Encyclopaedic Ethnography of Middle-East and Central Asia, Bind 1

R. Khanam
Global Vision Publishing House, 2005 - 965 sider
The Aim Of This Encyclopaedia Is To Highlight The Living Style Of More Than 350 Million People Of 47 Countries Of Middle-East And Central Asian Countries Who Have Been Residing In These Areas (Both Past And Present) And The Factors That Have Caused The Culture To Change Over Time And Place. This Monumental Work Presents An Ethnographical Analysis Of 227 Ethnic Communities Written By Eminent Scholars Which Deals With The Physical, Historical, Social, Political, Economic, Religious And Cultural Life. Summaries Of Each Entry Usually Provide Information On The Following Aspects: Physical Features; History Of Origin And Development; Social Life; Marriage And Family; Political Organisation; Social Conflict And Control; Economic And Commer-Cial Activities; Religion And Culture; And Bibliography For Further Studies.

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