Government and Agriculture in Western Europe, 1880-1988

Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1989 - 382 sider
Government policy towards agriculture is one of the most emotive issues under discussion in both academic circles and the media. Food security and rural lifesytles are the focus of attention worldwide. The problems of the European Community's Common Agricultural Policy have been at the centre of much of this attention. MIchael Tracy's contribution to our understanding of these problems is unique. The book demonstrates clearly the lasting effect on the CAP ofnthis historical background and enriches our understanding of modern-day problems. Since the second edition was published in 1982 there have been major changes in the CAP with repeated attempts at reform. Michael Tracy has completely updated and revised the recent material to reflect these changes to help bring this invaluable work to the attention of the world again. Agricultural historians, agricultural economists and those involved in the agricultural policy process will find this essential reading.

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Postwar recovery and government intervention

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