Economic Valuation with Stated Preference Techniques: A Manual

Edward Elgar, 2002 - 458 sider
This manual offers a detailed, contemporary explanation of how to carry out economic valuation using stated preference techniques. It is relavent for the application of these techniques to all non-market goods and services including air and water quality; provision of public open space; h ealth care that is not sold through private markets; risk reduction policies and investments not provided privately; provision of information as with the recorded heritage, the protection of cultural assets and so on. The resulting valuations can be used for a number of purposes including, but not limited to, demonstrating the importance of a good or service; cost-benefit analysis; setting priorities for environmental policy; design of economic instruments; green national/corporate accounting and natural resource damage assessment.

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The foundations of economic valuation

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Om forfatteren (2002)

Ian J. Bateman, Richard T. Carson, Brett Day, Michael Hanemann, Nick Hanley, Tannis Hett, Michael Jones-Lee, Graham Loomes, Susana Mourato, Ece Özdemiroglu, David Pearce, Robert Sugden and John Swanson

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