Finance Unleashed: Leveraging the CFO for Innovation

Springer, 26. okt. 2017 - 178 sider
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Fast moving, to the point, and rooted in first-hand executive experiences, this book is for people of vision and action, and for creating the conditions required for growth, innovation, and increased competitive advantage.

Finance Unleashed is based on a series of interactive interviews with a diverse group of global influencers and executives, all of which will challenge readers to think laterally and find inspiration in the new role of finance. Cases and interviewees represent organizations such as UPS and DHL, and the London School of Economics, and approaches such as Lean Six Sigma, innovation, customer-centricity, the financial supply chain, and behavioral procurement. The authors’ goal is to serve as a catalyst for leaders who are positioned to make meaningful changes today.

The book includes a practical model to help executive teams redesign and refocus finance to drive business leadership - with an emphasis on the CFO. The model has three primary components: 1) Customer-Centricity - Listen and Map; 2) Process - Structure and Technology; and 3) Innovation - Create and Measure. These are presented as phases that each executive team will need to consider based on the goals and maturity level of their organization.

For the CFO and ambitious finance executives, Finance Unleashed presents a path forward towards success and career advancement. For the CEO and the board, it presents an expanded vision for what financial organizations are capable of.


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Om forfatteren (2017)

Magnus Lind has moderated peer groups for senior finance executives from large corporations across the globe for over a decade, focusing on the transformation of finance in nonfinancial corporations from a ‘command and control’ function to a business leading role. The financial crisis was one driver for this change, together with new technology (including fintech), Industry 4.0, and new, alternative financial models. The challenge was finding a way to unleash finance to achieve its true potential and leverage it for innovation. In 2014, Magnus began to explore the ongoing paradigm shift in finance in a broader context, looking to understand how it fits into Industry 4.0. The reason for writing this book was just that - to explore what financial disruptions mean for CEOs, CFOs, and the boards of nonfinancial companies.

Kelly Barner has built a career on her unceasing desire to learn, ability to apply critical thought, and her writing skills – all of which have proven essential for building a diverse, global professional network. Kelly’s education and experience in market intelligence and research – although not acquired for the sake of improving corporate supply chains – have opened many unexpected professional doors, one of which led to over a decade (and counting) in procurement and supply chain. Procurement is a field ripe for disruption from within, especially if ambitious professionals in the field can connect with colleagues in other areas of the business to create a cohesive strategy for increasing competitive advantage in collaboration with supply partners.

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