development opportunities to a strong sense of purpose, the demands on the new hire menu card are increasing. Onboarding is a powerful vehicle that can help companies deliver on these expectations. Successfully deployed, it can ensure higher engagement, organisational readiness, better time-to-performance, better retention, lower stress-levels, and better bottom lines. However very few companies adopt a considered onboarding approach and instead rely on a checklist methodology that harnesses but a fraction of the full potential of onboarding.
Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start provides a clear and structured framework for professionalising the discipline of onboarding new hires. It explains how to work with elements such as culture and rules, how to ensure connection for your new hires, and how to work with pushing performance and development forward in a balanced way. Filled with facilitation tools, real life cases, best-practice recommendations, ways to train your leaders, and ways of tracking and measuring the onboarding efforts in your company, it is a complete manual on how to design a structured onboarding process and how to get your new hires off to a flying start.
Written for managers and human resource teams, this book will provide clear guidance on how to design a complete onboarding process from the preboarding stage up to 6 month programmes, how to organise central and local designs, and how to involve the leadership of your organisation in the onboarding efforts.

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Om forfatteren (2019)

Christian Harpelund holds a MSc in Organizational Psychology from Copenhagen University, and is a State Authorised Psychologist. He is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group which specializes in designing and implementing structured onboarding processes in organizations.Morten Højberg is the Founder and CEO of the recruiting company Moment. He has worked with hiring and onboarding new employees for more than 20 years across 1000+ companies, and he is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group. Kasper Ulf Nielsen is the Co-Founder of Reputation Institute, the global leader in reputation measurement and management. He holds a MSc in Intercultural Management from Copenhagen Business School. Kasper is the Chairman of the Board at Onboarding Group.

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