Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves

A movement that began in Europe has taken hold in North America because it provides some real answers for the increasing number of people who stop to look at where and how they live and at their impact on the environment. Cohousing is a way for a group of people to work together to develop places to live that offer both privacy and community with the values of an old-fashioned neighborhood-safety, independence, mutual concern. Many of these new ventures are up and running and many more are in the planning stages. Delivering more bang for the buck, this innovative approach to housing is challenging the formidable housing problems we face, and it is succeeding.

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Presents reports on 8 different cohousing communities in Denmark, gives a brief history on the development of the current cohousing concept, provides useful steps in creating such a community ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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This is a thoughtfully prepared book, with floor plans and site layout, decent photographs, and well-written and organized text. Makes you think you don't have to wear socks with your sandals to consider co-housing a viable option. Læs hele anmeldelsen


PART TWO Eight Cohousing Communities
PART THREE Creating Cohousing

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