Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality

Free Press, 1999 - 360 sider
Drawing on scholarly research, media reports, and real-life cases, Ceasefire! demolishes both feminist and antifeminist fictions. Young challenges men and women to transcend old and new myths, to look beyond the polarities of either denying or exaggerating sex differences, and to value individual uniqueness and flexibility. To achieve true equality, she says, we must pay attention to sexism against men as well as against women (without turning men into a new victim class) and ask women as well as men to rethink their stereotypical views of the other gender. Sure to cause controversy across the political spectrum, Ceasefire! surveys a wide range of issues - from career/family conflicts to female violence, from sexual dynamics on the job to the problems of divorced fathers - to offer a surprising vision of true social equality.

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The Gender Wars
Men Are from Earth Women Are from Earth
The Mommy Wars and the Daddy Track

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