The Cambridge Companion to Descartes

John Cottingham
Cambridge University Press, 25/09/1992 - 441 sider
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Descartes occupies a position of piviotal importance as one of the founding fathers of modern philosophy; he is, perhaps the most widely studied of all philosophers. In this authoritative collection an international team of leading scholars in Cartesian studies present the full range of Descartes' extraordinary philosophical achievement. His life and the development of his thought, as well as the intellectual background to and reception of his work are treated at length. At the core of the volume are a group of chapters on his metaphysics: the celebrated "Cogito" argument, the proofs of God's existence, the "Cartesian circle" and the dualistic theory of the mind and its relation to his theological and scientific views. Other chapters cover the philosophical implications of his work in algebra, his place in the 17th century scientific revolution, the structure of his physics, and his work on physiology and psychology.

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Review: The Cambridge Companion to Descartes (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)

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A compilation of contemporary views on Descartes philosophy. The subjects that are covered include a look into his life, and the scholastic world in which he was born and thought, as well as his views ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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Descartes life and the development of his philosophy
Descartes and scholasticism the intellectual background to Descartes thought
The nature of abstract reasoning philosophical aspects of Descartes work in algebra
Cartesian metaphysics and the role of the simple natures
The Cogito and its importance
The idea of God and the proofs of his existence
The Cartesian circle
Cartesian dualism theology metaphysics and science
Descartes philosophy of science and the scientific revolution
Descartes physics
Descartes physiology and its relation to his psychology
Descartes on thinking with the body
The reception of Descartes philosophy

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