Design for Six Sigma: The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Profits

Dearborn Trade Pub., 2002 - 179 sider
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Six Sigma. From the Ground Up. To achieve this level of near perfection, a corporation must attack problems at the design stage. If a company changes a design after a product launch, and not during the concept stage, implementing the changes will cost 1,000 times more. Six Sigma, the near perfect rate of only 3.4 defects per million opportunities and the management strategy to which Jack Welch attributes GE's phenomenal success, is on the list of all successful organizations. Even with excellent Six Sigma implementation, most companies are able to achieve only Five Sigma, which is not enough in today's ultracompetitive marketplace.For the first time, leading quality expert and author Subir Chowdhury presents Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), a revolutionary five step process that takes a company all the way to Six Sigma.

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