How to develop a perfect memory


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1 Introduction
2 How to remember lists
3 Whats in a name?
4 How to remember numbers
5 The mental diary
6 The mental intray
7 Memory and job interviews
8 How to remember speeches
17 How to win always at trivial pursuit
18 Memory and sport
19 How memory can improve your golf swing
20 How memory can improve your chess game
21 How to memorize thirtyfive decks
22 Number crunching
23 Remembering binary numbers
24 How to win at blackjack

9 How to remember directions
10 Learning the twentieth century calendar
11 How to recall lost chapters of your life
12 How to learn languages
13 How to remember geographical facts
14 How to remember history
15 Popular mnemonics
16 How to memorize a pack of playing cards
25 How to beat quiz machines
26 Memory and the greeks
27 Famous memory men
28 Conclusions
Appendix A Name and face exercise
Selected Bibliography

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