Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2004 - 511 sider
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Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics was designed to simplify pharmacokinetics to help busy practitioners understand and visualize basic principles. An easy-to-read, case-study format has made the text a favorite among clinical professors, students, and practitioners. The text provides an introduction to the principles of monitoring drug therapy for those involved in the interpretation of drug levels in a patient care setting. Part One provides a basic review of pharmacokinetic principles. Extensive explanations, graphic illustrations, and detailed algorithms teach the principles of bioavailability, volume of distribution, clearance, elimination rate constant, and half-life. Part Two explains the clinical applications of these principles. Solutions to problems commonly encountered in the practice setting are discussed for specific drugs. Appendices provide commonly used equations and a glossary of pharmacokinetic terms and abbreviations. New to this edition are chapters on tricyclic antidepressants and cyclosporine, an expanded chapter on dialysis, and updated information on choosing equations and interpreting plasma drug concentrations.

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